Sunday, December 28, 2008

Manchester Outings~

Hmm. Ok. I'll try to summarize like the whole events for the past few days.
Been sorta busy and also there weren't any computers free for me to blog. Tung is forever on it. Of cause. Since it is his and he is forever playing games. I didnt have the chance to blog.
The other computers are like occupied too. So ya.

Been eating chinese food EVERYDAY! And been spending loads shit on food. JUST FOOD!
I'm sooooo getting fatter man. Damnit.

Had steamboat on Christmas day. And drinking sessions. But not much drinking. Drank a little.
Yesterday drinking session wasn't much. And all of them keep targeting me when the target was supposed to be aimed at Edmund. Bugger.

Been eating dim sum. EVERYDAY!! The only day I did not eat dim sum was yesterday. Today ate dim sum again.

Broke. Broke.

Went shopping. And gonna be soooooo damn broke. But I only bought two skirts. One bag. And two lotion from Bodyshop. The cranberry ones. Smells good~

And now. Totally broke. Gonna spend my days with maggie mee again. Argh. Or just Milo. Hey. I can go on a milo diet. Yup yup. Lolx.

Oh yea. And Nette bought me a bag from DKNY and also a coin purse from Kipling. Take pictures for me to see how it looks like!!! Not nice you can keep it. Hahahhahahha.

I'm having fun with these bunch of people. Even though they freaking tease me as much as ESP does. Or you know what. As much as anyone else does. WHY DO YOU GUYS LIKE TO FREAKING TORTURE MEH!!!!!!!!
Jon's been trying to act "scary" against me. Cause ya. They call me daikahjie. -.-
So everytime I say something. He tries to ask me to shut up or go to my room or whatever and tries to "scare" me with his facial expression that his mad at me. And I'll burst out laughing. Hahhahahhaha. Now we say everytime he tries to scold his kids next time. They will point at him and laugh at his face. HAhahahhahaha. I can't take him seriously de.
And Tung is forever farting!!! -.-
I sleep on the same freaking bed with him. And he bloody hell farts a lot. Thank gawd it doesn't smell. Shit man. Freaking lot of gas lo he!

I'm so damn bored now. I guess I should study and also do my assignments. But this isn't my pc. I feel so weird doing my work on someone else's pc. No likey.

Or maybe I shall just go back to sleep. Hahahahhaha.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


First time celebrating Christmas away from home. Oh well.
Will update blog tomorrow. Gonna watch Hancock now with tung tung. Hahaha.


Merry Christmas!!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Bloody tiring day just getting to Manchester. Such a hassle. Have to change like 4 different trains. Gawd. And the whole time damn scared I miss it. Have to drag my oh so heavy bag to get to different platforms. Bugger.

And didn't have enough sleep. Slept for like um. 3 hours only. Then had to catch trains de. Not only that. Woke up waaaaaaay too early. Had to wait one hour just for my train. How I did that. I still have no idea. Stoned.

Got to Manchester Piccadilly Station. Called Tung and he havent even got up yet. Bugger. He said he'll be there in 5 mins. o.O
OK. And seriously. He came in like 5 minutes. Or so. But it was fast.

He asked if I was carrying someone in my bag. Sorry for being a girl. -.-

Got to his place. And fell asleep till 7. Oh. I reached at around 2pm. So. Slept for like 3-4 hours?
He woke me up say go dinner with his friends. So. Ok.
And I wanted to shower. Bugger said I only had like 15minutes to bathe. -.-

Rushed to toilet ta shower. And I broke one of his soap. Lucky the cover only broke half and didn't spill all over. Still can cover la.

I'm a freaking klutz.

Went out for dinner. There was like 10 of us? Had dinner at a Canto restaurant. Totally delicious! Of cause. Paid so much for it. Had so many different dishes I have no idea what is it. All I know was that there were meat and vege. Lolx. And there was me favourite pork! Bt everyone took it de. I was left with the yam. -.- But still nice la.

After dinner. Went to Rileys for pool, snooker and darts.

And cause of Tung, I is dai kah jie de. -.-

Bloody idiot!

Just got back. It's just me and Tung for now in this er, 4 room apartment? Ya. And he was pumping up the inflatable bed. Cause I'm sleeping on his bed. Freaking funny. Took picture of him. Hahaha.

The other rooms are gonna be occupied by, Jon and his gf, Meng Fai and his gf and CK's bro and his gf.

Yes. All couples. So me and Tung can take turns jadi lampost. All of them will be here tomorrow. Cause Jon and gf and Meng Fai and gf are in London. Will be back around lunch. I'll be sleeping like a pig then.

Didn't take much pictures today. And I don't remember any of Tung's friends name. So many. And dah lah I forgetful pulak. Aish.
Shall ask him later. One of them might be coming over to play cards. So, see how la.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yea. My plan to kill Liz. Totally forgotten about it. I came back and saw my post only I remembered. Damnit.

I totally fail. Damnit.

But anyway. Met up with her and Christian at Covent Garden. Then went off to Victoria to get the ticket for the musical "Wicked".

Totally awesome! Feel like watching some other musicals as well now! Lolx.

Had McDees for breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper - One meal for all. I'm awesome ya! I didnt even finish my burger. Christian finished for me. Lolx. And Liz finished my fries. I finished my Coke. Aiks.
I shall go on a liquid diet. Hahaha.

After the musical. Went back to Luton. Such a short trip. But still. I was happy to see Liz. And not happy to see all of their gushy, mushy moments with each other. -.-
Someone just gimme a knife and kill me. Lolx.

I miss you my Neo~

Christian said he makes a better Neo than Liz. Hmm. NO!

Come to Manchester! If possible! ok? Yes. Ok.

Oh well. Need to sleep now. But gonna watch few episodes of Desperate Housewives first. Yes la!


Monday, December 22, 2008

To London

to see that stupid babi Lizzie. She didn't tell me what time I should go meet her. So I will go when I wake up. And hopefully will be on time for lunch. And I hope it's not so bloody pack.

Yea. I know. I should've asked. But knowing me. I forgot. Then I got lazy. Cause was watching Desperate Housewives the whole day. So didn't bother till just now. Messaged Christian. A bloody long message . Cause that babi didn't tell me what time she wanna meet me.

Will remember to kill her first before screaming me head off cause too happy to see her and running to her to hug her. So how am I supposed to do that before running to hug her.

Ok. Shall kill her after hug her and screaming.

And then.



Good plan.

Good. So now. I have to sleep. Or I won't be able to wake up. And hopefully I am able to sleep. Cause my babi housemate who is living above me is still not asleep and she keeps walking here and there.

Secretly. I think she loves breakdancing. Or shuffling. So I think she practices like in the bloody middle of the bloody night so that no one will know.

But of cuz. I am not asleep till then.

And she always uses the toilet after all that dancing. So I guess she showers or freshen up or whatever. Cause you know. She is quite. Um. Big. So. I guess. She. Um. Sweat. So. Um. Ya. You know. A lot. Ya.

You know what. I shall sleep now and stop yakking. But I love to go on and on and on about total utter rubbish. Cause it's fun.
Maybe cause I have not been conversing much today. Since I have been stuck in my room. Watching Desperate Housewives. And so. Did not really see any of my housemates and also did not talk to anyone online.

So I'm jabbering here. To let out some. Um. Rubbish. Yes.

Oh wait. Now I remember. I actually did talk to someone. Or was it yesterday.

You know what. I need sleep.


*at last I shut my mouth*

*all that yakking is giving me a headache*


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pressie pic~

Weee~ My package! Sho happy!

I was still thinking if I should have opened it on Christmas Day. Hehe

Nah. Can't wait!

Sooo many keychains!
Thanks tho! Need to find more keys for them keychains. Aih.

Now waiting for my other pressies. Wee~

Friday, December 19, 2008


Yay! I just received me Christmas pressies from my family.

And and. I opened it already! Hahahahhaha! I'm not at home anymore. So I can just open it. Hehe! No rules!! Bwahahahha. Ok ok.

I will post the pictures up later. I gotta go out soon. Need ta pay rent. -.-

And and.

Aaron, Kelly and Joel. WHY SO MANY KEYCHAINS!

Did da 3 of you decided to get keychains for me? -.-

Hehe. But I still love it!

Thank You!!

Love You all!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stupid MING!!!


Finally i'm in ...

then again i have nothing to say...

nothing interesting happened lately

I'm having major dry coughs now

manda sucks :D wait til she gets the access in to see this haha!

You want me to kill you ah! stupid ming!
I tried getting in to your stupid blog for dont know how fucking long de! Wow. I have not been swearing for such a long time. I feel Hahahha

Yea. I was supposed to be scolding to stupid shit ming! You ass! and you can some more go and post that! you ass!!!!!

and i couldnt spam your chatterbox anymore. cause it just pissed me off. cause it wont have much impact. cause its so small. so my scolding wont be so. um. powerful? hahahahha

sEE! you make me dont know what to type de!

BAH! Argh! Waaaaaa! Omg! Waaaa!

Geram sial!


I still love you tho. Ass shit you!


Look! I got my first Christmas present!
I meant to post it a long time ago. But got lazy. Anyway. I got it like um. Last week when I went down ta London cause Michelle asked me ta go, I mean, her mum. The Mahiki night thingy.

Anyway, the next day, the guy who spent us dinner, brought Michelle out for lunch and wanted to get her a Christmas pressie. Oh. I think that guy fancies her mum. Thats why. >.< Well, I was with her. And he said he will get me one too. I was like. o.O What?! Nooooo! So anyway, Michelle just grabbed this for me. And yay! My first really early Christmas pressie!

It's from Benefit. >.< Brushes! weeeee~

But I still want the brushes from that place. Argh. I forgot what was it called again. Aih. Nevermind. So anyway.



Sunday, December 14, 2008

London, 121208

So. London. Again. And again. Lolx.
Hopefully my next trip will only be on Valentines Day. So then I won't have to spend so much de.

Ok. Here goes my post. Damnit. Can you all go read chelle and annette's blog. I so damn lazy wanna blog. But whatever la. I'll make it short and simple.

Got into train last minute.

*i still no likey you annette for making me go london but not regretting or I wont get to meet those hotties, but actually you guys wont meet them f I weren't there. You guys won't have my hot guys radar. hahahahha*

My awesome "HAWT GUYS RADAR" *ting ting*
It's good to be single! *wink*

Oh. Bought top up and also ties for our "school girl theme". I still don't know why I open my oh-so-big mouth about it. -.-

Got to St. Pancras and got into tube to Bond Street Station. Almost got squashed.

Rang Chelle's door like mad. Dump bag. Showered. Wait till 8pm.

Got to Marylebone Station to pick Annette. There was a scream fest when we met her. And I got elbowed by Chelle when Annette trying to hug both of us at the same time while screaming.

Got back to Bond Street station. Ate at YO! Sushi. We were the noisiest there. Laugh laugh laugh.

Back to Chelle's. Got ready for Roadhouse. Camwhore here and there. Drank before we went out.

Took a cab. Waited in line. Bugger don't let us jump queue cause there were 3 of us. And 1 card can let in 2. Bugger. LINE SO BLOODY LONG!

Got in. Felt kinda weird cause of the way we dressed. But then. Fuck it la. Put jackets in cloak room. Went to toilet.

Had whoops here and there. And some guy said.

"I told you there's chinese girls who are hot. Look!"

Some guys thought we were from Japan even. -.-

Got drinks from dear Flanagan. Sho cute.

Turned around. Turned back. Screamed at Chelle and Annie. CUTE GUYS BEHIND US!

*i feel so bimbo*

Took pictures with them. Ran off.

Had Jagerbombs. We wanted this adorable bartender. But some other bartender got to us. But the adorable one said "Go Girls!" or something like that.

Went back. Found cute adorable guys again.

Dance! Dance! Dance! Camwhore! Dance! Pictures! Woot!

Went home.

Diededness. Bloody tired.

Next morning. Lazed around. Took us 3 hours to get out of house. Went for Korean Bbq!

Saw some hongkies. And I felt like I was in a chinese drama cause of their accent. *they talk so loud*

Did a bit of shopping. Them. Not me.

Got home. Take bags. Went to train. Said our goodbyes. Hop into tube to St Pancras. Got into my train to Luton.


Wanted to save money. So can't take cab. Got home..drenched. Showered. Upload pictures. Update blog.

Ok. So was that short and sweet? Hahhahahha

Guess not!

I guess I can't make it short. I'm too long winded. Gyaahhaha.

Next trip. MANCHESTER!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


I sooooo want to get a dog now! I feel soooo lonely. And having a doggie with me now will be oh so nice. Choonie! I want a doggie for my birthday pressie! Lolx. I was up that night. Couldn't sleep. Looking for dogs online. They are so freaking expensive. Freaking £200 to £1000. Like what the heck. I can buy my iPhone, Lv purse and whatever I want. But but but, I think getting a dog is much more worth it? I mean. I can play with it. And cuddle cuddle with me to sleep.

Then I went to see if I could adopt one! There were actually some nice ones. Even though a lil older than I wanted. But it seems ok. Then I remembered. Damnit. I have to ask my landlord. DAMN THIS! Lolx. See! See! The doggies. All sooooo cute!


Miniature Schnauzers. I always wanted a pure white one!

Toy poodle. See Chelsie for reference. Lolx.

A papillon. The ears are like a butterfly. Lolx

Siberian Husky!!!!! I just love their eyes. One side brown and the other blue!

A bloody cute Maltese. AAAh. Shoooo adorable!

Border Collie. Fluffy

West Highland White Terrier. Omg. I want one!

Can someone be nice to me and get one for me? Any one of these will do. I want some company! Or Amelyn, ship Chelsie here! Or get Chelsie to make puppies! Then we have more Chelsies! Then send one over here!! Weeeeee~

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tuesday Night

Pictures of London. Is in Fb. Too lazy to load it here again. >.<

Was supposed to go ta Mahiki Club. But we couldn't get in cause we didnt make a reservation. But Chelle's mum did and they said "Oh Tuesdays you don't have to make one" SO ok. Got there. They said. "Tuesday's are reservations ONLY night". Like WTF! So ya.

So we head down, and passed by this seafood place and Chelle's mum decided we shall eat there instead then.

ATe at Pescatori. Or something like that. We couldn't order any starters cause the kitchen were gonna close soon and so could only order mains. -.-

Had Lamb! Yum! And Tiramisu for dessert. Yumness!

See pictures in FB. Lolx.

After dinner. Got home. Chelle didn't want to end the night like this. So off we went ta Roadhouse. Our fav place de i guess. Lolx.

We were expecting it to be a quiet night. Since it was a TUESDAY. But it wasn't. Weird.

But the bartenders were crazy that night. They kept going on the bar and banging the ceiling with their bottle opener and jumping on the bar. Monkeys! Lolx.

But but Pete. We thought he was being a bitch for looking at us like "Omg, the asian chicks again!" But, he came over and actually shook our hands and said Hi and how were we doing and stuff.


Adorable! Lolx.

Oh well. All in all. It was a fun "quiet" night. Had loads of drinks spent by some guys we met. So. It was all great.


Oh well.

London again this Saturday! Going down with the Uni. Free transport. For Christmas shopping!
And ya. I have noooo money. How the heck am I gonna shop. Lolx.

Alrighty then~


Rest in Peace Yuki.

It's sad that I can't get to know you better. But knowing now that you are in Heaven now. I'll just have to meet you there then!

Wait for me!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Going ta London. AGAIN. Hehe. Today after class. Michelle's mum invited me to go for this thingy. To Mahiki Club or something like that for dinner and drinks. Weeeee~

Will upload pictures and nice story when I'm done!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Day of my attempt to "Diet"

Woke up at 12pm.

1pm. Had pizza for lunch/breakfast

3pm. 3 biscuits.

4pm. A packet of crisps.

6pm. Got hungry. But had. WATER!

8pm. Still havent had dinner. Waiting for my friend so can cook together.

9pm. Mei Ting came down and asked to go makan at IK.

10pm. Dinner! So. Had Tofu Rice at Imperial Kitchen.

And now. I feel awfully fat.

Oh no! I just realized I didn't do any post for Ric for his birthday. Shit. Ok. Hopefully he no read my blog no more. Then he won't know. Whahahaha. Yes!Lolx. *sob*

Been a good girl and stayed home the whole day. Heck! I've been staying home everyday la! What rubbish. -.-

Maybe I shall force myself to sleep now. Try to get rid of the panda eyes. Argh. K. Off ta bed.

Friday, December 5, 2008

First Attempt


12 noon. A cup of Milo.

3pm. A cup of hot Chocolate.

6pm. Dinner at Imperial Kitchen. Duck Rice!

8pm. A packet of crisps.

9pm. Another packet of crisps.

In between. Sweets.


2.20am. Water. Been drinking WATER!

Shall sleep. Before I get really hungry.

Ze Duck Rice. Damn big right.

My sweets. One of em. This is the. Er. whazzit called de mei?

Thursday, December 4, 2008


So. I just got back from Legends. £1.50 for any drink and shots.
But. I only drank like 1 shot and a bottle of VDK Apple. That's all.


Bah. I went there late. Cause my lovely friends told me last minute! How to get ready!! So. They left me. I had to walk alone. And had to pay £4 to get in. At least its cheaper than London. If you get in before 10.30 *so freaking early* you get to only pay £2. SO ya. Babinya


Oh well. Mei Ting called her china guy. Lolx. They kept forcing her to dance with him. Lolx. SO freaking funny. SOrry pictures abit blur. Oh well. What to do. Camera phone. No flash. -.-

Got her to take pictures with him. Lolx.

I put on weight meh??? *sob*

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Just finished watching Twilight. Damnit. Stupid limited bandwidth thingy. So I had to load from somewhere else. Took me like a whole day just to finish watching it! Gawd!! Ish.
But the movie seems so-so. I mean, I feel like er. Don't know. I guess I shall read the book. The book is always better anyway. But then. If I buy the book. It's gonna be a waste of money cause Amelyn has it!

But they are having sales at Waterstones. And and. It's 50% off! So it's like £3.49 only! Or somewhere there. For the whole series. Should I or should I not. Sheesh.

SO irritating. And Oh. Bought this book I mentioned earlier.


It's nice actually. SO ya.

Need to start studying de instead of reading these books. *sigh* oh well. It seems so cheap. So ya. Can't help myself.

K. sleepy time.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Just did another post for it la. Aish. Lolx. The whole "story" is the second post! >.<

This is the sushi place Chelle's mum spent us. It's much more expensive. But not as fresh as YO! Sushi's one tho.
And less choices too.

This is Chell's Emergency money. Lolx. She had no money for dinner after our shopping spree~ Lolx.

Can you see me? Ya. We decided to throw it out of her room while me. Stand there. Try to like maybe avoid it crashin on the mini cooper.

It broke! wee~


I had nasi lemak! Yay! But not so yummy. The closest thing I can get mah.
And its costs freaking £5 for that!
I can eat like 10 nasi lemak in front of Blitz wan.

Chelle had Mee Mamak. Ya. Yum!

Teh Tarik!

Was getting ready. Then came out. Chelle snap the picture.

A band was playing.

The place so the pack!

Was sitting in the trishaw thingy. Was drizzling too.
Rain in UK is bloody drizzle only. Like small drops of it. It's like, em. Sprinkles of water. Haha.

Sho tired.

Changed. Lazy to shower. >.<

My eyes look so scary lo.


When down to London on a last minute plan thing. Needed to have some fun before I'm back at it again.

I didn't let Michelle know that I was already on the way. Woke up early. Went to get hot chocolate at costa. I saw that they have Chocolate Cookie Latte for the Christmas thingy. So, since I can't drink the Toffee Nut Latte back in Malaysia. This was a nice replacement. Yum!

After I got my latte, passed by a store and Sophie Kinsella had a new book out and they were selling it for half price! So, ya. Bought it! Lolx. *and I've already finished reading it*

Got on the train. Was at the wrong platform. Argh. Ran back up. Luckily the train was delayed for another 10 minutes or so. THen I found out why. There were bloody load of people lo!!!
I had to stand the entire journey. Luckily it was only a half an hour ride. But still.

Well, I got to Chelle's place and just rang her bell. But I wasn't sure which was her apartment number. So. Erm. Ya. Hahaha. I thought I was buzzing the wrong one. So called her. And ya. Weeee~

Just in time for lunch! Met up with her mum. Her mum damn cute. Treat us to sushi! But it was a different place from the one we always go. But it was so-so only the sushi. Oh well. It's still sushi!!

Wanted to get a Kipling as well. It costs about 40 plus. I thought, if I get the bag, can't shop much de. So. Didn't get it. IN the end. I overspent. *gonna starve again then >.<*

Got myself and my stupid sisters leggings from Miss Selfridge. Should have gotten from Zara. But nevermind. Bought a top from Topshop. A jacket and cardigan from Zara. Wanted to get a skirt too. But spend so much de. So didn't. Then got a scarf from River Island. Wanted to get a jacket too. But. Ya. No money de!

And I haven't even gone drinking yet. Lucky, chelle got her savings. And I still had cash on me. Drinks~

Drank 2 shots of tequila first. Felt sick. Don't know why. Oh Pete was gorgeous! But I shall stop it. Cause he has too many fans de. So boring. Then, had Baileys. And like 4 shots of Sourz Apple. Yum! Then had a Jagerbomb! It was nice. But got really tipsy de. Then had a Midori. And drank a bit of JD and coke and Sex on the Beach from Chelle. Too many different liqour.

The whole night was fun with drinks but no fun cause no CUTE HOT GUYS AT ALL!! So damn sad. You would think to have at least one or something. But noooooooo. So damn sad. Oh well.

Sat the trishaw thingy which I still don't know what is it really called. But who cares. It was soooo cold. My feet so damn cold. Argh.

Oh Oh! Forgot to mention we ate at a Malaysian Restaurant. So small. And I really felt like I was back in Malaysia. All speaking in malay. And the service and um cleanliness, so Malaysian. Lolx.

Back at Chelle's place. She tried to get me to drink Smirnoff Ice. But I drank few sips de. I felt like puking de. Argh. And she drank the whole glass. Babi sial. Had maggie mee! Thanks Chelle! Lolx.

Slept till like 2 pm. And had sushi again! At our usual place. Yum! Yum!

Now, back here. Broke. And back to more maggie mee! >.<