Thursday, September 28, 2006

I just realised something..I'm single..and thats...wierd..lolx
This is the first after so long being with someone, I'm with no one's wierd..
This is damn dumb..*sigh*

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I've been so into myself lately that i was blinded to the things around me..
I have so many poeple caring for me..trying to cheer me up..making me laugh..
I love every single one of you! I thank God so much for sending me angels like you guys!

I just can't help it. I know i have to forget about it and him. I'm hurting myself..but i can't stand it.
Even small things like eating Mcd's reminds me of him. Fuck la. Even in my car, driving to and fro from work. It reminds me of him, fetching me to work. Worrying when i finished early and i couldnt stay in the office cause i dont have the keys, that something might happen to me even though i'm sitting in Secret Recipe waiting for him to come! Lolx..*sigh*

I so hate this, i really do. I hate seeing myself like this. I'm sorry that you all have to see me like this. I hate it that you guys have to put up with me in this. Listening to my sad sob stories. I'm so so sorry!!

I seriously wish that God could come down and take me away from this. To end my misery. But of course i have to face my stupid stupid problems or not..this isn't called life.

I just wish it was something else and not this.

I Wish.. stop crying everyday stop thinking of him every single day..even in my fucking dreams.. stop feeling the way i'm feeling now..