Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Saturday, February 9, 2008

oooooooooh noooooooooooooooo~ I haven't blog in a super long time. ooooooooooooooooh nooooooooooo! Aish Aish. Naughty me!

Chinese New Year is here~ All the ang pao~ All the gambling~ All the FOOOD! Hehe. OK. I'm suppose to be going over to Mei's house. *hopefully won't see any other lacy stuff~* But stupid fella still sleeping and not getting up. And I'm pretty lazy as well. Watching anime. And wanting to do my assignment. Wanting to do~ But anime is tooooo tempting. Hehe.

I wanna go shopping as well! Wanna go get a new necklace. Cause the pendant idiot gave me for me birthday can't get in thru the necklace I'm wearing now. Cause it's too big~ The hook thingy on my necklace.

Aish. Babi Stan, Fuzzy and Max. Just dropped by. Bathe~