Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Omg! It took me like freaking 1 hour to find a skin. And finally deciding on this. And it took me another 3 hours to edit it. It took a total of like 4 hours to get it done!
You know why I took so long? I actually was doing it halfway through..and then, I have no freaking idea what the fuck I press. I think I accidently click on Settings or some shit. And I had to do it all over again because of that! ARGh!

Anyway, I'm quite happy! Hehe!

Wah! All that stupid mosquitoes are like attacking me! It's freaking 4am now. Die! Should i go to bed or not? Hmm..

Lolx. Wanted to call him. Slight misunderstanding. *muaks*Am not angry. Ok. Maybe a Lil? Hehe. *muaks*

I so hate to do all this! Have to so get it all done. *Sigh* I don't have a freaking player in my car now! All because of that stupid cd! Getting stuck in there! I FINALLY went to fix it. Yesterday. And the guy said I only can get it back by Friday! At first I thought. Ok. No biggie. So, he got down my name and number and all that. Got into my car and drove off and then I suddenly realize that it was Freaking Monday! I thought it was like Wednesday or something. OMg! I felt like slapping myself! I'm sho forgetful! *Sigh*

Should I go to bed now? I don't think I can fall asleep tho. So, how? I don't think I can keep on blogging. I mean, I'm gonna start crapping. Like now. And it's all so nonsensical! Hehe. Oh well, I guess I shall go to bed then!
Whaha..some people can be soooooo stupid too. *Sigh*

Friday, March 23, 2007

Wanted to change the blogskin. But got fed up when i couldn't find anything that i liked. So, i'll just stick with this one.
Omg! I now know why i don't stay at home. Cause i eat when i'm bored! Wah! Hehehe. Couldn't stop eating. First, i ate maggie mee, then later on i was looking around, then i remember that there was pizza! Those frozen pizza. So i asked my maid to heat up for me. After finishing one whole pizza. I got up to look for more. I found cornflakes! HEhe, those sugar coated ones. hehe. after i was done with that, i found chocolates! And then later..i found Koko Crunch! And then it went on to the ferrero rocher that he gave me. And then finally, i realize i was eating too much! Cause i found waffles in the freezer. i wanted to heat one up and spread chocolate with peanut butter on it. YUm!
WAAAAAAAAAAh. Can't stay at home. i feel fat already. Aiks! Oh no's! I'm fat! Waaaaaah! Hehe. ok..i just have to tahan for like another 2 more hours and then i'm getting out of the house. Yes. Must not give in!
See how bored i am when i'm at home. i can even blog this rubbish! hehe. Oh what the heck la. I'm craving for ice cream now. Gonna go look for some now..

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Aish..sorry la my blog so not updated de. Been making myself CS? lolx. my blog theme suits me now. Lolx? Hahahaha. Liz is back with her boyfriend!! but she's going back tomorrow. Damn..ish! HEhehe. Gonna go out with her tonight. And for now..i have nothing to do..that is why. I'm blogging now. lolx. much crap.

Omg~! 300 is so damn chun!!!!!!!!!! And all those bodies..*slurp* lolx. If only...hmm..hehehe.
Aiks. Damn lazy la! Go talk to my tupit bf now la. Sienz~! Till then~!!