Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Wow. I just realized I have not updated since last year July. Oh well. So many things has happened since then.
To summarize everything. I got a new boyfriend. The total highlight. LOL!
Oh well. Thats about it. HAHA.
Well no one reads my blog anyways. So who cares! And who blogs anymore? Unless it really relates to something. Like a bias or what not. That's all. Other than that. I don't think anyone blogs anymore on topics about themselves? I don't know? Lol.
Oh well. Shall start it again? I really want to record everything that has happened in my life.
It's nice to read back on all these later on.
So yes. Shall do it later.
Oh I'm still stuck in the same company. Thinking of leaving. But not sure yet. Oh well. Lala~
Will update on other stuff. Let me just finish my shit first. ><
See you soon~