Thursday, April 30, 2009


Oh OH! We has new housemate. No more Melinda. So now Elaine has a new room mate. Cause well, Elaine shares a room with Melinda but Melinda has not been staying here for erm... I have no freaking idea how long. But anyway, our housemate is a French girl!!!

I have not seen her yet. Just saw her blonde hair. And well. SHe went out and she'll be back in like um, I have no idea what time. SO ya.



Oh well. Poor Elaine. Have to learn french now. Me too actually. Just to try to communicate with her. Me and Elaine was like laughing. How la, have to show her how to use the downstairs toilet. Cause can't flush it. Have to take the bucket and flush. Then have to show signals here and there. -.-"

AIh. Aih. Oh well. See how it goes la.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Someone. Help. I. Need. Help.


I'm. Too. Lazy. To. Make. Any. Big. Decisions.

I. Hate. It.


And. Now. I. Have. To. Do. My. Freaking. Thesis. Which. Is. Due. Tomorrow.



Amsterdam Pt 2!

Amsterdam. Day. 2.

So well. The next morning. I was sick. Got up early. But my throat was so dry. And I had like sore throat. Was feeling a bit sickish. Then Mei Ting was like. You guys sleep only la. Later you get sick. So I drank water and went back to sleep. Since I didn't get much sleep in the bus and stuff. And walked the whole day too.

So the next thing I know. I woke up around 2-3 something. And I was ALONE! Oh well. ANyway. I got ready. And I didn't know what to do next. I mean. My phone no credit. How to call Mei Ting where they were. I could only send one last message. Then die. Haha.

She told me they were at H&M. SO I was like. Ok. That was an hour ago. Maybe I look for them around there. If not. I go have lunch alone and then go back to the hostel. I went to H&M. Then so damn bloody ngam. They were walking on the same street. Along H&M. Phew*

Or not I would have to have lunch alone. So sad. So we went to the Sports Cafe. And that's where I ate my HUGE breakfast/lunch/tea. SO fattening. Ya I know. I look so damn fat too.

AFter food. Got home. And then Mei Ting said she wants to go have the free dinner that the hostel was providing. I was like. Aiya. Then like that I should have saved money la. But ya. Me and Elaine shared a plate of something I don't remember. Ya I know. I seriously ate damn a lot. Hehe.

Changed. And went for the funfair! We took the tram. Got down. ANd at first we were like. Oh no. Are we lost. Crap. We walk walk. Shit wei. How la. Then we turn to the right. OOOOh! Lolx. It was just behind the street. How we didn't notice it also I don't know. Lolx.

And so. We sat on the Ferris Wheel. Bugger. Damn high up lo. So damn freaking scary. And that swing thingy like in Genting. It's the same freaking height. You know how freaking scary is it!!!!!!
SO anyway. Me and Mei Ting like just sat still. Trying to enjoy the view. Cause we like damn scared. Elaine was like. Left right left right taking pictures. Lolx. But the view was amazing!

After the ferris wheel. We decided to play the ride which was called break dance. -.-
It was not made for us Chinese girls. More like for me and Mei Ting. Cause we almost FLEW out of the ride. There's no belt to whole us down or anything. Just the bar in front of us. Omg. We were thrown around our seats. I knock my head here and there. I dont know how Elaine. WHo sat by herself could actually hold on.

I really thought I was gonna die. Because the ride moves super fast. Spinning you here and there. I really thought at any moment I will be thrown out. And then you all can say bye bye to me de. And the first thing I thought was Stan, my family then my friends. Like shit la. Damn nice way to die right. On a freaking ride. -.-"

Bugger. Thank gawd the ride stopped in the end. When we got down. I was super dizzy. Really felt like throwing up. At one point. Mei Ting told me. She thought she was going to die too. And then she was thinking of Tian Hao and her family the whole time. Lolx. Soo..we were thinking of the same thing. Lolx.

Well anyway. The next thing we went on was the Haunted Mansion thing. Nothing much la. I just sat in the middle of them. Lolx. Soo ya. A waste of money tho. After that. Me and Elaine sat the stupid swing thing. I really wanted to cry de.

I can't believe I'm getting scared with sitting all these rides. I must be getting old. Lolx. Well anyway. I was so scared I couldn't snap any pictures while I was up there. Only one. Which was of Elaine's feet. Hahaha. ANd she kept JUMPING UP AND DOWN on the seat. Cause its two by two kinda seat. And then the seat was bouncing. I was like. WWOOOOOOOOOOOOIiiiiiii!!! ELAINE!!!! STOP IT LA!!!!!! YOU WANT ME TO KILL YOU LATER AH!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO ya. I was scared. Freezing from the freaking icy cold wind. Came down. I look like shit. Hahaha. My mascara went flying here and there. Lolx.

Later on. Elaine wanted to sit the freaking crazy ride. So ya. Let her sit. I too scared de. Hahaha. SO I just took pictures for her and waited with Mei Ting for her. We finished our fun by trying to hit down those stupid cans. CAUSE THE SOFT TOYS WERE HUGE! Hehe. And damn cute too!
But of cus. I WASN'T STRONG ENOUGH. HOW CAN! HEhehehe. So ya.

Got home. And I went online again. But for awhile cause had to be early for breakfast. And the amount of people queueing up. So ya.

To be continued..BERLIN!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Again, ANd again.

Another freak. Aih.

Few days after we came back from my Euro Trip. We went to watch a movie on Tuesday. Cause Tuesdays are Bargain Tuesdays. Which means. ITS CHEAP CHEAP. Well. It costs £4.70 to watch a movie. And student price is £5.80. So ya. Anyway.

We watched the Haunting in Connecticut. You know I DO NOT like to watch all this movies. Plus. I just had my own bloody experience de. We go watch that movie. But well. Me baby wanna watch. ANd he always teman me watch my movies. So ok. All I had to do was close my eyes and hide behind him. Lolx. Which I did actually. He keep nudging me to watch. And kept laughing at the scary scenes. -.-"

Well. Anyway. After that movie. -.-'

Went to grab a bite at this place called Yummy Yummy! hahaha. It's a chinese restaurant. And ya know. We were talking in English the whole time. Cause well. Cause of me la. ANd then this bunch of China guys came in. And heard us la. ANd they thought we didn't know Mandarin. Well. Me la. Anyway. They were like talking la. About us. Thinking maybe we from Thailand or somewhere. SUper funny la. Cause suddenly Mei Ting ter-talk to Tian Hao in Mandarin. So ya. Lolx.

Well. ANyway. We got home. ANd it was pretty late de. But ya. ANyway. Was really tired de. So I just got ready to sleep and stuff. Made Stan sleep with me.

Here goes. Stan fell asleep first. Could here him snoring de. He was hugging me to sleep. But well. Ya. No surprise. I got slept on. AGAIN. But I guess this was a different one. So ya. As usual. I couldn't get up. My hands were trying to grab Stan to wake me up. To pull me up. He was so freaking close to me. Yet he doesn't know. But in the end. He woke me up! ANd then, as if I woke up from a dream. I opened my eyes. Turned to him. Pulled him closer to me and said that I got disturbed. Again. SO ya. He scolded the thing. ANd I went back to sleep. He didn't sleep till the sun came up. Cause he was watching over me the whole time. Thank You Baby! I didn't know only the next morning.

Then he told me. He was actually dreaming. Dreaming that he was eating some damn delicious grapes. -.-" Don't know why he has been obssessed with grapes. -.-"

ANyway. In his dream. He was dreaming that he was happily eating some delicious grapes. It was like some nice happy place of his. All sunny and stuff. -.-" Anyway. Hahaha. Suddenly. This black, tall thing stood in front of him. And took his happiness away. *hahahaha* He was like swearing at it to move la. Cause it was blocking his path.

That's when he saw me. In his dream. I was walking past by him. And something was following me behind. He yelled out to me. ASking me to run. And the thing was chasing me. But he couldn't save me cause the black thing was blocking him. Thats when he woke up and woke me up. And that's when I told him I got disturbed.

Bugger ah.

But anyway. Ever since then. Nothing has been happening. Even if there is something. I'm getting good in ignoring it. So ya. Lalalalal~

Church. I need to go to church.
ANd today is Sunday.

Nooooooooooooooo! -.-"

I suck.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amsterdam pt 1 continued~


I'm too lazy to upload pictures here. I have it on fb. So ya.

We got to redlight district. And the first thing we saw was those girls in the shop lot kinda thing. But with see thru doors. SO they stand in front of the door. You just go up to them. And they'll open the door slightly and then discuss la. How much this and that.

The first one we went to. We were looking. Then suddenly the girl came out. Damn gross la she. She look so...ugh. She was like to Mei Ting. Come come. I give you cheap. I will do whatever you want. You want me to lick your pussy? Come come!

We were like. Wtf!! RUNNNNN!!! Lolx.

Elaine wanted to take pictures. I said better not la. SO ya. Then we got to redlight district. The street. ANd wow. Left right everywhere. You see all those shops with girls. Some super fat. Ugh. Some ok ok. ANd you see all those coffee shop thingy. And loads and loads of sex shops.

See so many till I got freaking bored of it.

We went to this peep show thingy. Elaine kept wanting to watch lesbians. But couldn't. So well. They had this booths thingy were you go in. Insert 2 euro coin. And you get to see 2 minutes live sex show. Ya.

Mei Ting and Elaine went in. I wasn't interested. Too lazy to. Ya well. They said. The guy was fucking the girl. ANd the girl look freaking bored. So like. What the hell. Hahaha.

Anyway. We went to look for the sex museum. Found it. ANd ya. You saw the pictures in Fb. So ya. We played around with the big dick. Hahaha. Sounds so oh-so-wrong. Lolx.

After that. We were tooooo hungry de. Went to look for some place to have dinner. ANd we just simply went in to a Chinese restaurant. When you're tired and hungry. You don't freaking care. I forgot what I had. Chicken rice?

Well anyway. We were so tired. We wanted to take a cab home. But instead. We sat those rick-shaw thingy. Like in London. Hahaha. Damn scary la. The guy cycle super fast. And the road so bumpy. So ya.

Got back to the hostel. I went online for awhile. There were computers in the lobby. So I went online for awhile. Was missing Stan. So. Lolx. Expensive la to call back! Hehe.

Will be continued. Again~

Monday, April 20, 2009

Amsterdam part 1

The Night Before Amsterdam~

Had to get to Uni at around er, 9 - 10 something. At night. Threw some last minute packing. And off we go to me Uni. We thought that we were early. But there were a bunch of people there de.

Look at the amount of people who were going too.

Took some pictures while waiting for the buses to arrive.

I know. I look like shit

See. Stan so the short. That he has to stand on the pavement. And Tian Hao is still taller than him. Hahahahaha!

There was like 4 buses for this trip. That's like freaking a lot la. One whole bus were full of orang hitam. Then the rest. 90% were chinese. Then the 10% were like, a mix. More like 89% from China. And 1% from Malaysia. Maybe more like 0.05%. Haha. There was like only 4 of us Malaysians there. There was this other Malaysian guy too.

Anyway, Melinda was supposed to come too. But then. She called up Mei Ting and told her that she wasn't coming de. There goes 400pounds down the drain. Oh well. Its her money.

So it was the 3 of us. And Mei Ting got to sit alone. So nice. Can stretch legs all.

Before we got to the port. There was this massive jam. Ugh. Bloody slow moving. But luckily we got there on time. Or so.

We had to wait for about 40 minutes to get on the ferry. WITH THE BUS! Hahaha. We didn't know we were gonna do that. So ya. Oh my gawd. I'm getting old de. In the bus. I felt like puking. When I got on the ferry. Hailatness!
Felt worse.

After the bus parked in the ferry. We were asked to get down and to stay at the lounge till we were called back to the bus. And they said there's like a bar and stuff. And even duty free!!!!! I didn't bring pounds. So I couldn't buy anything. Not like I could too if I wanted to. I had motion sickness. Ugh. Old nye!

Me putting 'foong yau'

Applying it. It felt goood. Lolx.

My 'foong yau' and babi Mei Ting's Smirnoff Ice.

Me sleeping nicely after 'foong yau'
Foong Yau is my best friend de.

Thank Gawd it was only for like an hour or so. Or I would've died. Seriously. Bloody torture.

It was another 5-6 hours ride or so to get to AMSTERDAM!!!! Tried to sleep. I think I did. I don't remember. Hehe.

*Whole time missing that idiot*


We got there in the morning. Forgot what time. And guess what. We got to the wrong hostel. It was the same branch. But just different location. Bugger ah. It was super funny. Luckily our bus was the last one behind. The first 2 buses already got down with their bags. But then we found out we were at the wrong hostel. And they had to get their bags back into the bus. Haha.

It was just our bus drivers at first with our um, advisor? Who um. Planned this trip?
She's the international lecturer thingy. I dont remember. Hahaha

Then the whole other buses joined in to find out where the heck is our hostel.

After some detour and stuff. Roads are so small!!!
We got to our hostel. But we couldn't get into our rooms yet. So we got to leave our luggage in a room. And had like 4 hours to roam Amsterdam first. We quickly looked for a place to have lunch. We were freaking hungry de. So we just got into an Italian restaurant and had pasta.

Another thing it was kinda hard to look for food. Cause Mei Ting is a Vegetarian. So. Ya. But anyway. Most of the shops were closed too. So. Ya.

Had our food. Me and Elaine walked around while Mei Ting went back. She got lost for about an hour. And a guy came and helped her out by showing her back all the way to the hostel. Thank Gawd that guy wasn't some kind of rapist or shit. So ya.

Came back. Had dinner at the hostel. And we were off to REDLIGHT DISTRICT~ Woot!

To be continued~ Cause I feel like it

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ok. There were just too many people commenting on it. So I ish too lazy to reply. But I have read all of it.


Monday, April 13, 2009

My Supernatural Experience. Again.

I will later on blog about my Euro Trip. But now. I will like to share my story on why I didn't really had a good time on it. I WAS SUPPOSED TO!! But anyway. Here it goes~

The first two nights in Amsterdam was great. I really had fun. With all those rubbish sex shops and such. We even went to some sex museum and such. *loads of pictures*
Well, after Amsterdam was to BERLIN! And the bus ride was killing me. Didn't get much sleep. But oh well. I can sleep nicely when I reach Berlin then!

We reached our hotel around um. 7 something or so? I don't remember. But I remembered I was freaking hungry at that time. When we saw our hotel, we were like. Ok...quite 'chan' from de outside la. And the whole area look like Singapore/Cheras. All the flats and stuff around. With shops downstairs. That kinda thing.

I saw the hotel, I was like, damn la. Why so the like that wan! Lolx. Anyway, we got down the bus. Everyone wanted to go have dinner de. ANd all of us were rushing to get our room keys. Thank God, we quite the kiasu, we kinda pushed our way infront and was one few who got our rooms faster than the rest.

WHen I stepped into the hotel. I had this uncomfortable feeling about me. But I just shook it off, thinking that I was just hungry, dirty and exhausted. We climbed the stairs. *We stayed on the third floor, not easy ok. Have to drag my big suitcase up* The stairs was kinda dark. And don't know why, I just didn't like it in a way.

But all I could think of was...FOOD!! Hehe. Well, anyway,

We got into our room. We had trouble getting in. Just don't know why we just can't open our freaking door. Like bloody hard to open. But somehow, we push and pull here and there. We finally got in. It was a nice change from Amsterdam. Cause Amsterdam was a hostel. And this was a HOTEL! There was hairdryer. The beds were nicer. THE TOILET TOOOOO! ANd bigger closet. Even though we dont really need it. Hahaha.

We threw our bags and got out and looked for a restaurant. We looked dead. Hahaha. Well anyway, after dinner. Came back to the room. I was the first to bathe. Don't know why. It became like our routine de. Like I bathe first after dinner. So, took my stuff and everything. And got into the shower. Before that. I had a nice shit. Hahaha.

Well, I got into the shower. Was washing myself. When I felt as if someone was watching me. Or you know. Something was there. But I thought. Aih. I always like to scare myself, so might be nothing la. But dont know why, just felt scared the whole time showering. So quickly showered and got out from the toilet fast.

Came outfrom the toilet, and it was Mei Ting's turn to shower. Don't know why she like made like damn a lot of noise with the door when she was showering. Didn't really bother la. We laughed at her. Lolx. But ya, Elaine showered and I was on my bed de.

Here is how the room plan looks like. Hehe. It was easy to do la. Hahaha. So anyway, Mei Ting fell asleep de. But me and Elaine was still awake. Cause hair still wet. But I was really sleepy de. So I just went to sleep.

And then. That bloody thing happen again.

I woke up, and couldn't really sleep. I felt weird. And I don't like the TV facing me. Even though it was quite a distance. But still. Didn't like it. So I switched on the light. My table light. And played a lil with my psp. Cause I couldn't sleep. Elaine woke up and saw me. I said I couldn't sleep. Felt hot and stuffy. She went back to sleep. So I thought. Ok. I felt a lil better knowing Elaine was sorta awake de. So. Went back to sleep. With the lights on.

But then, I woke up again. This time, I couldn't move at all. I knew it was something on me. Pushing me down. I tried calling out for Mei Ting. Reaching for Elaine. But of cause. I couldn't. I couldn't move at all and can't even shout at all. I managed to open my mouth. But nothing was coming out of it. I could see Mei Ting and Elaine. Sleeping. But it was all a lil blurry. As if something was not allowing me to see better. I could make out some kind of bulky shape in front of me. But it was all blurry.

I was praying. I was swearing at it. Asking him to get off of me.


I was still trying to reach Elaine. In the end. It looked like I was somehow push to my side. And sort of like thrown to Elaine. Then I forced myself to wake up. ANd I finally did. I was still in the same position as before. When I fell asleep. I was sweating a lil. But then somehow. I was feeling better. As if it went away. As if it has done a good job and went off feeling happy. mcb. So. I could fall asleep nicely.

The next morning. Had to go down for breakfast. Elaine was like, you know what. After I woke up and went back to sleep. I dreamt that I asked you, Why you on the light. And you replied that you saw something thats why you switched on the light.
Then she asked, so why you on the light. I just looked at her. And then she knew. I said later la. Talk about it.

And then I told her what happened. And to Mei Ting too. She just like. Never mind. Just go sleep tonight only. Don't think its anything la. But we heard from some other China girl that when she was sleeping, she saw someone sitting at the edge of her bed. She closed her eyes, and wanted to open again, but couldn't. No matter how hard she tried. She couldn't open it again. But she managed and this time there was no one there.

I was like. Ok la. Confirm there is something around the hotel. I was like. Aih. Not again. Can't get proper sleep. So I just slept a bit in the bus.

That night. I didn't really bother. But I didn't want it happen again. Cause I NEED MY SLEEP LA!!!
But I was like. Ok la. One more night only. Maybe I won't kena again. So. I fell asleep. This time I went to bed early. Thought like you know, I was tired I could just sleep till morning. Oh how wrong was I.

I woke up. Feeling super hot. I was sweating. I kicked away my blanket. But I still couldn't sleep. Elaine and Mei Ting allowed me to switch my bed light on. But I still couldn't sleep. I felt so damn hot. As if there's so many ppl in the room and made it so stuffy. I couldn't really breathe. So I just went and switched on the main light. And played with my psp. I saw the time. It was around 2 something or so. So I just put on my earphones and play. Thinking. Aih. If its disturbing me now. I'll just ignore it and just stay awake till they wake up la.

Even with my earphones on. I could hear some stuff. But just ignored it. Pretended as if nothing is going on. Then Elaine woke up. She asked me what time was it. And she saw the main light on. She knew something somehow happened la. But she just asked me what time was it. And I checked my watch. I told her it was around 3. She went back to sleep. But just few seconds later, Mei Ting woke up. She straight away looked at me and asked me what time was it. Me and Elaine kinda giggled a lil. Cause few seconds ago, Elaine asked that. So I said it was 3.

Then she was like, Amanda, off the light and go to sleep. Tomorrow have to wake up early. Just go to sleep only.

I was like, ok. So I switched off the main light, and went back to bed. I wanted to continue playing my psp. But I suddenly feel really tired. And I tried to sleep. This time, I could sleep, cause it wasn't that stuffy and hot already. And I had a good rest. But slept a lil cause had to wake up at 5 something.

Woke up in the morning, went down for breakfast. Mei Ting asked me whether I could sleep nicely. I said ya, after she told me to go to sleep. I could sleep de. Then she was like. Later I tell you all something.. Not now. In the bus. So ok.

In the bus. I was super tired. So I tried sleeping awhile while Elaine went to sit with Mei Ting so that she can listen to some stories. About an hour later. I woke up and Elaine came back. Then she told me what Mei Ting told her.

On the first day, after I showered, Mei Ting went in after me, when she was in the shower. She saw in the reflection of the shower head that there was something beside the door. Thats why she turn and move the door a bit. That's when we thought she had trouble with the door or something. Then while she was bathing. At the corner of her eye. She saw a shadow. Like sitting on the heater or something. But then, it was gone in a blink of an eye. That's when she thought. Amanda might get disturbed de.

And that is what exactly happened to me on that night. The next day when I told my story. She just kept quiet about hers. She didn't want to scare us. On that night, before she woke up to ask about the time. She had a dream. The spirit came to her. And said this.

"I won't disturb you. I will only disturb her"
"Don't try to save her, and I'm going to disturb her at 3o'clock"

Then she straight away got up after that and asked for the time. That's when she asked me to go sleep.

When Elaine told me this. I was like. hahahahahaha. Nice one la. Don't tell me later it follow me back. Argh. Now I won't be able to sleep properly de!!!! damnit. Bugger.

But I was thinking about it the whole way to Paris. Hoping that it did not follow me.
And again. Me and my stupid big mouth.

It either followed me to Paris. Or Paris was another one. Sigh*

When we arrived in Paris. It was night as well. So we quickly had dinner. Around 10 something. Close to 11. By the time we were done. It was really late de. When we got into the room. Elaine asked me if I felt anything. And I said no. I felt ok.

After all the showerin and stuff. Bwahahahha. Ok. Anyway. Ya. It was a double decker bed. I slept on top. As usual. They made me go up there. Just cause I was a cheerleader before. I had to sleep up there. And I can climb up and down easier. -.-

Anyway. They slept below was a queen size bed. So obviously both of them slept there.

I was freaking freezing up there. Cause the bloody air cond was blowing right at me. Brrrr. So I got my sweater. I was playing with my psp till the battery totally go bye bye de. So. I just called Stan to say good night and stuff. After I put the phone down. I started feeling freaking hot. I started sweating a lil. AND THE FREAKING AIR COND WAS FACING ME.

I couldn't fall asleep. Every time I was about to get into REM sleep. Hehehehehe. Rem sleep huh. Anyway. Whenever I am about to start dreaming. Something pull me out of the dream. Not letting me sleep. I was like. Fucker. Pundek. I'm fucking tired. You want to do this to me. Mch. When I opened my eyes. There was this blurry shape next to me. I just ignored it. It was there just a second or two. I was thinking. Ccb. How now la. I can't sleep here de.

So. I was super powerful. I carried everything down. And the mattress down. I put the mattress next to their bed. They were still sleeping. See the awesomeness of me. Carrying it down. And both still snoring like anything. Hahahha.

Anyway. I sat on my bed. Thinking what to do. The lights were still on. Cause I haven't slept yet. I left the lights on. So ya. I was sitting on my bed. Thinking what the fuck I should do now. Cause if I went to sleep. It will be the same fucking thing. Ugh.

Then Mei Ting woke up. She was like. Amanda. I off the light. You go to sleep la. Ok. Then I just turned to her. Oh ok.

So I just lie on my pillow. AND I COULD FREAKING SLEEP!!!!!!

And Mei Ting told me the next day. She knew I couldn't sleep. Cause she felt as if a lot of people were in the room. And when she told me to go to sleep.

A voice came to here.

"Why you so busy body"

Waaaaaaaaaah!!! Argh!!! Nice one la! Its here. With a mission to not let me sleep. Why! Why!!!!!

So. That night. They asked me to sleep in between them.

I slept early. But woke up around 3. Nice la. The whole night. I kept waking Mei Ting up. The bloody thing purposely made me super tired. SO it can nicely 'chak' me again. Bugger ah. It did for awhile. Somewhere after that. I could feel a pressure pushing my hand down. I straight away whacked Mei Ting. I sooooo pity her that night. Because for TWO WHOLE FREAKING HOURS. I CAN'T SLEEP!!!!

*now you know why last time I stay out until 4-5am something. so I wont kena this shit at home* *huhuhuhu. excuses. but its the truth!*

I was sweating like a freaking pig. Then I thought of the bright side of the sweating. Hey. I get free sauna like this. I CAN SLIM DOWN! WOOT! Hahahahhaa. Which I think I really did the next day. lolx.

So well. After 5am. I could sleep.

I told them what happened the next day. And that night. I told them. I am SOOOOO not sleeping. I'm going to wait until 5am. Then wake them up for breakfast. They were like. Don't la. Sleep only. Dont care.

Then we joked around. Eh. When it comes. Say la. Bugger. You make me can't sleep. Come. We go downstairs and yumcha and you tell me what the heck you want from me.

Damn dumb la. Haha. But I guess. That made me like. Fuck it la. If I seriously gonna get kacau again. I'm going to ask him what was his problem la. Damn fun la now. Make me tired all.

So ya. I was super pissy de la. And I was like. FUck it la. If kacau again. Kacau la. Buggerness.

But I prayed hard. And I think my family prayed too. Plus my dear friends. And Stan too. So. I think I could sleep that night. Even though I was woken up like 2-3 times. I could sleep again. Maybe cause I hide my head behind Elaine's back.

Hahahahahaha. Thank God! I could sleep better then.

Till now. I feel so much better. I could sleep better. Maybe cause Stan is with me. But oh well. I know my house is safe. So yes. I feel better.

But well. I think I really need to go back to church and get me spiritually stronger. Sigh* I'm such a weakling. No more awesomeness de. Sob*

I ish still awesomela! Who say I will say I not awesome wan! Lolx!

Pictures on me Euro trip and posts will be up later on. Hungry now!
damn lazy

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Amsterdam Summary

In Amsterdam now. I'm too lazy to update. A lil summary.

  • Hot guys
  • Cold and misty
  • Stupid road signs in another language
  • ugh
  • phone died
  • no pictures taken
  • loads of sex shop
  • cant find weed -.- weird huh
  • loads of erm. 'hot' chicks in bikini
  • loads of men - irritating ones
  • feet aching
  • casino across the street o.O
  • not much pictures to take
  • wants to buy pressies for people I love but cant
  • sob*
  • I actually miss UK

More next time. Lazy de.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Its been awhile since I've been dating. Or have been in a serious relationship. More like a year. I did date a lil. But not much. And not have been in a really serious relationship. Cause well. I've been hurt so many times till I can really just throw my heart away. It's been broken till you can't fix it.

But now. I guess I can give it another try. Another chance to my oh so broken heart.

I guess you might be the one to mend my broken heart to a full one.

Slowly. I guess I will be able to know how it feels like to not have a broken heart.

Thank you so much for being in my life. And for waiting for me to actually open my heart to you.

You still have to wait longer now to fully open my heart to you. I hope you will? >< <3

Must watch!