Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Ok. So. My 2 year anniversary is coming up. Since last year we didn't give each other presents or even really celebrate it. So this year I bought him a watch. He has always wanted a watch. So ya~

Automatic Tonal Stitching Black Dial Watch

So X maaaan! I think this is my first time buying such an expensive gift. Ya. Should be. But oh well. He has always been buying expensive stuff for me. So its ok~
As for me. I think I wanna get a camera. I don't care if its not that personal. BUT I WANT ONE AND NEED ONE. And not only that. I mean, at least a camera, I can capture all those memories and blog it more! Lolx. So yes. I shall get a camera. Now. I'm torn between two camera. One is cheaper than the other. I don't really mind cause basically they have almost the same specs.
You know what. I'm not sure which brand to get. MCB.

Shall go to low yat today to check it out. Wish me luck!

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