Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yea. My plan to kill Liz. Totally forgotten about it. I came back and saw my post only I remembered. Damnit.

I totally fail. Damnit.

But anyway. Met up with her and Christian at Covent Garden. Then went off to Victoria to get the ticket for the musical "Wicked".

Totally awesome! Feel like watching some other musicals as well now! Lolx.

Had McDees for breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper - One meal for all. I'm awesome ya! I didnt even finish my burger. Christian finished for me. Lolx. And Liz finished my fries. I finished my Coke. Aiks.
I shall go on a liquid diet. Hahaha.

After the musical. Went back to Luton. Such a short trip. But still. I was happy to see Liz. And not happy to see all of their gushy, mushy moments with each other. -.-
Someone just gimme a knife and kill me. Lolx.

I miss you my Neo~

Christian said he makes a better Neo than Liz. Hmm. NO!

Come to Manchester! If possible! ok? Yes. Ok.

Oh well. Need to sleep now. But gonna watch few episodes of Desperate Housewives first. Yes la!


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