Friday, November 28, 2014

Funny how I don't blog any more. And the last post was last year January! So, how many things has happened? Well, Liz has a baby now. Her name is Alyssa! And she was born a day after my birthday. Lol. Which in a way it will be easy to remember her birthday. Haha. She is now 10 months old? Ya. And oh, Pei Wen just gave birth as well on the 16th November. All this year! Time for my turn I guess? Well, need to get married first. But Kimmy is like, just poke a hole in the condom and all good to go! Hahahaha.

And, had my trip to Korea last October. You may view my photos on Facebook. Wait. Let me see I can link it here. Here ya go! Seoul
You should be able to view it. Didn't take much though. Mostly food and selfies, just because I had a monopod. Hahaha~

Recently, just threw a surprise birthday party for my dearest boyfie, Sem. It kinda failed thanks to Wayne. As Roti puts it, "Chai, your surprise was in "Wayne"!". So true.  -_-" This Sunday, am taking him for dinner too. Hahaha. So much money I've already spent. He actually roughly calculated how much I've spent. But he actually don't know the real number. WHICH IS A LOT! I could have just bought something for him. But just that I don't know what he wants. Lol. Oh well.

So looking forward to the weekend. Thank goodness is FRIDAY! Weeeeee~ Can't wait for Christmas, year end, January! And then February when the family will be back for Grandma's birthday. And then CNY with everyone around too!! So fun! Can't wait!!! And there will be a change in my life too. Which I shall not reveal. But yes~ A change.

Can't wait! Will update soon. I solemnly promise. ><