Monday, June 20, 2016

Krabi, Thailand - Day 1

Day 1 - 16 June 2016

YES! A freaking holiday~ Even though I just got back from Korea like 2 months ago. I will always want to travel, ALL THE TIME. How I wish I could have billions of dollars and just travel the world. Such an awesome experience. So anyhoo.

Woke up at 8am. (I don't even wake up at this time for work! =P) And got to the airport by 9-ish. Had McD's breakfast as usual. And off to the plane~ It was a pleasant flight despite the annoying guys behind me and the girl who was sitting directly behind me. I thought it was a huge guy right behind me, cause "he" kept hitting into my back. And found out later, it was a girl my height. Like shit, are you that freakin huge for you to keep hitting into my back. -__-"

Anyway, before take off! Super excited! 

Flight was about 1 and a half hour? And finally arrived at Krabi International Airport. It was a very small airport with a very small duty free corner. Lol. Still better than nothing. But didn't buy anything. We planned to only drink CHANG BEER! Out at the Arrival Hall. Found our driver. Sadly, did not take a picture with him holding a board with my name on it. Lol. 

But! We did take a picture with him and also with the van. And oh boy. THE VAN! It was like a party van! Haha. 

 Our Driver~

Person no know how to take a wefie. HAHA.

The ride from the airport to the hotel was about 30-40 minutes. When we reached Ao Nang, and saw the sea. We got overly excited. Hahaha. And here we are at our Hotel called Apple A Day

Our Room number with a tree with an Apple that you can choose to the DND sign or clean up room.

The view from our room. It's pool access! 

Why the pool is Red is cause of the apple which represents the hotel name! Well, half an Apple. Lol. I've included the link if you are interested in this hotel. It is very accessible to both beaches in Ao Nang. Ao Phra Nang and Ao Nang Beach. It's only about 10 minutes walk to each beaches. 

Aaaaaand, we also got the Scooters for our ride! I didn't really walk to the beach or anywhere else. We just scoot all over Ao Nang. It was seriously fun! I never sat on my own before and driving one as well. It was my very first time. And it was so FUN! Will never do it in KL of cause. But here, it's awesome, with the cool beach wind in your hair. Sigh. Wishing am back there now. Lol.

My cute scooter! Really wanted a pink one. T_T

Well, we were superbly hungry, scooted to Ao Nang Beach area where the row of restaurants and shops were at. We just went along the way trying to look for a place where all 7 bikes can park like nearby to each other and since we were all sorta beginners, We needed a huge space. Lol. So, we actually stopped at a place discussing where we should go. I turned and noticed a restaurant. Which so happened just opened for it's dinner time. Too hungry and bothered, we just went in and ordered.

The food was really good! It was on Tripadvisor and it was an awesome start to our holiday. The Restaurant is called D&E Jungle Kitchen and it was superbly cheap and yummy! Was not disappointed at all. The food was fast, most probably cause we were the first ones to be here and the people there was really nice and friendly!

Went around asking for the tour trips for island hopping. In the end, we went back to our hotel, and they had this table for all the tours they can arrange for us. It was easier and more convenient for us to just arrange with the hotel. Prices were the same as the streets. And so, arranged for Phi Phi Island Hopping on the second day and also the Hong Islands for the day after.

We arranged to meet again at the lobby, to relax and freshen up before heading out again. Chai, Kitteh and I just jumped into the pool before showering. It was hard to resist that temptation. Lol. 
By the time we were done, it was around 7-8 something in the evening. Decided to buy some drinks and head to the beach with our scooters,

Annnnnnd we had our own lil beach party! 

And later on, we continued in our rooms for more drinks. To bed early for an early morning!