Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CN Blue!

CN Blue - Intuition (First Step)

Gah. They are my new favs!!! HAHA. Their songs are actually really nice. And they are not like your typical boy group. This is a BAND! Ya! A BAND!!! Haha. I sooo wanna get their CD! It's their first album! They were actually an indie rock band. And now. They are like freaking awesome! hahaha! 

There! There! Their album!! I want! I want!!!!!! Who wanna buy it for me?? Hehe. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zouk 7th Anniversary~

So ya! Found this is in the mail when Ben was asking us ta go for the party and Freak said that you can only go if you're invited. And whoppeedoo. I have it~ And it's VIP Invites as well. Bwahahahaha. Nais~
Now, the question is, should I go? hahahaha. It's on a Thursday!!! You know!! Thursday!! But there's free flow from 8.30pm till 12am. Bwahahahahaha. How how?
Should I? Oh well. I'll ask Stan. Can't decide. But it should be interesting. WHAT TO WEAR THEN!?!?!? o.O

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yes. See that! Lolx. It was on FB. So yes. Our anniversary is on the 21st of March~ It will be 2 years. Wow. 2 years.
Well. I don't know where are we going to have dinner or how we r going to celebrate. But I do know that I already bought for him his gift. And he hasn't gotten mine yet. Sob* I shall wait. ><

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Been cooking a lot! Of cus not me. Stan of cus! Haha. You think I so free want to cook ah. Lolx. But I do fry like the veggie. and I wash up most of the time. So I do help out in a way. Lolx.
Oh well. But on Sunday. I made Bak Kut Teh. >< Awesome ok! I think there's still leftovers. And I want to try another packet. This one I tried was just so-so. Haven't found one really tasty one.

I wanted to upload pictures of Daddy's birthday celeb last week. But that backside mother haven't uploaded anything on Facebook yet. -.- Stupid. Mother.

Will upload soon enough!

Oh ya. I wanted to upload pictures of all the cooking and stuff. But am too laaaazy!! Plus I don't have my card reader with me. So. No neeeeeeed~ Haha!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

Have a Blessed Birthday.


Happy Birthday Daddy!
This was his last year picture. In the office. 

K. I'm just joking. Crazy ah, this is my dad wei. Want me to write a one liner only. Anyway. Here goes. . .

Daddy. Thank you so much for everything! For working so hard to get all that money for us to survive and more. For buying us whatever we want. For giving us whatever we want. Not need. But want!

*Oh my gosh, I'm gonna cry in the office. Die! If my boss come out*

I will always appreciate it when you bought me a guitar and teach me how to play it.
I will always appreciate all those times you woke up early to fetch us to school or wherever we want to go. I totally understand it now. It's so damn tiring.
I will always appreciate you providing me a car to go to college and till now for me to go to work.
I will always appreciate you following me to go to the police station whenever there was an accident. Or coming to the "crime" scene.
I will always appreciate you giving me money whenever I don't have any.
I will always appreciate you sending me to study in UK. For sending me so much money whenever I need it.
I will always appreciate you for letting us HAVE and DO whatever we want.

But last of all and not the least,

I will always appreciate you (and mummy) for wanting to keep me and raise me up when you first heard of me.

All in all, what I'm trying to say is, Daddy, I & We love you for you being you!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I & We Love YOU!!

First Day of Gym!

Woke up this morning for Pilates class at Chi Fitness. We bought the voucher for Chi Fitness which costs like RM29 for a month. So obviously gotta make full use of it. Set my alarm to 6am and then snoozed till around 650? Got up, changed, drank some oats thingy that Stan made. Then went to Chi Fitness. But got there sharp at 730. Luckily the instructor wasn't in yet. I was late a bit cause I dropped my socks right outside my house. When we almost reached the car. I suddenly realized I wasn't holding my socks. So had to go back all the way up to freaking get me socks. Aih. 

So yes. The above image was for stretching your spine also you can feel your abs stretch too. Nice! And I'm am soooo not flexible lo. Fuck. Feel so old man. Even one of the guy was even more flexible lo. And can do it so much more better than me. Sad nyer. So yes. Shall go more often! 

Am gonna highlight the schedule for which one am going. So yes. I'll know! Haha. 

Anyway. It was really fun!


More coming soon. . .

Chi Fitness - Body & Mind Room

P.S. I weighed myself. OMG!!!

One More Month

Didn't get to go yesterday to look at cameras. Cause well. Ric told me that Canon will be coming out a new range of cameras next month. So. Ok. I'll just wait. So at least can save some more money and then can buy a better one. But he told me to get like a, er, what is the model de ah. Lemme go search. Ok. So this is one of them. This is within my budget. Sorta. And if I couldn't wait for the new ones. This is good enough for my budget!

PowerShot SX130 IS

If you want to know more about the specs and functions and stuff. You may click here! Wanted to post some sample images to show how good the cam is. But you can just view some here. Ok. Maybe I will upload one la huh.

Really nice right!! There are more pictures of cus. And this took me quite awhile to freaking upload it. The file was quite huge la.
So the next one is above my budget by like RM900! Wth. Just realize there's so much diff! HAHAHA.

PowerShot S90

So you can view the specs and stuff here. And as well as the sample images of this cam. Sigh. Oh yes! Upload one picture for you to see. 

Kimmy would like this picture. So nice right!!!! But this is like friggin 900 bucks more lo.Aih.

Too lazy to read the reviews. But I will. Soon. Enough. But. Should I wait for another month? Hmmm? How?! Aish. I don't know la. So bengang-ing. Lolx. Tell me! What should I do?!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Ok. So. My 2 year anniversary is coming up. Since last year we didn't give each other presents or even really celebrate it. So this year I bought him a watch. He has always wanted a watch. So ya~

Automatic Tonal Stitching Black Dial Watch

So X maaaan! I think this is my first time buying such an expensive gift. Ya. Should be. But oh well. He has always been buying expensive stuff for me. So its ok~
As for me. I think I wanna get a camera. I don't care if its not that personal. BUT I WANT ONE AND NEED ONE. And not only that. I mean, at least a camera, I can capture all those memories and blog it more! Lolx. So yes. I shall get a camera. Now. I'm torn between two camera. One is cheaper than the other. I don't really mind cause basically they have almost the same specs.
You know what. I'm not sure which brand to get. MCB.

Shall go to low yat today to check it out. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Got Confirmed~

Weeeeeee~ I just got confirmed~ So now I is official employee in A&D Creative. Gyahahaha.
Happy Happy~ Plus with increment too. Now I'm making waaaaaaay more than the last working place. Woot~ Woot! So, I'm going out now. Soon. After work. And have a nice dinner with the bf~

See ya!

Nice Layout?

Weeee! Just changed my blog layout! Nice? Nice?
Nice riiiiight! hahaha. Ok, Now I'm really happy with this. I actually made another blog called  Panda Speaks! you can visit that blog. It's actually filled with SNSD & Taylor Swift. Mostly SNSD. Or actually any other Korean groups. But I heart SNSD. So ya.

Anyway, I wanna write back in this blog cause well. I was actually looking for another post. A post with my watch. Wanted to show Simone how it looks like cause that picture is really clear. But I couldn't find it. But while I was looking through it. I was reading all my old posts and laugh really hard after reading all of that. And thought. It would be such a waste to not continue this AWESOME blog of mine!

There were so many memories in here that I totally don't remember. And after reading it. I just felt. ya. Such a waste. ><

So here I go again. I know you miss me right? Yea, I miss me too.

Will blog more often now. Manda Fighting! Haha.

Taylor Swift - Asia! (my February video blog)

She is just really really awesome! Damnit. Should have went for her concert. AIH!