Sunday, April 29, 2007

Read this!

I got this post from an online dating website where they have blogs. I'm not the one on this site! It's my mum and auntie'ss. Ya. Hehe. My auntie was reading this and then she asked me to read it. So ya. I always experience this and It pisses me off cause I want to sleep!!!!! So, damn tired and must disturb me all. So ya. When I had it the first time I was scared. But then it went on, not that scared anymore. She's into paranormal stuff. Read her other posts. And someone commented on the post saying she experienced someone hugging her tightly or something like that. And then the blogger, she said it's actually a spirit. A possessive spirit and it goes on. Damn freaky! Anyway, to give credits to this post, her nickname is Timeless Soul. Read on!


Have you ever been woken up and feel like there is a heavy weight on you? The more that you struggle the harder it seems to get rid of whatever is on top of you. You have trouble breathing because you feel like your air is being sucked right out of you and the heavy weight on your chest is too much.

It isn't your air but your life's essence.....the magic elixir that keeps your soul and body alive. The ghost that does this appears usually as a clown or jesture. It preys mostly on children and people who are worn out physcially and cannot fight. It is a mean entity and pins you down on the bed with this heavy weight. I am not sure what force it uses but it can be thwarted.

You must remeber to keep your eyes closed because it feeds on your fear. Secondly keep moving your head back and forth so it can't fixate on your mouth.....this also cause it to lose its hold on you. Keep praying and ask your guardian angel to help banish it. Try to sit up and keep eyes shut till you can turn a light on. It is a good idea to have a super bright flashlight. Don't stop praying till you feel peacefulness in your room. Keep away from mirrors till daylight. It sometimes hides in them. Sorry.

If you can successfully banish one from your room then they don't come back. Make sure in your nightly prayers to ask for your soul and being to be protected. You know the child's bedtime I lay me down to sleep...I pray to God my soul to keep...if I die before I wake ....I pray to God my soul to take. Amen. This way your guardian angel should be standing guard over you. Also ask for its help to keep you and your family safe at night. Don't forget to give thanks in the morning light.

Everyone will experience the jesture's kiss and many will successfully be able to banish it with prayer and faith. One often wonders about crib deaths and if the jesture's kiss was really the cause. Believe it or not.....they do exist. Please do take care and be safe.


Ladida~! So ze long I 'ave not blogged! Well, there's nothing much I wanna blogged about. Practically everyday is the same to me. I wake up. Have lunch (at home), play computer. Go work. Come home, have dinner (at home), play computer. Have supper (at home). Sleep.
Yes, that is my sad life. For now! Lolx. Oh! When I don't play computer, I play the playstation or gameboy. Yes, pretty lifeless. So, there's nothing much exciting to blog about. When I'm on the computer, It's either I'm watching anime or reading manga or at this online hang out place. Yea, lifeless. We can dress our avatar's up! Wait, I go get my avatar. She's so adowable.

Cute ya? I've got more clothes and stuff to dress her up! And i took some stuff from Aaron, cause he not playing de. I took the halo thingy and the whip. HAha. Ya, ok. Lifeless.

The only "exciting" things for now is, when someone calls me out for yumcha. And most of the time is Raymond. And that. I see him almost everyday at my house! Whahaha! OK. No idea why I'm laughing. And the other exciting one is when I get to talk to that idiot. *Sigh*

My brother actually goes out more than me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? He keeps asking me..
"jie, where you going ah tonight?" and i'll be like..
"You don't have to shout, anyway, can fetch me?"

So yea, he goes out more than me. I haven't gone out for like em, 2 weeks! And counting!!!!!!! Amelyn goes out more than me too! The kesadnessan! My only teman is Kimmy. Haha. Why am I laughing. Her friends calls her out but she's LAZY to go out. No one calls me out! Hmm..maybe because I was the one who use to call people out. Apa saja la!

Anyway! I got my number back!!! Woohoo~! So the happy. And me car. It's "like" new. Yea, "like" new. They did my bumper. As in, they did my car bumper, they totally covered the sensor!!!!! ANd now! When I reverse, there is no sensor!!!!!!!!!! Never mind la, it didn't make much of a diff also. Just that there's no noise ne.

Anyway, I'm gonna go back to playing at the online thingy and read me manga. Ciaoz~!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bad Luck

Ok..I came to a conclusion. When something bad happens..few days later. I'll get something bad again. It's like, I must have it like twice in a week!
OMg! I think I need to go read some feng shui stuff and see what I'm doing wrong. Or maybe drown myself in some Holy Water? LOlx..ya, that'll work.
You see. Beginning of this year. "Someone" had an accident with MY car. Ya, it was not so bad. But was just afraid to let my dad know about it. So ya. Anyway, after I got back my car, like few days later, I got into a accident. *sigh* I've got such great luck! So damn fucking lucky!

OK. As you all know. I got robbed! Few days back. Well, just yesterday, my oh-so-lovely-lil-sister-who-I-love-oh-so-much, Kimmy, made my door hang for it's dear life. Couldn't even close it. I just love her so much for doing that. Lolx. Ya well, the car who nicely bang into my door was a bmw. That ass also, he damn farking sohai smart, he bang de. He accelerated even more, made his side mirror totally gone from his car, well, it was hanging there la. He accelerated even more and then later he freaking horn his damn car. I have no freaking idea why. A bit the late for that right? I mean, you hit someone de, and then like for a total of like 1 minute only you horn. mcb. How smart can you get.
Anyway, I called my dad to come. While waiting for my dad, that fucker he came to me and was like. He wanted to settle it and stuff cause he had to go. I just look at him. Oh. So? You wanna go you go la. I have to wait for my parents to come. He just look at me. I was like. Wtv la. Don't freaking waste my time. I was looking at my poor door. Thinking how to push it back. Calling people. *Sigh* Anyway, my dad came. Didn't want to pay him. So, he say he'll report police. I was like. Go fucking report la. Like I so damn fuckin scared.

Well. Next day. I didn't even had like enough sleep. I slept at like 6am. My dad woke me up at 11am. So damn early. Ask me to like take my car to the workshop to fix. I was like. ok. Since it's for a good cause. I'll get up. So, to try ta like make my sad sob story short. I got freaking scolded the whole day with him. Freaking lectured. Even when we went ta make the police report. I was typing it out. Like I make one mistake. He scolded me. *stress* But in all, my dad I guess he felt guilty and stuff. He was like let's go get your sim card back and like he was "trying" to talk nicely to me and stuff which is so not him. Parents can be really funny. *My mum is right behind me while I'm typing this out, hopefully she won't look this way*

The good thing that came out from all of this is that my bumper from my last accident. I won't have to pay for it. Thank God!

Well, Ya, I came to a conclusion that when one bad thing happen to me.. I'll have to expect another one the next few days. In the same exact week! *Sigh* I need to look for a feng shui master. Someone?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Double Bored

Why no one wanna go yum cha with me????? I'm so damn freaking bored!!! There should be at least one person out there who would wanna go out now right? OK.. I know I just got robbed few days back at around this time. So What?!?!?! Hehe~! I'm just so freaking bored right now. I feel so misplaced. Haha. Misplaced? Don't ask. I don't know either.

In need of him.


Omg~! I damn bored. I really want to study. But when I think about it. So no use to study. Basically, I'm screwed. So, fuck this sem. Next sem i'm gonna get A's? Lolx. Yea, maybe I should, then show it to my dad. Then maybe I can squeeze some money from him for my trip to aussie. Whaha! Ya. But first, I gotta like look out for the postman next month for my this sem results. Or I'm SO DEAD!

So, should I study or not? I guess I should, but all that manga are calling me!! No! I will not give in! Yes!

Let's see, what shall I blog? How about what happened? Like when we got freaking robbed! MY PHONE!! My lovely pictures! My messages!! And my videos!!! Videos of Raymond dancing, screaming in Genting *Superman *Ultraman *Spiderman and *Titanic (Why titanic? Don't ask). Of Chris shaking his ass. Of Zhang doing the lamest things. And also all the voice recordings of Fuzzy getting prank calls from us. *sigh* All those memorable moments. GONE! Blardy assholes. If you guys steal from me again. This time. You're so DEAD! *evil laugh* and this time I WILL take the chair and throw at you mothafuckers! Laugh at you when you fall of from your bikes. Take more chairs and throw at you. Or, I'll run to my car and ram you guys down. Or..hmm.. what else can I do?

*Argh* I actually did grab one of those assholes. He was pulling at Jac. I thought he was pulling her necklace or something. I grabbed his shirt and was like pushing him away from Jac. Why didn't I just got up and took my chair and throw at his dumbass face. I let go off him cause I saw a stick. Then i got up. I wanted to take the chair. Or run to my car to chase down those mothafuckas. But then I was thinking. If fight back. There's like 6 of em. And like, Ya. If I went in my car. What if like..a lot of things will happen? So fucking confused at that time. Didn't know which to do. *Sigh* The best I could do at that time was to just look at the freaking number plates.

Well, can't do anything now. Feeling sleepy de. I guess I shall go to bed then. or another yum cha session? Ya.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

You know when your birthday is, but how old should you really be getting married? (just put an x next to the things that apply to you)

[x] I know how to make a pot of coffee.
[ ] I keep track of dates using a calender.
[ ] I own more than one credit card.
[x] I know how to change the oil in a car.
[x] I know how to do my own laundry
[ ] I vote every election.
[x] I can cook for myself
[ ] I think politics are exciting.
[ ] I balance my checkbook.
[ ] My parents have better things to say than my friends.

Total: 4

[ ] I show up for school/college/work every day early.
[ ] I always carry a pen in my pocket/purse.
[ ] I've never gotten a detention.
[x] I have never gotten completely trashed.
[ ] I have forgotten my own birthday at least once.
[x] I like to take walks by myself.
[x] I've watched talk shows.
[x] I know what 'credibility' means without looking it up.
[x]I drink coffee at least once a week.

Total: 5

[x] I know how to do the dishes.
[x] I can count to 10 in another language.
[x] When I say I'm going to do something I do it. (unless i'm lazy? haha)
[x] My parents trust me.
[x] I can mow the lawn.
[ ] I can make adults laugh without being stupid.
[ ] I remember to water the plants.
[x] I study when I have to.
[x] I pay attention at school/college.
[x] I remember to feed my pets.

Total: 5

[x] I can spell 'experience' without looking it up
[ ] I work out on a regular basis.
[x] I clean up my own mess. (well sometimes?)
[ ] The people at Starbucks know me by name.
[ ] My favorite kind of food is takeout.
[x] I have gained weight since middle/high school.
[ ] The first thing I do when I wake up is get caffeine.
[x] I can go to the store without getting something I don't need.
[ ] I understand political jokes the first time they are said.
[x] I can type quickly.

Total: 5

[ ] I have realized that the weather forecast changes every hour.
[ ] My only friends are from my place of employment.
[ ] I have been to a tupperware party.
[ ] I have realized that no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job.
[ ] I have more bills than I can pay.
[ ] All my friends are older than I am.
[x] I can say no to staying out all night. (i can ok!)
[x] I use the internet every day.
[x] My wardrobe hasn't changed in a while.
[x] I can read a book and actually finish it.

Total: 4= 23

WHat the fuck? Haha. Eh, why all of us steal from yee hui? Lolx! omg! I have another 3 freaking years? oh no'z.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

My day

I feel so tired now. But not sure if I can fall asleep. I only slept for like 1 hour. Fell asleep around 5am. Then had to wake up to fetch my bro and sis's ta school at 6am. Cause my dad was busy. Went eat roti canai! Damn long never eat that early in the morning. Wait..I don't even get up early in the morning!

Called Mei, I know that she had an 8am class..cause I was "suppose" to have one too..But, well..ya know. Waited for her at her uni. Tried to sleep in the car. Failed. She picked me up. Went to her uni, studied while waiting for her. After her class, went mamak cause she hungry.

Then went to do my visa. I had to like get back home to get my passport. Found my mum. Unbelievable! She was awake early in the morning too! Really really rare to see my mum in the morning. Went back to Centrepoint. Did visa. Woohoo~!

Went to ac meet Yee Hui for lunch. She skipped class. Lolx. Then played one round of foos. Played a game of cs too. Omg la! Then went for the job briefing. Left early for work. Was late for work actually. Amelyn followed.

Went home for dinner. Later on, to ou for movie. Watched Stomp the Yard! It so reminds me of cheerleading for clap cheer. Lolx! Really cool. After movie, went to find stupid Ric. And guess where was he. Where else..he's second home. Oh wait! He lives there with Utada de. Ya, at blitzone. *Sigh* Pulled him, ling and shina to kayu. Met up with yee hui. Then reached home at 1:30am.

That was my day. And the whole day I was driving on an empty tank. Hehe! Didn't had the time to go get the credit card from my mum. And now. Waiting for him to finish his game. Ya.

Hehe. Just felt like it. Stupid aunty jane hogging de other comp. wanted to download manga. Ish! Wanted to burn cd's. Oh! I had my radio back! But I was so used to like not listening to it for 6 days, I keep forgetting to turn it on most of the times. Hehe. Feeling hungry! No! Can't eat. Getting fatter. Aish.

Another half an hour more. *mwah*

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Omg! It's like freaking 6am! Oh no! gotta go sleep or i'm so dead! Wah!
oh yea..hehe..I got bored with that skin. Lolx.