Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bored sial

Being along is sooooooooo not good. You're like in a trap! You think about stuff and stuff. Then you get emo. Haha. Ya. I emo-ing. Been awhile since I emo. Not gonna emo till cry all la k. Hehe. But ya. The songs aint helping either. Omg la. I need to go out. But I don't know how to. And where to.. Later I get lost..worse! Now I know why Ming can actually blog so many times a day. It's so freaking boring man~!
Now I'm actually thinking twice if I wanna come here ta study. Lolx. Hey..I'm supposed to be emo-ing. Oh ya. K..*being emo*

The first day I got to adelaide..you know what i had ta do? I cleaned Zhang's room up! *sob* I have to stay here for the next 1 or 2 weeks. I'm still not done with it yet. Cause I'm too lazy too. hehe. Argh..just looking around the room also I damn lazy to do anything. But at least he don't have too many "house" rules like Pei Wen~!!!!
We can't drop hair in the house...Luckily she didnt give us wear anything on our head so that we don't drop hair. Not our fault if our hair wanna fly right. Have to stick to the wall when we shower. Can't have like one drop of water out of this line or something in her bathroom. How to! The stupid people who did the bathroom made it like that. HAha. What else ah. Oh. Can't have "explosion" in the toilet. I can't help it if i have an "explosion". I mean..if i keep it in. Lagi worse right!!!!!! It'll be a bigger "explosion". What else ah. Can't think of it now.
I pity chee yaw. He forever kena from pei wen only. Haha. But still damn funny la. Hehe.

I think I can just go on and on blogging about nonsense man. I'm so damn bored. Another 1 and a half hour only he finish work. Argh. I need air!!! Hehe. Aish. I'll just stop here before I'll start some rubbish to rant.


this sux. it sux so badly. hate it. hate it so much. bah. pissy mood. argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i feel like screaming till i lose my voice. hmm..not bad actually to do thAT. i think i'll just cry till my eyes are sore. or maybe..i dont know. BAH!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sydney - 4th & 5th day

Sooooooo lazy to post. SO anyway..I'll just cram it all into one. I'll upload the pictures tomorrow when I'm at adelaide. OK..the 4th day..Went to the Zoo. Ya k. Whatever la you all! Comment on the pictures all. Everytime I take a photo. I can actually imagine all the comments man! All the comments that I was gonna get from all of you! Blardy backsides! Expecially when I went to the chimpanzees place. I was already thinking..Confirm they'll say that's me la and someone and this and that. SHeesh.
Ya anyway. I watched the seal show and the free flight bird show. I can't believe how trained they are! Well, I sorta had fun. Hmm..actually I did. In a way. But it was soooo depressing to see the animals all caged up. And they actually look so sad. They look like they are just waiting to die. Like prisoners. Seriously. So freaking depressing. Sad. There were some of them actually like posed cause they know you're taking a picture of them. Freaking animals. Hehe.
After the zoo..went to pick my older cousin stephanie from the airport. She went ta New Zealand for a holiday. Ya.
Came home. Rest a lil. Then went for dinner at this club or something. So ya. Freaking big portion man! I think I'm really gonna be fat man. I'm sooooo gonna stop eating so much when I get back! Oh no...I can't. I want to eat all those food i miss so much. Anyway, after dinner. We went to pick Stephanie's boyfriend Ian. She said he looks like a 16 year old. Haha. He does! And he's 24 actually. Lolx. Funny.
Came back to change. Then went bar hopping! Alicia didn't follow cause she had an assignment to hand in this monday. Which is tomorrow. She has to sew a dress. And she havent started yet. She's like just cutting the material now. Watching her doing it now. HEhe. Ya. Anyway.
I had fun with Steph and her friends. Drank so many drinks. I don't remember de. We went to like...I think 5 different bars? Ya. She wanted to take me to more bars along the road and stuff. But there weren't time and everyone was really tired. Plus she just got back from NZ.
Went to this place called Harry's. Frekaing delicious hot dogs! HEhe. Yea. I feel so fat..anyway. Yea.
This morning, went to the fish market. Omg wei. Damn freaking lot of people buying stuff. So the pack. Wah! Wanna find place to seat and eat also so the susah. In the end, found a nice spot next to the sea and stuff. So ya. The weather was nice too. The salmon was so freaking awesome man! *Slurp* Wanna have more of that. HEhe.
After makan, went to the casino. I couldn't get in cause I didn't bring my passport. So, we just took some pictures outside the casino. Then later went to get ice-cream! Too lazy to actually say how good is it. BUt ya. I'm getting fat. Crap. But I can still fit in my jeans! Hehe.
Now, I'm back here. I have been online for like 2 hours plus. Was suppose to rest. But...don't know. I guess i shall? Ya..k

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sydney - 3rd Day

I had my nasi lemak!!!!!! At last! After so long....all those days of waiting for my nasi lemak. And I had it today! So very the happy! My uncle came to wake me up. Wanted to sleep some more but then my uncle told me we were gonna have nasi lemak and it closes early. I quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Haha. That showed how desperate I am for nasi lemak. Don't care. Once I get back. We go eat nasi lemak! Loads and loads of nasi lemak. And nasi kandar at kayu. And also duck rice. and also BKT!!!! And also...omg..I want to eat sooo many things! *Sob
After eating..walked around Darling Harbour. Then drove to chinatown to this place called Market city. There were so many shops. I just stared and I wanted to turn around cause i felt sooooo lazy to walk around and buy stuff. Then I thought of all of you back in kl. Waiting for my pressies. Then I just motivated myself back in. Haha. But in the end. I bought tops for myself! Whahahaha. Ya, I'm mean. K la..I might give it to you all. But I mean, you all only 2% wert. Hehe.

Now..I'm waiting for my cousin to get back from her uni. Then I think I'm having dinner out or here. Then we're going clubbing! I think I've been like drinking almost everyday. Die la. When I get back to kl. Don't make me go club ok. Or drink. OK? Hahaha.. *As if*
My aunty keeps giving me fruits to eat! Then my cousin giving me potato chips. Omg. I have so many things to eat. I'm having strawberries and kiwi now. And my uncle just gave me oranges. *sigh..I'm gonna get fat.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sydney - 2nd Day

Omg..i feel so lazy to blog...ok..I'm just gonna summarise everything!

The night of my first day,
- opera house
- darling harbour
- and somewhere else i forgotten the name
- went to have Mcd's cause hungry at night...as usual.

The second day in Sydney my uncle and aunty took me to

- 3 different beaches which I totally forgotten the names of the beaches..I only remembered one which is Bondi Beach. There were people swimming and surfing.

- Went to a mall which I forgotten the name too. Haha. Then my uncle took us to his friends shop and we had free sushi! It was delicious. They gave us so much for just 3 of us. Couldn't finish it. Shopped a lil. I only bought one thing out of the big mall. HAha. ya.

- Met up with alicia in the city to have dinner with her and her friends Ervan and Michael. Before meeting the guys up..I shopped some more. This time i bought a lot of tees. Gosh. Hopefully there's space in my bag. Went to this place called Seabay for dinner. Nothing yummy about that place only for the dumplings.

- After dinner, went to alicia's salsa class. One, because I felt a lil uncomfortable to be with alicia's friends without her. Second, wanna see the guy she fancies who is actually her partner too. Don't like his nose though. And he's just so full of himself. Don't know la.

- Stayed there for 2 hours. Was reading a book. So not so bored. After that, went to a salsa club. I wish I knew how to dance salsa. It looks so fun.

- After the club went to this place called pancake house. Was a sad thing I didnt take any pictures. Such a waste. The pancakes were good even though I do not like pancakes. Those were good!

That was my day.

Pictures :

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sydney - 1st Day

The last day in Melbourne we went to the victoria market. Bought some stuff there then didn't want to walk around too much or I would have overspent buying for people. SO far, I only bought 2 tops for myself. Hehe.

After walking went to have breakfast. She was telling us how freaking delicious the hot dog is. Pointing it out to us when we see people eating it. But instead she brought us somewhere else to eat. Dumb ass! Make me wanna eat it and stuff then she bring us somewhere else. Stupid pig. Hehe

We were late to the airport!!!!!!! Haha. Ming called Pei Wen and told her she was coming. I wanted to say bye to her and stuff but i was freaking late. I got into the cab. The cab was moving when I saw stupid ming walking so slow. Haha but the cab like went off de so didnt get to hug her and stuff. Stupid Ming...walk so slow.

Zhang's flight was at 12pm. Mine was at 1215pm. I missed my flight but Zhang didn't. Lazy to explain! Hehe. So ya..I missed it but he didn't. Stupid..

Anyway, arrived in Sydney around 3pm. My uncle and my cousin, alicia picked me up. Me and my cousin chatted the whole time. When we reached their place..continued chatting till dinner time. They brought me to this place called Lone Star for steak and stuff. It was ok. Forgotten to take pictures. But whatever. After dinner, alicia's friend picked us up. Went to a salsa club! The atmosphere was so fun and free like! Hehe. I watched Alicia danced. She's really good for like a sorta beginner. Haha. And two guys asked me to dance. I was like..er..I dont know how to. Haha.

I felt sort of bad for like saying no. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO! Got home around 12am. Freaking early for me!! If I was back in KL..I'll still be out! *sobs But anyway..I was feeling tired.

Slept around 2 something. Woke up at 9am!!!! Felt soooo tired. Had breakfast. Then left for Blue Mountains. It was like a 2 hour drive. I fell asleep the whole way there and back. Haha. Obviously I woke up when we got there. Had lunch there. The portion all are so freaking big! I feel so fat now. I think I am. Look at my face! Fatness!!! HEhe. Yea well..we took pictures. There was the rock called 3 Sisters. I asked why then my uncle told me a story about it. I'm too lazy to tell it. But anyway..the 3 Sisters rock thingy can be me, amelyn and kimmy. There was another smaller rock next to eat..so that will be Kelly. Hahaha. I know..I'm lame.

Then my uncle asked if I want to walk to the rock. I was like..ok..nothing to it. Walking there was fine despite the freaking steps were so f**king steep!!!!! Took more pictures. Then when we got back...it was soooooooooo f**king tiring wei! Walking up the steps can die man! I felt so weak! Hahaha. But yea..it felt like I don't have to go to the gym for a month after that workout. Lolx.

Went to the Sydney Olympic Park..or something like that. Took pictures. I slept the whole way back again. Felt really tired. Got back. And here I am. Typing this out. Waiting for Alicia to get home from her classes. She'll be home by around 10 something. Another 3 hours. I think I'll watch some dvds. She has like a whole collection of dance movies thingy like you got served and stuff like that. Gonna go to Pancake House or something like that. Ya, when she gets back. I'm gonna be fat man!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My time in Melbourne

On Friday, we went to Boxhill for lunch/dinner. Woke up late cause of the stupid Mahjong. Yea well, Pei Wen brought us to this Bubble Tea pearl drink thingy place to have our dinner. Love the drink! After that, came home, slept a lil more. Then got ready for clubbing.
We got there a lil late. It was me, zhang, wen, chee yaw, chris and 2 of pei wen's friend, Ashley and Imelda. We all had to cramp into one car. It was crazy. Me and ash had to like get down if we pass any police.
Met Adeline outside the club. Hehe ya. It wasn't that pack. I guess it was kinda early. Had tequila shots. Then zhang got me another shot, which was bacardi 151. Oh my gosh. It sucks so bad! But after that shot i was kinda tipsy. Had to get out for some fresh air. Haha.
Had like more drinks after that. I didn't puke after the whole thing! But wen was tipsy after her bacardi 151. Damn funny.
Went to Hungry Jacks bought some food. Then went back ta eat. Didn't had a good night rest. Kept waking up. Cause of Chris again. He came out to get some water. Woke up at 9 something in the morning. Zhang woke up too cause of him. So I sorta forced Zhang to go for breakfast. Took damn long to get him to go. In the end we left at 11 something. We walked around looking for a place to eat.
After our breakfast, he went back ta sleep, and I went out with wen, chee yaw, ashley, imelda and her boyrfriend kk and ming came after that. Went ta eat at this place called Soda Rock. Damn cool place! It's like something out of Grease. Freaking cool. Had burgers and milkshakes.
We walked around a bit..I wasn't in the mood for shopping. Ya.
Came back, played mahjong some more. I slept a bit. Went for dinner at this place. Had char kuey teow. I know..go aussie and i eat that. Lolx.
Went to the casino after dinner! *Omg..I feel so freaking lazy to type everything out!* We chilled at this place called Greco. Had this super delicious mars cheesecake..omg..thinking about it makes me want to have it right now. We ate while waited for the fireshow to start. It was really hot which was good of cuz! cause it was so damn cold!!!!!!!
Went in to gamble...well, I lost at first then itchy fingers i took out money then i started winning! Haha. But not much. So ya. Gonna buy stuff with that!

This afternoon, went to the beach. It was chee yaw's first time at the beach. We ate at this place called Soul Mama, some vegetarian restaurant. It was good but i shouldn't have gotten like a lot of gravy stuff. Got so gelified with it. After food went to take pictures at the beach. Chee Yaw was acting like some professional photographer. We were like at this rocky place kinda thing..like a small cliff kinda thing..he was taking pictures of pw and ash. He was moving back, back, back and almost fell into the water! Freaking funny. So into taking pictures he almost fell in. Lolx. Wanted to stay a lil longer but it was really cold and the wind was so damn strong.

Came home for dinner, Zhang went out to have dinner with his friend. Pei Wen cooked her quiche, ash did mushroom soup and chee yaw made tuna pasta. All so freaking good! We chilled awhile. Waited for Zhang to get back. Then we went to the strip club. Haha. It was me, zhang, pw, cy and imelda. You'll think that the guys would want a dance. But me, pw and imelda shared a dance with this really hot girl from Brazil. Omg! She's damn hot lo. OK..won't wanna say too much. Ask me when you see me k. Hehe.

Well, now..just uploading pictures, it's taking forever to upload the pics into facebook. Pei Wen is sleeping now, she has uni tomorrow and it's my last day tomorrow. Sad. Ok, when i have the time I'll upload it here..if not just go to facebook.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Clubbing @ Seven

First time saw Pei Wen so tipsy. Haha. Damn funny! Ya, she slept on my bed. Then Chee Yaw had to like "carry" her back to her room. Stupid woman. There's something wrong with facebook! Don't know why! Trying to upload it now. Will post more pictures!

Friday, July 20, 2007


At Pei Wen's place now. Freaking cold man. When get in the car. I start to sweat. Damn irritating. Have to take off and on my jacket.
Arrived yesterday. Had to wait for Pei Wen to get me. Stupid girl take so long. I had to wait out in the cold for like damn long. I did go in..but scared if i get in she dont know where the heck i am.
After she picked me up we went to have kebab. Was damn hungry la. We took like damn long to get there cause she took wrong turning then she forgotten how to go. The kebab place is like one small stall. Damn cute.
I was like talking non-stop in the car cause for the past 2 days, after leaving Singapore..I had no one to talk to. So was like damn happy at last there's someone to talk to. HEhe.
Now we're waiting for Pei Wen's friend Ash, to finish work. Around 10 something, gonna go club! HEhe. In a way can't wait. But damn lazy to go club. =p
I feel like sleeping now. Stupid Chris came back. So damn noisy walk here and there. Couldn't get back to sleep. Slept late cause stupid pw wanna play mahjong. Zhang keeps winning. Dumb ass. So slept late. Chris came back around 8/9 something in the morning, then woke me up. Backside. So freaking noisy. Oh wait. I already complained about that.
Still so long more to go then can get out again. I want nasi lemak wei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This craving is so freaking bad man. Trying not to think about other food back in kl. Or not the craving's will get worse. Bah! Hopefully get to eat nasi lemak one of these days. Or I'll die man.
Kla..I'll put up pictures tomorrow or something. Didn't take any pictures today. Or when i was in Perth too.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Dying of boredom now..Im all alone in the house. Stayed over at my dad's friend's place. His wife and him are out at work. And I'm all alone. Should have continued sleeping. sad sad.
There's nothing to watch on the TV. Internet connection super slow. More like the comp is super slow. Sad sad.
I come online also there's no one to talk! Sad. I wish its already 3 something de. argh. another 20 minutes to 2. Maybe I should go take a nap. Should I?
Played games until sien de. Now i think I'm getting a flu. Stupid Yee Hui..make everyone sick. All your fault!!!

I think I shall go take a nap la. Sienz..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Just arrived in Singapore. Oh..Lizzie fell in the bus. The guy was pushing his chair down..then liz was crossing behind him to get to her seat. She hit his chair and fell. Hahahahaha. Can't believe she's so dumb..as usual..nothing new.

I got stopped at the customs there. Because my dear mother of mine put a freaking bottle of red wine. Had to pay for tax. Luckily she gave me money. Or if it was mine. I would have killed her!!! Hehehe.

We going to eat Katong Laksa!!!!!! Freaking Hungry man. And there's something wrong with liz laptop. There's like lines on her screen. And her room is freaking hot..I can die! Just bath and already starting to sweat.

My stupid bag so f**king heavy~!!!!!! My neck was getting better..but now it's getting worse! Pain!!! Waiting for Liz to change now. So damn freaking long wei she change. I don't know how many tops she dug out of her closet and threw back in. Oh my gosh! I thought she settled with that spaghetti strap now she just took it off and putting on a tube? Ya, a tube. Now she's looking into ze mirror. Don't know what she's putting on. Oh my gosh! I'm gonna starve and die here reporting. Haha. K she's done!

Katong Laksa here we come!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Miss me?

WHat will you all do when I'm not here huh? HEhe..perasan sial. ONe month only mah..

Hmmm..I know you all will miss me..hehe. *Sigh I feel so love..

Tomorrow night we go out k! But i have no idea to go where..please don't make me decide..Hehe

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Can't always get what I want.
I still want it though.
But..why now. Why not later?
Then I can have my fun now.

F**k it!


Stupid midnight cravings shit..i need to eat now. But everyone don't want to follow. The person who will always follow me aint here. Sad!

Aish! Hungry sia!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Kimmy & Mei's Birthday!

We did a surprise party for them! Kimmy was surprised..she wanted to seat cause she was "overwhelmed"..hehe.
Mei wasn't that surprised..thanks to LEE TUNG!!@#!@$!@#$! All his stupid fault! Everything was going super well but all because of him..she suspected. Dumb backside!
Feel kinda lazy to upload the pics. Go to the link below to view the pics alright?


Monday, July 2, 2007

Don't kacau!

Oh..and Yee hui doesn't liked to be kacau'd when she's horny..
So Wai Ming, you know what to do la..when she's horny..don't touch her..just run!

edit: Choon leong suggested...don't run..just stand by and watch..

Meiosis & Mitosis = Eyes

Was studying my bio and chatting with mei, est, yee hui, wai ming and choon leong in one chat room. Yee hui was trying to help me by asking me what's metaphase..so here goes the chat..

.:: y 3 e . h u 1 ::. yeehui-w.blogspot.com updated says:
haha bored

.:: y 3 e . h u 1 ::. yeehui-w.blogspot.com updated says:

where are they

Choon Leong says:

doing hw

.:: y 3 e . h u 1 ::. yeehui-w.blogspot.com updated says:

sai hei la cl

MåŃĐą *LZYS says:
i studyin

MåŃĐą *LZYS says:
got excuse

.:: y 3 e . h u 1 ::. yeehui-w.blogspot.com updated says:
tell me abt the meta phase

MåŃĐą *LZYS says:
fuck metaphase la..

MåŃĐą *LZYS says:

.:: y 3 e . h u 1 ::. yeehui-w.blogspot.com updated says:

.:: y 3 e . h u 1 ::. yeehui-w.blogspot.com updated says:
im trying to help u

.:: y 3 e . h u 1 ::. yeehui-w.blogspot.com updated says:

MåŃĐą *LZYS says:
i just need to know the diff btwn mitosis and meiosis

MåŃĐą *LZYS says:
thats the essay

MåŃĐą *LZYS says:

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:

its easy

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
we learnt about that for the damn eye care thing

MåŃĐą *LZYS says:

.:: y 3 e . h u 1 ::. yeehui-w.blogspot.com updated says:
why would u learn abt mitosis and meiosis for that damn eye care thing

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
the job

.:: y 3 e . h u 1 ::. yeehui-w.blogspot.com updated says:
what has it gotta do with eyes lo

MåŃĐą *LZYS says:
what has that gotta do with eyes?

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
owh shyte i thought it was the other one!!!

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
what is it????

MåŃĐą *LZYS says:
ah...mei..you do know what the heck is meiosis and mitosis right

MåŃĐą *LZYS says:

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
-.-" i just forgot

I didn't know mitosis and meiosis has anything to with eyes..lolx! Go learn bio la mei!

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Tomorrow..at 2 pm..or probably 1 something might get out early..not gonna stay so long in there..what's the freaking point! Yea..at that time..I'm officially free!!!! till august 19th that is.

Can't wait..another 24hrs to go. Feel so f*cking far away man. Nevermind..can wait. Crap! I'm supposed to be getting ready to go out. Hahaha. HUngry!