Sunday, March 30, 2008

Today. A fucking busy day. I would so love to blog about it. But I'm super tired now to really type it all out. I wanted to do it. But it's freaking 5am now. And I'm suppose to get up at 8am. Following Ric to paintball. Gonna watch Adrian and co. play. Ya. So. Maybe tomorrow?

Hehe. Night~

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More assignments!

Wah! So the geram~ *sniff* *sniff* I lost my memory card adapter thingy. Now I can't get the pictures off my phone! *sob*
Not only that. I can't do my assignment! I have to record my freaking voice. Thought of using my phone. Cause my mum's mic is not working properly. Now I can't do my assignment. That's for not doing it earlier! Great. My last minute work!!!!! But thanks to Mei. I got a topic to talk about! >.< Or I don't think I would even bother doing it de. Hehe.
My aunty is fixing the mic to see if can work or not. Aish. Or I can't do my work!!!! Oh yes. My assignment. I have to record my voice and pretend to be like a dj on a radio. And we have to choose some topic to talk about. *sigh* I so do not like this type of work. I rather write essays! Which reminds me. Omfg. I haven't done my other assignment yet. Ok. I'm dead. How the heck am I going to aus without doing any of my work.
I'm so lecturing myself. -.-
I shall rely on my exams then. So. Study harder. *sob*

I feel super tired. But thanks to Yee Hui for sending me this blog and I laughed my ass off reading it. And some other stuff I saw in some other blog. Which is freaking funny. But I don't want to post it here. It ain't nice~

Yay! Aunty Jane somehow did something. The mic ain't working. But I have to record through web cam. ^.^

Off to do my work. But I want to wait till they go up ta sleep first. I don't want to record while they are here. Freaking embarrassing. Not only that. So I can do what I always do since I haven't had it for the whole day. Oh wait I did. When I went ta work. Hehe. Aish. I don't know why they still here. Faster go sleep~! They say they sleepy all. Aish.

Oh. Why the mic ain't working properly cause my mum just got a new cpu!!! Freaking awesome specs. Well. It's good enough to play games!!!!!! And my mum want all that awesomeness. . .
for her mahjong.

Babi. But my mum let us have only one game in there. And guess what my brother is going to put!

is evil. Then when my mum's old cpu is fixed. We gonna have dota in it too. And then we can play de!!!! Whahahaha! 3 computers! Dota!

*tears in eyes* I can't wait!

K. Better not think about it. I feel like playing one round now. No. Must not. >.<

Alright. I better get on with my assignment. My mum and aunty Jane went up de. On with my freaking shitty assignment!

Then BS!!! Whahaha. No. Sleep. Yes. Sleep. Oh wait. My other freaking essay assignment. Shitz. Ok. Stop crapping. Wish me luck!


Monday, March 24, 2008


Was supposed to do my assignment. But then. Something made me super no mood to do it. So, I did some other rubbish. Which I now truly deeply regret. In a way. I didn't dota! If that's what you were thinking. Hehe. omg. As usual. It's fucking late. And I'm not in my nice comfy bed. And tomorrow or later. I gotta fetch my sisters here and there. Thanks to my sister who I love oh so much. I don't think my car is worth anything now. Haha. I'm talking about the wira!

I was super happy earlier on. But. Like I said. Something made me no mood de. Aish. I really wanted to blog about something. But. As usual. I don't remember.

I wanna go do manicure. Black~

I wanna change my blogskin.
I wanna customize my own blogskin.
I wanna kill ric. Don't know. Just feel like it.
I wanna go sleep now.
I want a laptop.
I wanna watch anime and read manga.
I wanna stop *youknowwhat*
I wanna eat nasi lemak.
I wanna drink soya bean!
I wanna finish my damned assignments.
I wanna go aussie de.

I wanna be with him.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Oooh. Neeed to go peeeeeee. Ok. Fast update.

Kimmy just got into an accident. Poor wira of mine. Anyway. Damn bad till had to tow it. Sadness. My dad damn pissd off about it. My mum was like "advising" me to not take the car out or my dad will murder us if anything happen to the crv. Luckily we don't have to pay for the damage. It was the other party's fault. So ya.

Next. Um. Went out yum cha with Kevin. Soooooooooo long no see him de. The last time saw him was at my party. Ya. Ya. Mmmmmm.

Played mahjong today at Julia's house. Lost. But Yeen spend us. The after mahjong session of yum char~ So. Ya. i no money now. Have to go diving in couches now. Hehe.

Peeeeeee! Oh ya. Which reminds me. haha. Kevin said. "Why do you always have to announce to the whole world that you need to pee?" I don't know. I just need to pee. So. Ya.

Go ~ it has been updated. ladida~

Need to diet. I ish fat. I stayed home most of today. >.< dota =" Evil.">.<

Ok ok. Need to pee~ Bwai bwais~

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Feeling awfully sleepy. Just got back from clubbing! Went Velvet with Julia and her bunch of friends. They are models. Yes. I felt super short. I know I'm short. But I felt even shorter with all of them around. Seriously.
So long never club de. I drank quite a lot. For me. Was like damn tipsy de. They kept making Julia drink. She drank damn a lot de. Then they ordered two more bottles. Damn omg. But I had to stop drinking cause I was driving.
I got to dance~! Hehe. Damn long no dance de. Well. Danced a lil. In a way. We had to queue to just get in. Freaking long lo. But I don't think it was as long when I was in Sydney. That was crazy. Anyway. I had fun! >.<

I stayed home the whole day! Damn sien. So I deserved that clubbing! Hehe. *sniff* *sniff* but now..have to really start studying de. And shit. Assignments. Such shitty stuff! Ish.

I should go sleepy sleep now. But so lazy. But damn tired. But lazy to walk up. But I have to. Body aching de.

oooh! It's 5:55am. Sleepy sleep time~

After can't get up again. I die. Hope I got car tomorrow. Or who wants to take me out tomorrow afternoon? ^.^

See yaz~

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rambled on and on

-__-' What is wrong with everyone!!!!!!!!!

Why am I suddenly some blog-post-banging-material? HUh!!!!!! Hehe. You know you love me~

Babiness lo you all. Aish. I just hope now that dungu "boyfriend" ric, don't go posting anything about me. Ladida~ Anyway. You don't really read my blog right ric? Hehe.

Owh shitz. It's 4:44am. Diededness. I was supposed to go home after lunch and sleep. But instead. Went out to makan with Lee Tung and Mei. Ya. I just had lunch. I'm getting fat. . .
Ok. . .I'm fat de!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sob*

It's all idiot's fault. "boyfriend" ' s fault! And also.. now. Lee tung's fault!!!!!! -.-'
Why you all trying to make me fat. Ok. I'm going nuts now. Lack of sleep. And instead of studying or doing my damned assignments. I was dotaing~

Dota = Evil

Ric. When you wanna go C.O.D!!! Hehe. I wanna play. Ladida~

Assignments. Exam. Assignments. Exam. So the diededness. Oh noes! Emo song playing. *click* change song~ emo song. *click* change song again~ -.-' another emo song. *click* *click* *click* *click* -.-'
Am I that emo? *slap* *slap*

Oh! Which reminds me. I did a *slap* *slap* while I was dotaing. Cause I did a. . . er. . .something stupid la k. I forgot what was it. But I think you can ask Wai Hong. Nevermind. It's all over and done with.

I'm super sleepy. I just feel like complaining and whining. No likey. Go~ Go~ Shoo~ *waves hand*
It's so fun to crap crap. I think I should change my url back to my original url which was.
You can't find it nemore. Cause it's gone. *kaboosh* Is it kaboosh anyway? Ya. Anyway. I wanted to put myshits or something. But I think someone else used it de. The kesadnessan of it. Aish.

I took cab today!!!! Amelyn dropped me off at college. Owh. She freaking took like 1 hr just to get home. Cause she got lost. The kedumbnessan of her. Aish aish. Took cab to look for Mei for lunch. And was supposed to get home to sleep after that. But. Wait. I think I wrote this line before. *scrolls up* Oh no! I did. *backspace*

There is something wrong with me. Ya I think so too. -.- There is something really wrong with me. I just can't stop the typing! Maybe because I haven't been typing much? I'm going crazy~ Woot!

I think you can stop reading this post. I mean. It's pointless. I'm just rambling on and on about... Nothing! Woohoo~

Ok. It's now 4:56am. Woohoo~ This rocks~ But then. . .you know you guys still love meh~
*mwah* *mwah*

Edit: I think it's cause I miss him. >.<

I miss you. . .

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I feel. . . . . . . . . . so. . . . . . . . . .i don't know.

This sucks. This sucks. It sucks. So bad bad badly. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh.

So. . . . . . so . . . . . . pissing off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

what to do

I sorta just did my blog. As you can see..below my chatbox. I put a lil thingy "posts". Those are some posts which I like? Or something la. So ya. >.<
It's easier for me to look for it when I want to read it again.

Been so long since I listened to this song. Good Charlotte-Don't Wanna be in Love~. Listening to it now. Was sorta reading back all of my posts. It's not much. Ya. Feel so weird in a way actually. It's the same as reading back all my old diaries since I was 12. Freaking funny la. I stopped writing in my diary de tho. I still want to start back. But just too lazy to do it. I mean. It's sorta easier just to write here. But. I don't know. My hand just don't feel like writing. Hehe.

Gotta study de. Aish. Laziness. Hehe. Oh yea. As you can see. I memang decided to go Adelaide long time before I met that idiot ok. So ya. The reason for me going there is not cause of him. Or maybe. But I memang decided long time de. Hehe. Proof of adelaide. Haha. I'm so lame -.-


I feel like killing you. Cause I miss you. Hehe. And again. I don't want to go to bed cause of that. It's worse when I'm in my bed. You'll start thinking. And ya. Aish. Fucking hate it. Hate it so much. I just want to be with you again. Hugging me. I miss your hugs. I miss you holding my hand. I miss everything of you. *sigh*

This sucks so badly.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Assignment is crazy. Super crazy. Gonna cry and die.

Sorry for all the liners only. Too tired. Night~

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Anyone wants me to go out with them. Has to fetch me. >.<
You know why.. DON'T ASK!


Friday, March 7, 2008


Ok. I re-read my previous post. I was wondering why you guys so sniffy about it. And well. I don't know if you guys were being sarcastic or not la. Lolx. But well. I got all sniffy too. Shouldn't have read it. Now I'm in emo mode de.
Supposed to be uploading my car accident pictures. I know. Yes. Another accident. I'll do it tomorrow or something. Just too emo now.

Oh well. To my bed now. Pillow's gonna get wet.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Long post of Two months

This will be the post of what happened for the last two months. There are like other stuff too. Just that I'm too lazy to remember and stuff. Enjoy~

No idea what date. . .

@ Poppy. Kena raid for the first time in me life! His too. Lolx. Fuzzy's piss was all over Zhang's IC. Freaking funny.

22nd January 2008 - My Birthday~

Stupid fella. Don't know where the heck is he looking at~

As usual. Puking at the drain. *sigh*

My birthday present from him. The pendant. The chain from erm . . . correct me if I'm wrong, from Julia, Mei, Mei Yee, Yee Hui, Wai Ming and Wai Hong.

Just like this picture >.<

5th February 2008 - Zhang's Birthday

@ Luna Bar. Celebrate with Joanne too. She wanted an early celebration cause she'll be in Adelaide~ Earlier on celebrated Zhang's birthday with his family. Had buffet dinner at . . . omg. I forgotten what is the hotel's name.

14th February 2007 - Valentines Day

@Rakuzen. Had a er. . . quadruple date? Lolx. Ate quite a lot?

Guys (L to R) - Zhang, Raymond, Wai Ming, Wai Hong.
Girls (L to R) - Me, Amelyn, Yee Hui, Julia

A clearer picture

My Valentines gift! Cute ya. No idea what to name it yet. It look so dodo. Anyway, his name is Cupido~ My gift to him is the shirt he wore for Valentines Day.

No idea what date~

It was one of Julia's famous drinking sessions. He didn't drink. Just didn't sleep de whole day. I just find it funny.

He used the curtain as his mosquito net.

1st March 2008

Went ta eat at this Korean place at Taman Desa. Super yummy. But we ordered too much~ Just one of our makan sprees~

2nd of March 2008

@ Sakae Sushi. With Ric and Kellie

3rd March 2008

In my car. ( I drive a Honda CRV)

On the way to Yee Hui's house

Don't know what was going on behind there.

Purpose for this night was to go Petaling Street. Eat Hokkien mee~

*Yee Hui's picture will be included later~ Watch out for the edit*

4th March 2008 - Le Meridien Hotel

White Chocolate!

Chocolate~ yumz! Had a lot of these!

Zhang's creation?

Eating chocolate marshie-mellow

Zhang's having the chocolate brownie with white chocolate~ Oh. That girl is his sister Xuan.

*blur* but still like it

One of the movie outings~

One of the times I get to look a lil bit taller?
Picture blur cause of Yee Hui~



Ok. Emo time~ Hehe. It's not much but. Oh well. Here goes.
I'm happy for all the times we shared. Lolx. Sorry to take up all your time. Didn't mean to. Or maybe not? Hehe. It made you and me sort of irritated with each other. But these two months with you, are one of the best and happy moments of my life. I wish it was longer. But we'll see in future? Hehe. I'm gonna miss watching anime with you. I'm gonna miss you of all the late snooker/tar kei/mamak sessions. Just the two of us. I'm gonna miss all your rubbish/random shit of yours. And also your lame idiotic babiness shit of yours. Teaching me how to play arch mage. All those chimney sessions at your balcony. Hehe. Anyway.
For two whole months, I've been trying to tell you something, which I didn't or couldn't actually find the right moment to tell you. I actually wanted to tell you at the airport. But oh well. You know. Ok fine. What I wanted to say was. . .

I love you

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One of the saddest day of me life? ya. *sniff* *sniff*