Sunday, April 29, 2007


Ladida~! So ze long I 'ave not blogged! Well, there's nothing much I wanna blogged about. Practically everyday is the same to me. I wake up. Have lunch (at home), play computer. Go work. Come home, have dinner (at home), play computer. Have supper (at home). Sleep.
Yes, that is my sad life. For now! Lolx. Oh! When I don't play computer, I play the playstation or gameboy. Yes, pretty lifeless. So, there's nothing much exciting to blog about. When I'm on the computer, It's either I'm watching anime or reading manga or at this online hang out place. Yea, lifeless. We can dress our avatar's up! Wait, I go get my avatar. She's so adowable.

Cute ya? I've got more clothes and stuff to dress her up! And i took some stuff from Aaron, cause he not playing de. I took the halo thingy and the whip. HAha. Ya, ok. Lifeless.

The only "exciting" things for now is, when someone calls me out for yumcha. And most of the time is Raymond. And that. I see him almost everyday at my house! Whahaha! OK. No idea why I'm laughing. And the other exciting one is when I get to talk to that idiot. *Sigh*

My brother actually goes out more than me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? He keeps asking me..
"jie, where you going ah tonight?" and i'll be like..
"You don't have to shout, anyway, can fetch me?"

So yea, he goes out more than me. I haven't gone out for like em, 2 weeks! And counting!!!!!!! Amelyn goes out more than me too! The kesadnessan! My only teman is Kimmy. Haha. Why am I laughing. Her friends calls her out but she's LAZY to go out. No one calls me out! Hmm..maybe because I was the one who use to call people out. Apa saja la!

Anyway! I got my number back!!! Woohoo~! So the happy. And me car. It's "like" new. Yea, "like" new. They did my bumper. As in, they did my car bumper, they totally covered the sensor!!!!! ANd now! When I reverse, there is no sensor!!!!!!!!!! Never mind la, it didn't make much of a diff also. Just that there's no noise ne.

Anyway, I'm gonna go back to playing at the online thingy and read me manga. Ciaoz~!

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