Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Just finished watching Twilight. Damnit. Stupid limited bandwidth thingy. So I had to load from somewhere else. Took me like a whole day just to finish watching it! Gawd!! Ish.
But the movie seems so-so. I mean, I feel like er. Don't know. I guess I shall read the book. The book is always better anyway. But then. If I buy the book. It's gonna be a waste of money cause Amelyn has it!

But they are having sales at Waterstones. And and. It's 50% off! So it's like £3.49 only! Or somewhere there. For the whole series. Should I or should I not. Sheesh.

SO irritating. And Oh. Bought this book I mentioned earlier.


It's nice actually. SO ya.

Need to start studying de instead of reading these books. *sigh* oh well. It seems so cheap. So ya. Can't help myself.

K. sleepy time.

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