Thursday, March 20, 2008


Feeling awfully sleepy. Just got back from clubbing! Went Velvet with Julia and her bunch of friends. They are models. Yes. I felt super short. I know I'm short. But I felt even shorter with all of them around. Seriously.
So long never club de. I drank quite a lot. For me. Was like damn tipsy de. They kept making Julia drink. She drank damn a lot de. Then they ordered two more bottles. Damn omg. But I had to stop drinking cause I was driving.
I got to dance~! Hehe. Damn long no dance de. Well. Danced a lil. In a way. We had to queue to just get in. Freaking long lo. But I don't think it was as long when I was in Sydney. That was crazy. Anyway. I had fun! >.<

I stayed home the whole day! Damn sien. So I deserved that clubbing! Hehe. *sniff* *sniff* but now..have to really start studying de. And shit. Assignments. Such shitty stuff! Ish.

I should go sleepy sleep now. But so lazy. But damn tired. But lazy to walk up. But I have to. Body aching de.

oooh! It's 5:55am. Sleepy sleep time~

After can't get up again. I die. Hope I got car tomorrow. Or who wants to take me out tomorrow afternoon? ^.^

See yaz~

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