Monday, December 1, 2008


When down to London on a last minute plan thing. Needed to have some fun before I'm back at it again.

I didn't let Michelle know that I was already on the way. Woke up early. Went to get hot chocolate at costa. I saw that they have Chocolate Cookie Latte for the Christmas thingy. So, since I can't drink the Toffee Nut Latte back in Malaysia. This was a nice replacement. Yum!

After I got my latte, passed by a store and Sophie Kinsella had a new book out and they were selling it for half price! So, ya. Bought it! Lolx. *and I've already finished reading it*

Got on the train. Was at the wrong platform. Argh. Ran back up. Luckily the train was delayed for another 10 minutes or so. THen I found out why. There were bloody load of people lo!!!
I had to stand the entire journey. Luckily it was only a half an hour ride. But still.

Well, I got to Chelle's place and just rang her bell. But I wasn't sure which was her apartment number. So. Erm. Ya. Hahaha. I thought I was buzzing the wrong one. So called her. And ya. Weeee~

Just in time for lunch! Met up with her mum. Her mum damn cute. Treat us to sushi! But it was a different place from the one we always go. But it was so-so only the sushi. Oh well. It's still sushi!!

Wanted to get a Kipling as well. It costs about 40 plus. I thought, if I get the bag, can't shop much de. So. Didn't get it. IN the end. I overspent. *gonna starve again then >.<*

Got myself and my stupid sisters leggings from Miss Selfridge. Should have gotten from Zara. But nevermind. Bought a top from Topshop. A jacket and cardigan from Zara. Wanted to get a skirt too. But spend so much de. So didn't. Then got a scarf from River Island. Wanted to get a jacket too. But. Ya. No money de!

And I haven't even gone drinking yet. Lucky, chelle got her savings. And I still had cash on me. Drinks~

Drank 2 shots of tequila first. Felt sick. Don't know why. Oh Pete was gorgeous! But I shall stop it. Cause he has too many fans de. So boring. Then, had Baileys. And like 4 shots of Sourz Apple. Yum! Then had a Jagerbomb! It was nice. But got really tipsy de. Then had a Midori. And drank a bit of JD and coke and Sex on the Beach from Chelle. Too many different liqour.

The whole night was fun with drinks but no fun cause no CUTE HOT GUYS AT ALL!! So damn sad. You would think to have at least one or something. But noooooooo. So damn sad. Oh well.

Sat the trishaw thingy which I still don't know what is it really called. But who cares. It was soooo cold. My feet so damn cold. Argh.

Oh Oh! Forgot to mention we ate at a Malaysian Restaurant. So small. And I really felt like I was back in Malaysia. All speaking in malay. And the service and um cleanliness, so Malaysian. Lolx.

Back at Chelle's place. She tried to get me to drink Smirnoff Ice. But I drank few sips de. I felt like puking de. Argh. And she drank the whole glass. Babi sial. Had maggie mee! Thanks Chelle! Lolx.

Slept till like 2 pm. And had sushi again! At our usual place. Yum! Yum!

Now, back here. Broke. And back to more maggie mee! >.<


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