Sunday, December 14, 2008

London, 121208

So. London. Again. And again. Lolx.
Hopefully my next trip will only be on Valentines Day. So then I won't have to spend so much de.

Ok. Here goes my post. Damnit. Can you all go read chelle and annette's blog. I so damn lazy wanna blog. But whatever la. I'll make it short and simple.

Got into train last minute.

*i still no likey you annette for making me go london but not regretting or I wont get to meet those hotties, but actually you guys wont meet them f I weren't there. You guys won't have my hot guys radar. hahahahha*

My awesome "HAWT GUYS RADAR" *ting ting*
It's good to be single! *wink*

Oh. Bought top up and also ties for our "school girl theme". I still don't know why I open my oh-so-big mouth about it. -.-

Got to St. Pancras and got into tube to Bond Street Station. Almost got squashed.

Rang Chelle's door like mad. Dump bag. Showered. Wait till 8pm.

Got to Marylebone Station to pick Annette. There was a scream fest when we met her. And I got elbowed by Chelle when Annette trying to hug both of us at the same time while screaming.

Got back to Bond Street station. Ate at YO! Sushi. We were the noisiest there. Laugh laugh laugh.

Back to Chelle's. Got ready for Roadhouse. Camwhore here and there. Drank before we went out.

Took a cab. Waited in line. Bugger don't let us jump queue cause there were 3 of us. And 1 card can let in 2. Bugger. LINE SO BLOODY LONG!

Got in. Felt kinda weird cause of the way we dressed. But then. Fuck it la. Put jackets in cloak room. Went to toilet.

Had whoops here and there. And some guy said.

"I told you there's chinese girls who are hot. Look!"

Some guys thought we were from Japan even. -.-

Got drinks from dear Flanagan. Sho cute.

Turned around. Turned back. Screamed at Chelle and Annie. CUTE GUYS BEHIND US!

*i feel so bimbo*

Took pictures with them. Ran off.

Had Jagerbombs. We wanted this adorable bartender. But some other bartender got to us. But the adorable one said "Go Girls!" or something like that.

Went back. Found cute adorable guys again.

Dance! Dance! Dance! Camwhore! Dance! Pictures! Woot!

Went home.

Diededness. Bloody tired.

Next morning. Lazed around. Took us 3 hours to get out of house. Went for Korean Bbq!

Saw some hongkies. And I felt like I was in a chinese drama cause of their accent. *they talk so loud*

Did a bit of shopping. Them. Not me.

Got home. Take bags. Went to train. Said our goodbyes. Hop into tube to St Pancras. Got into my train to Luton.


Wanted to save money. So can't take cab. Got home..drenched. Showered. Upload pictures. Update blog.

Ok. So was that short and sweet? Hahhahahha

Guess not!

I guess I can't make it short. I'm too long winded. Gyaahhaha.

Next trip. MANCHESTER!!

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