Friday, November 28, 2008

Why la. Why must you be here. Bugger. Idiot. Shit.


This sucks!


Omg. I just realized something. I'm gonna turn 22 in like exactly er....

Ya. That's my Birthday Countdown! Lolx. Somewhere there la. Damnit. You la Jac.
Every time after your birthday, I feel old. Bugger. You just turn 21. Me and Esther will turn 22 de. Don't like your birthday! Lolx!

*sigh* I feel old. Very old.


I expect pressies!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Jac!

Here ya go Jac. A lil post for you! Well. Since I finished my assignments and such. And I didn't get to call you and wish you. And it's still the 26th here! So. Here ya go!

Let's see. You're one of my longest friend ever. Ever since standard 1. Omg! I wish I had pictures of you. And you got a picture of me in that er. Saree? Lolx.

I remember your two pigtails and your cute chubbyness! Hahahhah.

But we didn't stay friends for long, only till when we were in form 4!

It was more of like hi and bye between that period.

And then form 4! Haha! So damn funny. You were in a class which were ¾ full of indians. *wink *wink

And you will put your head in between the doors

SAVE MEEEEE!” * tears rolling down *


Oh gawd. Ahahahahahha. In the end. You got to be in the same class as us. Ahhahahahha.

And in form 5. Always kena bully by that wen of ours. Aish. So the funny.

Then after high school. Me you and est decided to go to the same college. Still forgotten why did we do that. Lolx.

Every night we will go out. Me, you and wen. And in a way, it was always me and you in the same car cause well, we're the only smart ones to stay in pj. Hahaha.

I remember we used to go to Arab every night to shisha. Just two of us. Every night till we got sick of it. Haha. I can't believe that. Lolx.

And the clubbing! It was always me, you and wen who were always drinking. But always end me and you only.

And your 18th birthday. You got so drunk. You laughed the entire night and then fell asleep in your puke. Omg. I still have the pictures!!! Haha. Too bad the video is long gone. Sheesh. Should have killed that mothaf***ker who stole my phone.

Which reminds me. Hahahahha. When we got robbed. You wanted to throw your slipper at them and I wanted to throw the chair but you bugger blocking the way. Hahahaha.

Anyway. Pictures! Was looking everywhere for your birthday one. Lolx.



I just love this picture. Don't you!? I forgot who took it. Lolx.

Langkawi trip! Remember the high moments of ours? Lolx.

I miss those days

The toilet. Ya. Omg. Lolx.

Club! CLub!

And. I think this is my car hor. As usual. We squeeze up in my car.

More club!
I miss us. *sob*

Yar! The birthday pics! Hahahaha. I still don't know why you buried your face in em. wen's. em. hmmmm...

I wish I still have the video. Gawd!

Oh. Before you got pissed drunk.

I don't think you were drunk at this time right? lolx.

And the gifts we always get you are all *naughty* gifts. Well, you're the horny devil in our group. Lolx.

Oh oh. This was on my birthday. The first one where we celebrated in Eastin. Yes. Hahahahha.

Yes. Jac. We love you. You're the lil one in our group. But not so lil after all.

Stop getting skinny lar! Your wrist is like smaller than mine de k. You're just nice the way you are. We will still love you. I will still love you even if adrian doesn't. Lolx.

Happy 21st Birthday



Love you Jac!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I want to go home!!!!!!!!! Ok. Mummy. Forget about the iPhone. I rather go home!!!!! Please!! It's cheap! I wanna go home!! Waaaaaaaaaaaah.

It's only 99 pounds!!! ok. for one way. But it's still cheap!!! Please! please! please! Wait. If it's 99pounds. I can just pay for myself and don't have to eat de. Ok! Skinny me! Wahahahha. No. I don't wanna suffer.

MUMMY!!!!!! *sob* *sniff* *sniff* I miss you?

Hahahhaha. I wanna go back. Eat nasi lemak. duck rice. nasi lemak. more sushi. nasi lemak!!!!!

waaaaaaaaa. *sob* *sniff* *sniff* please!!!

Why my cries don't work on you wan.... hehehe


iPhone 3G!!

I want the IPHONE!!!!!!!!! Omgness!!!!!!!!

Its sho sexy. Waaaaaa! Its £400!!!!! For the 16gb. I want!!! Come. People. For my birthday pressie. K? k? I mean. Everyone chip in 20 to 50 bucks. Can de wan. Remaining I pay. Yes la!

Mummmmmmmyyyyyyy~ Come. Be nice mother! Give me £100 also I happy de! Yes! For my birthday pressie. You never got me anything for my 21st birthday! Yes! Ok! Whahaha.

I waaaaaaan!

Ok. Mission! Find rich boyfriend. Old man also can. Better if he gonna die de. *mingming teach wan oh. and wenwen also* Yesh! Then I got phone. Ok. Dream la.



I wanz it!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Manda Jr?

Bugger. Got woken up by someone banging on the door. I was like wth. *checks phone* It's freaking 8am. Who the heck is it at the door banging it down. I wanted to get up to open. But my housemate who wakes up extra early. Went and got the door.

"There's a package for a Miss Amanda"
"Oh. She's sleeping right now. I'll take it for her"
"Thank you! Good Day!"

*door slams shut*

Me. o.O

Package for me~ Weeeee~

Sho. I got up. Despite it being freaking early in the morning. Waited for my housemate to get in the room. And out I went to grab me package. Weeeeee~

So ya, went back in my room and opened it. And look! Ish a panda! Absolute cuteness. Tho the face is a bit hmmm...not so cute de.

I think it's cause of the nose. A bit too long and big. ok. What's so cute about it is because it's a 3 in 1 thing. whazzat you say. ok. look look.

It can be a plushie! *hug* *hug*. Soft. Soft.

And it can be a pillow too when unbuckle it. Soft. Soft.

Ok. It did not just shitted or something ok. But there's a soft blankie in it!!!! So nice and soft soft! Its detachable too! But when you take out the blankie. Panda go flat.

And the panda's name is Ping. Who the heck name a panda Ping. I mean. Name it Amanda also not so bad la. Then it's lovable. Whahaha.

So yes. My pressie! ANd it came with lollipops!!!!!!! More lolly!!! Weeee~

I suddenly feel like a small kid lo. -.-

Thank you Chucky for the panda and the lollies. It really made my day with all this rubbish assignments. Waaaah!

Thank you!


Monday, November 24, 2008


I hope it ain't true. But wait. Why the heck am I bothered if it's true or not. Whatever. Shall not think about it. Omg. See. Argh. Ish. Forget it. Bah.

Yes. Must. Close. Up. Heart. Again.


Mix cement. Place bricks. Put cement. More bricks. More cement. Place gate in between. More bricks. More cement. Put lock on gate. Yes. Complete! Lock gate. Take key. Throw far far away. Nice!


Assignments. Suck. So. Badly. Uh-huh.


Sunday, November 23, 2008


I don't want to like you.

It'll be just another big disappointment.

Stop disturbing me!!!!



Thursday, November 20, 2008

Work Work

Am taking a break from my workload. Supposed to write a report on sensationalism news. And have to write 4k words. I only managed so far is 1.5k now. Deadline is this Friday. I'm awesome. Actually, I can write a minimum of 2k words. But I still have loads of points to put in. So headachey. Argh. And I actually have another report to hand in next tuesday. Happy last minute me!

See! See! I actually borrowed this amount of books. And I carried em all the way home ok! Ok. Two of em which are on top of the pile, I borrowed earlier. But I had to carry 6 books home ok. And see the last two. So bloody heavy! Damn thick some more those books. Argh. And I bought groceries on that day too. *sob*

And I found out. 4 of those books are no use to me. -.- Waste my time carrying it home. I read abit of it first de. But when I got home and really read them. Can throw away. Lolx.

o.O I'm superwoman! Lolx.

Halfway doing my work. See see. Oh. I didnt purposely put a pen there to show I'm hardworking. Lolx.

No place on my table to put my books. So. Its all over the floor. It was actually much messier. But had to pile them or not I got no space to walk de.

More papers. No space.

Me file. And ya. No space on table.

Now I know why. Hehe. But still. My table so small. My room so small. Argh! Oh ya. I needed a mouspad. And I was using papers in the beginning. Then me and my friend were walking aroung Uni. And I found that! Ok. More like. I bought it for one pound. I needed it. So ya. Lolx.

I should not talk about my work. I'm supposed to be on a short break now. Relax~ Ya. Mmhmm. Ok. I'm feeling stressed. Class at 9am. And its 1am. Can can. I slept earlier. A bit. So I can stay up awhile more and try to write another 1k worth of words. Mmhmm. I can do it. Yes.

I'm sleepy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm feeling so shitty now. How shitty can I get man. I hate this feeling. Like seriously. Halfway there but not really. ARGH!!

I mean. I just took a shit just now. Wait. 4 hours ago. But I still feel like shitting now. But also not really. Cause I know. If I sit on that damn toilet bowl. I will sit there for hours. But I feel like shitting. But lazy too. I mean. What if nothing comes out. I just wasted my time sitting there. Doing nothing. Waiting to shit. Reading my book. Waiting to shit. Great. Tummy growling now. I don't know if I'm hungry or I just need to shit. Waaaaaa! The shittiness of it all!!!


I shall just go to bed then.

Stupid shitty feeling!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Uh Huh


Pornography is the Theory, Rape is the Practise.


But funny!



Anywayz!We went to eat at this chinese shop called Restoran Gasing
Its kinda like in between Assunta and La Salle like that
Continuing the story...
While were waiting for our food
Aaron's friend , Mark said to Aaron
"Eh , This is a chinese shop but why got so many indians ah?"

Lol he was right you know
Cause around us were all indians!
We were in the only chinese there
Somemore behind me there was this group of people singing and banging the table to make music....

When Mark told Aaron that my Mom told us about Amanda when she was young like around 2-3 years old

My Mom toke her to this Indian Restaurant
When they entered the Restaurant

Amanda : Dark dark one! Dark dark one!
Mom : *Looks up at the ceiling and all* Dark meh? Where got dark? So bright
Amanda : Dark dark! Dark dark one!

Lol she was practically referring to the indians there XD
Then got another time when my mom took her to the park
She was running after this crow

Mom : Eh! Dont chase after the bird! Its very dirty , It eats dirty things and all
Amanda : Mommy! Take it home and wash it!

Haha she thought that if its washed it can be clean and all white seeing as crows are black in colour

Ya. I took this from my sister's blog. Kellyann. The young cute me. >.<

Sho adovable!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Kakashi Hatake

I can't believe I'm actually saying that Kakashi in Naruto won't die when I'm supposed to be doing my assignment. I believe he won't die. SO stop saying he is going to die. We will see next week I think. Omg. Please don't die. *sob*
Let's all pray he won't die. OK? Hahaha.

I've just resorted myself to manga characters.


quite sad.

Nuuuuuuu. How can you deny the fact that Kakashi ish hawt. OK. He's a manga character. But who gives a shit. Hahahha.

See! He ish so awesomely cool! *sigh*

I blame on my assignments that's making me this way. But Kakashi ish still hawt.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hot Dog

Like wth?!?!?! But Omg. It's freaking cute. Haha. Oh gawd. Hahaha!
I'm too lazy to like anyone right now.

<3 me still tho.



Saturday, November 15, 2008

M a y says:
knock knock

MåŃĐą says:
who's there

M a y says:

MåŃĐą says:
me who

M a y says:
mee hoon

M a y says:

MåŃĐą says:

LOlx. Random. Yesh.

Tired. *sob* and hungry!

I want nasi lemak and wan tan mee!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


I should have just said no right. but of cause. I don't want to lie. Cause for this past weeks. I've been close to you. So I don't want to lie. And when I told you the truth. You're being like this also. So tell me. What you want me to do.


Emo much.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


ooooh! Chelle just told me. We're going to Spain in August. Ibiza baybeh! woot! It's only 300pounds. So so. I have to work. *sob* But But. It'll be worth it. Ok. so now. All I have to do now is to write out my cv. Which I'm so damn lazy to do it. Even though Julia gave me hers. And all I have to do is just put my details in it. *sigh* Lazy sia.


And look what stupid ming did. idiot! But still. I is cute! Whahaha!

Click here -----> mingidiot >.<

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm lovable


Comes from the Latin word amanda which means :

lovable , worthy of love, worthy of being loved.

I'm awesome! It all has to do with love. Ok. Actually. This is not good. All this with love thingy.
I'm feeling karma. I don't know why. I just do. But oh well.

I ish lovable! Mwahahaha.

No wonder so many people <3 meh. Hahaha.

ok. I was supposed to be doing my work. Yes. I know. But I was curious. And now. I can't concentrate. Gawd. I'm easily distracted. Damnit.

Bad. Oh so bad.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shake shake

I realized always play my song on the radio around this time. Lolx.

Love it!

*Shake* *shake* *shake* *shake* *shake it*


I can just imagine Brian singing it and everyone else *groans*



I'm just gonna reply the chatbox thingy here. Cause by the time I reply. You won't be able to read what you said earlier on.

Mummy - You think easy ah!! Lolx. Maybe because I can't attract the China guys. Or any guys I think. Lolx. Aiya. I lazy la! What kind of mother are you! Haha.

Ming - yes. I miss you that much. Haha. I just took a nap la! I'm already working on it. Hehe.

Kimmy - Ya I know! Stupid girl!

Annette - Omg Annette! You spammer!!! Haha. So you shouldn't go to Manc Uni. Come here! Hahaha! Or just go study with Michelle. Then you're so much closer to Pete. And be jealous!!!! WHahahaha. And you have to spend us sushi for the dissapoinment of Bicester Village. Lolx. And don't lie. I know you jealous! Lolx.

Chelle - I know your secret too chelle! Lolx.

Mildred - Haha. Now you know why I'm like that hor. Its my mum!!! Haha.

Mei - Do about gaming. How am I suppose to do on a project on it? And also kinda have to relate to what I'm studying backside. I think. Or not. Lolx. Actually. No need. But how. from what kind of view of it. Lolx. And also. Boys. You want me to kill you ah!

And now. I think I'm gonna continue "working" on my assignment. *cries*

Monday, November 10, 2008


Ok. I'm starting to stress now. I don't think I will be updating my blog for the next 2 weeks or so. I've got two assignments due. And also I need to think to do for my special project. I still have no ideas what I should do on that. And they said I should do on something that I like.

But I don't know. What do I like? Hahaha. I mean, something that I can do as a project for my stupid course. Gawd. I wanna go home.

See you next 2 weeks or so.

Or if I need a break from all this stress.

Here I'll be, complaining!


This is for me who loves last minute stuff.


Ok, off to stressing now. Gawd. I wanna go home. >.<

Sunday, November 9, 2008

London 2


So ya, So happy! Me sushi and me! And we kinda did something really, er. Something la. Can't think of the word now. Hehe. Well, ok. We were eating sushi. And then the couple next ta us left. And we did that thing that it happened to me and zhang accidently. But of course, this was delibrately. Lolx. Ok. Their plates were piled up next to us. And so. 

Michelle took two plates of ours and put it there. Then I was like. Oy. Why did you do that for! Take back the plates and put this two la. You go put the cheap cheap one for what. Haha. So. We looked around. And she quickly took back the plates. Then the whole time we were trying to put the other more expensive plates. And we look super suspicious. Haha. In the end. We had our chance. I was like faster!! Then she quickly place the plates with the rest. And at the same time, I looked up. I turned to Chelle, "Er Michelle, there's a camera there". Then she looked. It was right in front of us lo. GG. Die la. Lolx. Then we were like. Ok, they won't actually look at the cctv 24/7. So. OK. We're safe. Ya. OK. Faster eat and lets go! 

We actually "save" around £7. And we had more like 12 plates. The bill was £27 already. Just two of us. Lolx. So ya. We "save" money de. Lolx.

Anyway, after our lovely sushi, we went off back home. Cause I was super tired from the night before. And fell asleep till 10 something. 

Next on the agenda was, ROADHOUSE!!! PETE!! THE BLOODY CUTE, HOT PETE!! So the exciting. Lolx. So ya. Went to go see pete pete. Haha. The queue was bloody long, but luckily it was moving a lil faster than the last time we went. Bugger. While queueing, this chinese dude puked next ta us. In front of us, a guy peed. And then later on. His friend peed as well. Bugger dirty people. Ish. So the gross. 

Well, anyway, we got in. At last! And pete's bar was near the entrance. All you have to do is look left. And the awesomeness was there. He looks even hotter now. Don't know why. We put our jackets and off for Pete! Lolx.

Oh wait. We went to the toilet first. I was heading to Pete de wan. Then Chelle pulled me and say go toilet. I was like. Huh. Ok. Lolx. After toilet. PETE!

We went to his bar. And and then. He saw us. He just wave a lil. Then after that. He turned to us again. He recognized us and just laugh. Omg. His smile is sho cute!!!

So yea. Practically the whole night we were buying drinks from him. And then it was sorta our last drinks. And then Pete was like, "Thank You Darlings". Whahahhaha. Annette. Jealous not!!! He called us darling liao! Hahaha. He no call you darling. And he look so drop dead goregous when he said that. 

So ya. Drank a lot. But didn't get drunk cause danced a lot. Anyway, we talked to a couple of nice swedish boys. Like the only young bunch of guys there. And hey. They are young. Younger than me!!! -.-

Oh well. Cute enough la. Haha.

Anyway, came home around 3 something. Only slept around 5. And now. Off to Bicester Village! Yay! More shopping! But of cause, I don't think I'll be shopping already. No money liao!


K la. Wanna go de. Will be continued when I get home. >.<

P.S. And Ming, I only didn't blog one day. You buat bising apa! I everyday blog. Just one day! ONE DAY!!! And then you bising. -.-


Yes. I'm in London yet again. Was supposed to be here for this London Lord Mayor show. It's a parade thingy. We got there, but we head off for shopping! Lolx. So we didn't watch the show at all. Haha. There were like people already waiting there. With their flags waving and program book in hand. It was all very... patriotic-ish? Lolx.

Anyway, me with no sleep at all. I only had two hours of sleep. Cause, the day before, more like the night before, went for this International Student Welcome Party thing. Which actually suck. But I went just to get back my deposit. Lolx. And so, we went back and Adeline asked us to go ta drinking. I was like. Ok. So ya. Off we went to her house for her to change and then off we go. I met her friends. There was this girl, Ju, she reminds me of you lo ming. The way she talk. And her size ish like you too. Lolx. She's malaysian as well.

So anyway, Me, Melinda, Adeline, Ju and Wen Xi walked ta this place called Exchange. Which, was a total dissapointment. Cause well, first had ta pay £2 for entry. Nevermind. Then, went in, the place smells of sweat, and it was stuffy even though there was like no one. And er, there was this really um, fat chica, she wear like so very the revealing. Which almost made me er. Ya. Anyway, the drinks were cheap. Had shots. And it costs £1 each. So it was ok. But we quickly finished our drinks and head ta this Gay/Les bar called Kink. A much nicer place. Had a lil fun. Drank a lil more. This time I just took Baileys. Yum. And most of Adeline friends arrived.

So ya. That was my yesternight. And I arrived home around 3 to 4. By the time I finally went to bed. It was like what 5 to 6 am de. And had to wake up at 7 something. Diededness. Lolx.

So anyway, I'm so proud of myself, we found the tube, and and, I was the one who kinda showed the direction and stuff. I actually know how to use the damn complicated thing which I thought it was so damn confusing. Cause there's so many different lines. We went to Harrods. Saw my Burberry bag. So nice. *sob* Don't like their purses tho. It was so bulky. I mean, before you can actually put anything in, its already so the big. So so, I saw this oh so nice LV purse. *sob* So so nice too! Lolx. I made a decision then to quickly get a job and buy all of it! Yes la. If I can get my lazy ass to work.

Haha. Anyway, it was me, Elaine, Mei Ting and then Tian Hao *however you spell his name, is just this really bloody rich China guy going after Mei Ting*. SUPER RICH! Okok. That will be for another day. Anyway, we went to look for food. And I found Krispy Kreme!!!! *squeled for joy!* Lolx. So ya, went to have some. Wanted more. But, aiya. Lolx. Fattening. So so, we went to look for more food. And and I found SUSHi!!!! Yay!!! So me and Elaine had sushi and Mei Ting and her "bf" went to have Shanghai food.

The sushi there sucked. It wasn't that good and I was totally dissapointed. Yes. But oh well. Salmon! After lunch, we went to Oxford Street. Before that, we went in to Zara. I bought a top!! *shhh* >.<

And and, I'm so proud of myself again, hehe, they needed to use a toilet and we could't find one. So I thought, Michelle's house is nearby. We shall head there. So called her, we were supposed to meet up anyway, and went to her house. And I remembered the way! She actually sent me a message on how to get to her place. But I was already nearby de. Lolx. I remember! See. I told you my sense of direction is like totally awesomo! >.< Hahha.

Well, ya. After that, Went to look for MNG. No idea why can't find it. Babi Michelle forgotten where it was. -.- yes.

So, Elaine, Mei Ting and Tian Hao, went off back. And we continued looking for MNG. Which we still can't look for it. *sigh* But anyway, we went off for dinner. SUSHI again!!

Yay!!! And this time! I was happy!

K K I have to go de. Will continue later!!


Thursday, November 6, 2008


So, I took this from Aunty Jane's blog. And this is so wonderfully not wonderful. It all happened right outside my house. And also. The drain I always puke in after clubbing or after drinking and ya. -.-

oh. and pattie is my mum's nick for something. so ya.

6 Nov'08, 2am, Just back from work and was browsing the blogs in pdc while pattiemy was eating the carrot cake (yes, duncan, she's eating yet again) ...suddenly we heard a commotion outside the compound of our house, we thought it was some crazy kids that was trying to make the dog bark but the noise and cries was getting louder and louder, we jumped out of our chairs and ran towards the front door, pattie was trying to see what was going on and I was grabbing my keys , unlocking the door, ran out and grab the first thing I saw, an UMBRELLA ! ( at this stage pattie was looking everywhere for a stick....somewhere along the way she got lost in the house! )

I then ran out of the gate and saw a motorbike on the ground , (about 60 meters away) and another bike next to it. I gave a shout ( thought they were muggers ) trying to scare them away, they turned , saw me ( and my unbrella!) and rode off high speed! I then ran towards the downed bike and was looking for the victim but there was none to be found , so walked back to the house and near the gate I saw a helmet and heard someone grunting in the drain. DAMN!!! the man, (who we thought they mug) was there! 4 feet down the drain lying there with blood coming from his mouth. I ran back to the house, ( pattie was coming out) and told her to get her husband, telling her , about the man , while i called the police and ambulance.

We got out and my bro inlaw wanted to get the man out from there but he was too heavy for him and we need another man to help him , so pattie and I went house to house calling for help, ringing bells , banging on doors but damnmit! NOONE came out to help! We went over 6 houses and not one freaking coward came out to help.!!

We had to wait for the police and by the time they reach our house , ( 15 mins later and ambulance 30 mins later) the man was very DEAD!

Then loads of policeman came and looked for clues ( yeah right!! they were smoking and throwing ciggies everywhere! ) They didnt find any, i guess they never were a fan of the CSI.

Then it was the long haul of policeman asking pattie and I questions and so on. We couldnt see much as it was dark and the only thing we knew and thought was that the victim was mugged.
The hoohaa lasted till 7am when they took the body away and carted his bike.

This morning the senior criminal investigator officer came to take our statement and told us that it wasnt any mugging. It was murder as his possesion was with him and we were lucky that we didnt try to lift him up from the drain as his arm was severed and was hanging by the limp, his head and leg was gashed and the most grusome was that his stomach was slashed and his intestine was already coming out from it!

Now thinking back I was damn lucky they rode off, or i would be deadmeat. They with machete and me with an umbrella!

here are some pics i took of the crime scene with my handphone.

the first patrol car that arrived.

a few more to condone the area.

Ambulance came in much later.

This is where the man fell. the policeman are looking into the drain at the body. Thats the front wall of pattie's house.

Thats the drain in front of the plain clothes policeman.

Now it gives us the creeps to know that there is someone who can kill a man out there, free.
And I thank my lucky stars that I came home much earlier than usual, and if i was later by 10 to 15 mins later, I would be witnessing everything in front of me.

And there you go. Thank God, I'm not in Malaysia. Cause I think I will be back around that time. And ya. Its so scary just thinking about it. IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE. THE DRAIN!!
My sister's all were still sleeping when all this were happening. Only MC woke up. And of cuz, he too small to help my dad?