Sunday, September 30, 2007

Max! read my blog?!?!?!? Haha. I want to. But cause, I won't really have income coming in. Cause since I'm working Got own small income. Can sponsor. When in aus. Don't think so I'll be able to. So ya? Hehe. Anyway, it was really nice seeing you again today! Or, yesterday? Same la. Haha. Your face so the red! Hehe.

I just broke my record of not going clubbing yest/today! All Mei's fault!!!!!!!!! Make me go!!!! But Mardi Gras was quite happening la today. Hehe. Oh no. Damn tired de. I think I shall sleepy sleep now.


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sponsor A Child!

My mum is sponsoring a child from Mongolia. They send a picture of her. She's super cute. My sister said, "They send the picture cute cute, so then you will donate more! Give more things!" -.-'
Anyway, here's a picture of her. Her name is Batbold Anujin. Hehe. I wanted to sponsor a child too! It's just 50 bucks. But then just remembered I might be going to aussie de. So no point. Next time la!

If you want t sponsor too. Here's the webbie ~ World Vision


From now on...No more emo post! Whahahahahaha! I feel like I'm gonna start writing hehehe.
Ya..nonsense post. Ok. I know. All my post damn the nonsense. Then what the heck are you doing here then?!?!?! Hehe.
Sienz~! Great achievement! Didn't go clubbing or drinking this week! Except that day at Ck's la. But not really counted! Haha. So..I didn't go drinking this whole week! Whahahahahahahaha!

Dada scolded me that day. He said my phone bill was 500 bucks. I was freaking shock. *I know my past phone bills are worse than this* The thing is. I don't remember calling so much!!!!!!!!!! What the heck la. Then my parents talking about giving my number to Amelyn. Cause she don't use so much and stuff. What the hell right!!!!!! I've been having my number ever long ago. ah yes. Form 2!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Hehe.

I need to do assignment. Liz coming back next week to celebrate her birthday. Damn! I can't keep a record of not going clubbing and stuff! Shit you Lizzie!!! Stupid Neo of mine.

K. Sleepie time!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Cry. That's what I feel like doing. But all I get is nothing. Not a single drop.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm addicted to facebook! Wah!!!! *sob* I need a life! Hehe. OH ya. Can someone help me with my assignment! I have to write about God. And I suck at that. 2mowos!!!!!!! Argh!!!!

Work. Work.

I want dota. *sob*

Need life. Whahahahahha

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jon Weizz


Jon, you're 20! Lolx. Please please don't go home so early when we go out tonight. It's your freaking birthday man! And I wanna see you get drunk. And oh. We're suppose to have a drink together! Don't be such pansy k? Lolx. Don't just because Tung isn't here. You're not gonna drink. That's total bull! Hehe. Don't make me call you Mr. Pad Man too. Hehe.

See ya tonight!!!


Such a tiring day. I only slept like so lil. Promised Yee Hui that I'll look for her at ac for lunch. She woke me up. Luckily she called. Or I won't be able to get up de. Had lunch with her. As usual, I only eat chicken rice there. Hehe. After lunch, went back to the car. Supposingly fetch Hui to college. But then Jer messaged. Said he was in ac. So, Hui had to walk to college. Sorry ya! Then met up with Jer and his friends. Chun Kiat was there too.
Got a call from my dad. Said he was going back to his office. I wanted to drive the crv. Said I had to fetch 5 friends so my car can't fit. Bla bla bla. Hehe. So, had to drive to his office. Which was near Summit. After exchanging cars. Went back to ac to play dota with Jer and his friends.
T.T *sob*
I sucked so badly! *sob* Ya well...*sigh*

After that, went home. Bathed. Hui followed me home. Then went saloon to wash and blow. First time after so long, my hair was actually quite straight. And it didn't curl out till now! >.< Julia thought I cut my hair.

Went to pick Mei up. Totally forgot that around 5 something stupid Kerinchi Link will be fucking jam at that time. Towards mv. AIsh. Jam there for like more than a half an hour.
Reached Royal Selangor Club at like 8:30!!!!! Freaking one hour late! Julia la. Ask us to bring cd. Then Mei burn 2 cd's. Took so much time.

Dinner was fun. Yen May kept taking pictures!!! Freaking cam whore man that girl. After her camera batt died. I thought, at last! Yen May stopped taking pics de. But then, she whipped out her freaking phone!!! The cam whoring started again.... *swtness.

After dinner. Dropped Yee Hui home. Picked Julia, Mei Yee and Yen May from Julia's house. Went to ym's house to grab clothes and house keys. Went back to oug cause stupid Mei forgot to bring her IC!!! Wth right! Ya.
Went to meet Jon Wei, CK and Adrian at Poppy. Freaking dead place. We're like the only ones there. Aish. What to do. It's a Wednesday Jon!

(Getting lazy to blog de. Wanna sleep. Class at 10am!!!! And it's freaking 5:10am now!)

Fetched Julia, Mei Yee and Yen May home. Picked Damien up to makan. Went Kayu makan. Dropped him home. And last, dropped Mei home. *freaking driver*

Long last....I'm home. Now blogging my eyes off. Freaking tired. I don't even know why I wanted to blog in the first place. Wanted to blog about something else. About the wedding dinner. But too lazy de. Leave that to Mei la. Aish. Can't stand it de.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I think so?

Choon Leong says:
u are tai kah jie
u can do anything
anything u also can do it la
dun worry

If you don't get it. See my msn pm. Hehe. It just says...."I don't think I can do it"
Understand now? Hehe. Love you Choonie! And stop drinking so much!!!! *look who's talking* Aish.

Don't worry. Be Happy.



Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Afraid to go to bed. Don't want to think about it. Went through the whole day without feeling anything. Thought I've let go. But. Now. I'm afraid to go to bed. Afraid I'll think about it. And I'll start it all over again. I'm falling sick because of this. Not enough sleep. Coughing badly. Need sleep. Need sleeping pills. Haha.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A lil amusement

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:
so now we speak like a layydeeee

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
its frigging funny la

MåŃĐą says:

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:
yes, my dear mei

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
yes miss carol

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:
oh we must be sooo delighted to have such amusement

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
how do you do?

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:
im doing fine mah dear

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
ops....not supposed to laugh like that

Purple Pig~~! says:
omg - u people and ur proper english

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
*covers mouth* hehehehe

Purple Pig~~! says:
u need to GIGGLE!

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:
u should cover ur lips with one hand

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:

Purple Pig~~! says:
that's more lady like!

Purple Pig~~! says:
very soft giggle

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
you dont !!!!!!!

Purple Pig~~! says:
like u fatt how

MåŃĐą says:
no la..

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
means ur shouting....

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
cannot shout

MåŃĐą says:
must use hanky

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
not lady like

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:
and umbrella!

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
eh this convo in ur blog wei

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:
u cannot laugh with ur ass la mei!

Purple Pig~~! says:
everything must be like slow motion

MåŃĐą says:

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
show her/him wat a joke

Purple Pig~~! says:
walking also can't even like be in big steps

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:

Purple Pig~~! says:
hv to be like tipping toes

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
ops sorry....okie
*cover mouth with hanky and giggles*

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
amanda cannot AHAHAH!

Purple Pig~~! says:
LMAO is not allowed either

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:

Purple Pig~~! says:
that's TOOO loud

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:
yea also cannot.. must be 'yes'

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
cor ur shouting too..

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:
no OK

Purple Pig~~! says:
LOL is not permitted in the lady like handbook

Purple Pig~~! says:
cheh... no one said i'm ladylike also!

Purple Pig~~! says:
i don't do what people tells me to do man

Purple Pig~~! says:
ME can go screw herself!

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:
only the sohai thinks she's in some 70's pilgrim shit

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
stop putting !!!!!!!!!!!!! <---- it means shouting....its not lady like!

Purple Pig~~! says:
lady like my behind

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
dear madam carol...dont say shit...thats too harsh

Purple Pig~~! says:
screw lady like... we're in the 21st century

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
thats the way yo!

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:

●...c a r o l @ d e r e k...● i wanna go for holiday, baby..... says:
oh im teribly sorry.. pardon me my dear

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
to hell with it!

Purple Pig~~! says:
we do what we like when we like man

so "me"" please don't waste our time. And get a freaking life. You want to bring jac down. Say it to her face. It just shows how much a small little coward you are for writing in the MY cbox. You are just amusing us. >.< Thanks for the amusement though! We had a nice laugh out of your lil cowardly move.


Yuen Chi sent me this in facebook. lolx. How I wish there really is a pill like that. Fuck It All. Hehe

Don't wanna be in Love

We break up
It’s something that we do now
Everyone has got to do it sometime
It’s okay, let it go
Get out there and find someone

It’s too late to be trippin' on the phone here
Get off the wire
You know everything is good here
Stop what you’re doin'
You don’t wanna ruin
The chance that you got to
find a new one

Everybody put up your hands
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love
feel the beat now
If you got nothing left
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love
Back it up now
You got a reason to live
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love
Feelin' good now
Don’t be afraid to get down
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love

So love this song. *sigh*

Just realized I haven't blog for days..Sorry! Well, what's going on with my life right now.
It'll be a super long post. Long EMO post. I don't think you all want to know right.

Just can't stand everything right now. It's pissing me off real badly.

Why is it that when you have no barriers or nothing to hold back. You get fucking hurt right after that.

Haha. I thought I can handle it. I mean, I've been hurt countless of times. I should be like immune to it. Haha. I guess I can like you know..throw my heart out the window. It's been stamped on oh-so-many times. It's totally useless de.

j u l i a s. says:
so if you think he's worth it...fight..if not just let go and fight for someone else more worth it


Aish. Just give me few days, or weeks. The most. A month. Then, I'm back to myself. No more emo-mo-mo. K? Haha. See how la.

How much more can I take.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

. . .

Don't make so much noise la mingming! Ish. At least I updated right! Hehe. And now, I'm feeling hungry...
Just got back from ac. Played dota with kimmy, ric and synide. *sigh* Now so sien. Wanted to go eat after playing. But Ric like so freaking sleepy de. So what the heck. Wanted to call other peeps to yum cha. But then kimmy tired. So..what the heck la. I should just go to bed to run from this hunger. I don't know the right word to use. But oh well.
Lee Tung going back to UK tomorrow de. Ok..I wanted to say something about it. But then Mei msgd me, then I got distracted. So now I don't know what I wanted to say de. Whatevv la.
I wanna write an emo post. Haha. But I too lazy to do that. I shall go to bed.

Julia! Send me pictures of yesterday! Of Mardi Gras and in my car. And at ck's house. K? K? I'll be waiting for it.....
Ok..time for my blog hopping time. And bed! I've not been having much sleep these days. *hoppity hop*

Friday, September 7, 2007

Spanky Spank

Someone come spank me! Haha. I'm bored. I just remembered...I haven't had lunch yet. Or breakfast. And I woke up fucking early. Cause my sister that I love-oh-so-muchie asked me to fetch her to the LRT station. Argh!!!!!!!! But the good part..I got to eat nasi lemak! Muahaha. Oh yea..I had breakfast...then I went back to sleep. *Fatness*
Now eating spag. Aiks..sushi!!!!! Aish..can't tahan de. Too hungry de.

Oh nooooooozzz! Its 7 de..where's my dad. I want car!

gotta go get ready de..have to fetch joel to tuition.



For those who have not watched it yet!

Go to Amelyn's blog to watch the Whatever Baby

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Why no one wanna take me go yum cha. Damn sad now. Damn hungry now. Why? Why? Why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Damn lazy to cook. *sigh* I want instant mac and cheese. Hehe. Hungry sia. *sigh. Should I just drive out? Oh..speaking of driving...I drove the crv that day! Haha. I told my dad. How am I suppose to go out with no car. Amelyn took the car de. Then..Haha..I got the car! So the happy. Hehe. The next day, Amelyn took the car again. Then I took the crv again! My dad was so not happy about it. I said, I no need to eat is it. So..whahaha. Got the car again. I shall use that tactic more ofter. Make sure Amelyn go fetch Raymond. Hehe.

Hungry. I need to eat. So hungry. Lazy to cook. Should I just go..but who gonna follow me? Confirm mei sleeping de. Est can't come out de. Julia I think sleeping de. It's 2 am now. Wah! No one to go out with. HOw? How? Should have just force my mum to go mcd's. Ish.

I guess I shall find people to go out now. Hehe.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


I'm sitting here. On a Saturday evening. Not sure what to do. And the thing is...I don't have my car! Amelyn took it! Going for Cae Me's birthday dinner at Curve. Damnit. So sien. I now have a good reason of taking the crv out. Whaha. But I think my dad still won't let. Ish. Or not how the heck can I go out!!!! Ya, ya. I will do that don't care. HAha!

Anyway, let me continue the story of Josiah wanting to be a Hiew. We were having dinner at home, I forgotten which day de. But ya. It was me, my dad, grandpa, Joel and Kimmy at the table. Josiah came up to Kimmy and told her.
"Kimmy, I have good news and bad news for you. Which one do you want to hear first?"
Kimmy just look at Josiah like what the heck. "OK, gimme the good news first"
Josiah started jumping around "OK, the good news is...I love you as a sister!!!"
My face was like.. -,-' *swtness man. Haha. Then Kimmy asked, "And what's the bad news?"
"The bad news is...I HATE you as a cousin."
All of us were like..what the fuck..Haha. What was he trying to imply. Then I thought about it and told my dad. "Dee, He's showing signs to you that he wants you to adopt him." Then all of us just laughed. And you know what Josiah say to me after I said that? He came to me and like pat my shoulder and said "Che, I'm working on it" Nodding his head with determination.

Fucking funny wei. Haha. That same night, He wrote a letter to my dad. Kimmy said he folded like damn small, then he drew a stamp and wrote "To Uncle Kevin". Kimmy was like, what's in the letter. He gave Kimmy to read. HAhahahhaa. He wrote,

To Uncle Kevin,

If you want to adopt me please sign here __________________.

From Josiah.

Hahahaha. Dungu cousin of mine.

The other day, Kimmy was studying. He jumped around the room then he told Kimmy. "I'm in your family already you know." Kimmy gave the *raise eyebrows* look. "My daddy say ok already meh." Then he was like "Ya, I asked him already, you don't believe me you go ask your daddy. He's in the room." So Kimmy said, "Ok, you follow me and we ask together if my daddy say ok already."
So, both of them walked to my parents room to ask my dad. Then he stopped walking. Kimmy asked why. Then he gave this damn shy look and he started like touching his head and bend down and said "Don't want la. I don't want to ask." Kimmy just laughed at him.

He asked my dad if he signed the letter to adopt him. When my dad said no. He was like damn disappointed. I feel sad for him. But oh well. Hopefully he won't take this so serious. Hopefully.

Back to my own sadness...Where to go to tonight!!!!!! I tade plans!!! Sadness*. Another sad thing. I don't have car...Wah! Sad..sad..Where's my dad!!@#!$%!@ Don't know where he went to with the car. ISh. I guess I shall go shower first then and wait for him to get back. Ya. Ok.