Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rambled on and on

-__-' What is wrong with everyone!!!!!!!!!

Why am I suddenly some blog-post-banging-material? HUh!!!!!! Hehe. You know you love me~

Babiness lo you all. Aish. I just hope now that dungu "boyfriend" ric, don't go posting anything about me. Ladida~ Anyway. You don't really read my blog right ric? Hehe.

Owh shitz. It's 4:44am. Diededness. I was supposed to go home after lunch and sleep. But instead. Went out to makan with Lee Tung and Mei. Ya. I just had lunch. I'm getting fat. . .
Ok. . .I'm fat de!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sob*

It's all idiot's fault. "boyfriend" ' s fault! And also.. now. Lee tung's fault!!!!!! -.-'
Why you all trying to make me fat. Ok. I'm going nuts now. Lack of sleep. And instead of studying or doing my damned assignments. I was dotaing~

Dota = Evil

Ric. When you wanna go C.O.D!!! Hehe. I wanna play. Ladida~

Assignments. Exam. Assignments. Exam. So the diededness. Oh noes! Emo song playing. *click* change song~ emo song. *click* change song again~ -.-' another emo song. *click* *click* *click* *click* -.-'
Am I that emo? *slap* *slap*

Oh! Which reminds me. I did a *slap* *slap* while I was dotaing. Cause I did a. . . er. . .something stupid la k. I forgot what was it. But I think you can ask Wai Hong. Nevermind. It's all over and done with.

I'm super sleepy. I just feel like complaining and whining. No likey. Go~ Go~ Shoo~ *waves hand*
It's so fun to crap crap. I think I should change my url back to my original url which was.
You can't find it nemore. Cause it's gone. *kaboosh* Is it kaboosh anyway? Ya. Anyway. I wanted to put myshits or something. But I think someone else used it de. The kesadnessan of it. Aish.

I took cab today!!!! Amelyn dropped me off at college. Owh. She freaking took like 1 hr just to get home. Cause she got lost. The kedumbnessan of her. Aish aish. Took cab to look for Mei for lunch. And was supposed to get home to sleep after that. But. Wait. I think I wrote this line before. *scrolls up* Oh no! I did. *backspace*

There is something wrong with me. Ya I think so too. -.- There is something really wrong with me. I just can't stop the typing! Maybe because I haven't been typing much? I'm going crazy~ Woot!

I think you can stop reading this post. I mean. It's pointless. I'm just rambling on and on about... Nothing! Woohoo~

Ok. It's now 4:56am. Woohoo~ This rocks~ But then. . .you know you guys still love meh~
*mwah* *mwah*

Edit: I think it's cause I miss him. >.<

I miss you. . .

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