Thursday, April 5, 2007

My day

I feel so tired now. But not sure if I can fall asleep. I only slept for like 1 hour. Fell asleep around 5am. Then had to wake up to fetch my bro and sis's ta school at 6am. Cause my dad was busy. Went eat roti canai! Damn long never eat that early in the morning. Wait..I don't even get up early in the morning!

Called Mei, I know that she had an 8am class..cause I was "suppose" to have one too..But, well..ya know. Waited for her at her uni. Tried to sleep in the car. Failed. She picked me up. Went to her uni, studied while waiting for her. After her class, went mamak cause she hungry.

Then went to do my visa. I had to like get back home to get my passport. Found my mum. Unbelievable! She was awake early in the morning too! Really really rare to see my mum in the morning. Went back to Centrepoint. Did visa. Woohoo~!

Went to ac meet Yee Hui for lunch. She skipped class. Lolx. Then played one round of foos. Played a game of cs too. Omg la! Then went for the job briefing. Left early for work. Was late for work actually. Amelyn followed.

Went home for dinner. Later on, to ou for movie. Watched Stomp the Yard! It so reminds me of cheerleading for clap cheer. Lolx! Really cool. After movie, went to find stupid Ric. And guess where was he. Where else..he's second home. Oh wait! He lives there with Utada de. Ya, at blitzone. *Sigh* Pulled him, ling and shina to kayu. Met up with yee hui. Then reached home at 1:30am.

That was my day. And the whole day I was driving on an empty tank. Hehe! Didn't had the time to go get the credit card from my mum. And now. Waiting for him to finish his game. Ya.

Hehe. Just felt like it. Stupid aunty jane hogging de other comp. wanted to download manga. Ish! Wanted to burn cd's. Oh! I had my radio back! But I was so used to like not listening to it for 6 days, I keep forgetting to turn it on most of the times. Hehe. Feeling hungry! No! Can't eat. Getting fatter. Aish.

Another half an hour more. *mwah*

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