Friday, June 27, 2008


I think I'm cursed. >.<

Watched Wanted yesterday. Nice movie. Angelina Jolie. Hot. But too skinny de. Oh well. Still hot. After movie. Ya. Had an accident. Just great. I'm so cursed. My car nothing just a scratch and a flat tire. My friend's car. Yes. I hit my friend. Well. His car. Just say I have to fork out more than 1k.

Bye bye Bangkok trip. Hello to being broke again.


Just this year had one painful accident and I still haven't paint my hood yet. 2 flat tires. Plus this one. Make it 3. And plus one more pain ass accident.

I'm so cursed. I think I shall not drive anymore. And I shall invest in a bicycle. Flat tire also cheaper.

And that blardy shit. I still don't know if I'm going aus or not. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm cursed. Blardy karma.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

So no mood to post. Overwhelmed with a lot of stuff past 2 weeks. Not good. But of cause. It's nothing much.


MY bro got suspended 1 week from school. And you know why. He got caught smoking. My parents are damn pissd. Ya well. And now. I no appetite to eat de. Feel dizzy. Hmmm.

Sorry for the one liner's ok. Oh you know what. I saw Nisa at blitz that day. Freaking weird. Hahaha. Seeing Nisa in a cyber cafe and playing C.O.D at the same time. Hahahaha.

Ok. Anyway. If you guys wanna look for me. You know where i'll be. Where I've been almost every single day. At Blitz.



Monday, June 9, 2008

I don't feel anything anymore. I is emotionless? lolx


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Keel me.

There's nothing I can do to change it. All I can do now is just be there for you. I hope at least you will look for me. Lolx.

As usual. I guess nothing seems to want to go my way. Oh well. I can't have everything. All I can do is to make the best out of whatever I have now. And fuck. Fucking emo song. As usual.

I hope the thing you've been searching for. Will come up one day.
It's fucking right in front of ya!

>.< Why am I always hurting myself? I think I actually like the pain. Why can't I just follow the song? "I don't wanna be in love". Yes. That fucking song. You know. I mean. I have to just stop it. But of cause. You can't help it. I have to fucking stop it! Seriously.
Ok. I'm gonna ramble on and on about the same thing. It's so much easier if I just. Just. Er. Oh well. I don't want to say it. >.<

I think I'm like that girl in Drillbit Taylor. Who attracts ****ed up guys. >.<>.<

Hmmm. I was actually doing quite well after that idiot. But then. No. Fuck. Just keel me la.
I feel so stuck.

First, I know what I want. What I'm gonna do. What I'm gonna feel. And all that crap. Like so damn fucking confident. But after awhile. I'll totally crumble. Woohoo~ The feeling is absolutely lovely. Really. I absolutely love it oh so much.

I can't think straight now. I'm so damn fucking tired. Plus. Of all that stupid rubbish in my head. That I can't stop thinking about. So it's gonna go on and on. Whatever comes into my head now. Just typing it all down. So I advice you to not read on? It's pretty rubbish. Whahaha.


Ah! I think I need to go back to church. Which I will be too lazy to get up super early. Fucking no discipline for nuts.