Monday, July 23, 2012

To lose 8kg by Sept!

Been wanting to update more. But as usual. Same excuse over and over again. I've no time to do so.
Well ok. Here goes.

Stephanie's wedding in KL will be in Sept. And we are supposed to help out. Which reminds me, I need to send her a message to ask what I can do to help.
So anyway, yea, her wedding will be in Sept. And I just bought the dress already. Which is one size smaller. Sob* I know right. Cus mummy was like, you better make sure you lose weight so you can fit in it! Lol. Because seriously. That dress, will look so much better if I was slim. If not. I look like some lumpy shit.
Which I obviously do not want to look like a lumpy shit. ><

So here goes my Day 1 of attempting to diet. It was a bit of a hell over the weekend since I had to attend TWO weddings in two nights. In a row. Saturday and Sunday. And obviously I couldn't really start my diet cause of that. And on Sunday, Eric took me out for lunch with Kitteh and Don. We went to Ikea, and obviously I couldn't resist getting meatballs! I mean, who goes to Ikea and DON'T get their meatballs. Like seriously.
But yes, I actually ordered some chicken breast shit with vege and pasta. Mind you, I HATE CHICKEN BREAST. But I have to put up with it cause of this "losing weight" shit. So yes, I didn't really eat the pasta. Finished the veggies~ And the chicken breast. I ate like 3/4 and gave up. Told Eric he can have the rest of it. CAUSE I DO NOT LIKE CHICKEN BREAST!! And ate two meatballs with four fries. >< I'm sooo going to fail this right?

Mental note, need to be more motivated and to not look down on this by hating chicken breast and any other food and calling this dieting "losing weight" shit. Uh huh.

I really need the motivation, and hopefully my friends will stop tempting in eating and stuff. I ALMOST ordered Maggie soup yesterday night. THE FREAKING SMELL WAS SO TEMPTING! Still don't like you Eric for eating that in front of me! lol. But I did take a sip of his soup. JUST ONE SIP! So it doesn't really count right? Hahaha.

So yes, probably you will see me updating more cause of me trying to lose weight. WHICH I WILL! I need to look hot in that dress. You know. I'm afraid that I talk so much about losing weight now. And I won't be able to do it once the time comes and will remain fat and...ok not ugly. But fat. Sigh*