Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just clicky on it!

Eh eh. Just click on this website and sign up for it. I get 0.20 cents every time someone does it for me. I know. So little. But who cares. Its for fun!!!!!! Hahaha. So do it! Do it!!!!

Oh! I'm going off to One Utama later. Anyone wanna join me for yc? Come come! Or maybe not since I need to sleep for tonight! Going zouk! Argh. Have not been clubbing. But no diff cause I have to go back early since I got work tomorrow. Aih. Wanted to take leave but too late to take. So ya.

Oh oh. I almost bought my jacket. But then cause my mum said its not long enough. If I tuck in my top then the jacket is short. Ya. But instead, I bought a skirt! I guess I'll wear it for tonight! Gyahahahaha.

Now I need to go rush them for my SALARY! Its so unfair that my boss all got money de. And I haven't got mine yet. Cbz. Aih. K shall go now.
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I just realized me LV bag is like super dirty. I've been so damn busy I can't even clean my bag. I just saw the picture for my birthday. And ya. It was like so white! Sob* I mean clean la. Now its dirty. I shall not use it so often de la. So. I need to get a new bag!

Right? Lolx.

Oh. I saw this blazer/jacket thing in Miss Selfridge. I so want to get it but. I don't know. Its like so ex la. Chelle. Be a darling and get it for me. hahaha.

I'm trying to look for it in Miss Selfridge but can't find it since the stupid internet is working so slowly.

I'm really craving for some Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake! RAWR*

Alright. I found the picture but I can't actually like curi the picture. Let me print screen and put it in paint first! Ladida~

*Click* *click*


Is it nice? ok. Maybe in picture. its not really that nice. But I still like it~ Haha. Trying to get my mum to get it for me. Bwahahahaha.

Sigh* So sleepy. I really need to get back my life. I so do not like working. But I still like my job in a way. Just that I hate to like talk and explain and negotiate or whatever shit. I seriously do not know how to do it. And it comes out wrongly. Ugh. Waaaaa.

Stupid boyfriend. Until now not here yet. Bloody hell. I so sleepy de. I shall just sleep then. Should I just get the jacket? Hmmmm?

Monday, April 26, 2010

A lil Update

I bet no one reads me blog anymore. I don't read anyone's blog too. No time! Even though I can actually blog with my phone. Still. No time to do that too. I mean, I don't even have time to tweet! Lolx. I have a FEW updates.


Me and boyfriend. 1 year 1 month de. And er. We wanted to go to Malacca to makan makan. But couldn't. So instead. We went and eat Jap. Honestly. I don't remember which one. I went to so many Jap the past month. I don't know which one we ate de.


I started working de! I'm working at MPH. The bookstore. But not at the outlet of cause! Working at the HQ. Marketing Exec. I'm in charge of the Kidz Club activities and events. I do storytelling every Saturday or Sunday at different outlets. Please don't come and look for me. Cause I will kill you if you do. Find me AFTER the storytelling. Lolx. Seriously. It's super embarrassing for me to actually tell a story. For kids. Since I suck big time. But I try my best at it. SO I don't want people there to be making fun of me la k. Sob* Pity me a bit!

I'm having fun working there. My big project for me now is to organize the Birthday Bash. Looking for sponsors already. So should be going alright I guess. The event is going to be in June!
So ya. Lalala.

I'm also now making a teen club in MPH. So ya. Awesome huh. Ya. I know I am. Aih~


Um. I don't think there's a third. Yes I know. My life is pretty much boring and revolves around MPH. Sad. Ya. I know. Its been awhile since I've done any social stuff. Especially clubbing!


Ok. I shall TRY to update everyday after work. Hopefully I don't fall asleep first.