Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amsterdam pt 1 continued~


I'm too lazy to upload pictures here. I have it on fb. So ya.

We got to redlight district. And the first thing we saw was those girls in the shop lot kinda thing. But with see thru doors. SO they stand in front of the door. You just go up to them. And they'll open the door slightly and then discuss la. How much this and that.

The first one we went to. We were looking. Then suddenly the girl came out. Damn gross la she. She look so...ugh. She was like to Mei Ting. Come come. I give you cheap. I will do whatever you want. You want me to lick your pussy? Come come!

We were like. Wtf!! RUNNNNN!!! Lolx.

Elaine wanted to take pictures. I said better not la. SO ya. Then we got to redlight district. The street. ANd wow. Left right everywhere. You see all those shops with girls. Some super fat. Ugh. Some ok ok. ANd you see all those coffee shop thingy. And loads and loads of sex shops.

See so many till I got freaking bored of it.

We went to this peep show thingy. Elaine kept wanting to watch lesbians. But couldn't. So well. They had this booths thingy were you go in. Insert 2 euro coin. And you get to see 2 minutes live sex show. Ya.

Mei Ting and Elaine went in. I wasn't interested. Too lazy to. Ya well. They said. The guy was fucking the girl. ANd the girl look freaking bored. So like. What the hell. Hahaha.

Anyway. We went to look for the sex museum. Found it. ANd ya. You saw the pictures in Fb. So ya. We played around with the big dick. Hahaha. Sounds so oh-so-wrong. Lolx.

After that. We were tooooo hungry de. Went to look for some place to have dinner. ANd we just simply went in to a Chinese restaurant. When you're tired and hungry. You don't freaking care. I forgot what I had. Chicken rice?

Well anyway. We were so tired. We wanted to take a cab home. But instead. We sat those rick-shaw thingy. Like in London. Hahaha. Damn scary la. The guy cycle super fast. And the road so bumpy. So ya.

Got back to the hostel. I went online for awhile. There were computers in the lobby. So I went online for awhile. Was missing Stan. So. Lolx. Expensive la to call back! Hehe.

Will be continued. Again~

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