Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More assignments!

Wah! So the geram~ *sniff* *sniff* I lost my memory card adapter thingy. Now I can't get the pictures off my phone! *sob*
Not only that. I can't do my assignment! I have to record my freaking voice. Thought of using my phone. Cause my mum's mic is not working properly. Now I can't do my assignment. That's for not doing it earlier! Great. My last minute work!!!!! But thanks to Mei. I got a topic to talk about! >.< Or I don't think I would even bother doing it de. Hehe.
My aunty is fixing the mic to see if can work or not. Aish. Or I can't do my work!!!! Oh yes. My assignment. I have to record my voice and pretend to be like a dj on a radio. And we have to choose some topic to talk about. *sigh* I so do not like this type of work. I rather write essays! Which reminds me. Omfg. I haven't done my other assignment yet. Ok. I'm dead. How the heck am I going to aus without doing any of my work.
I'm so lecturing myself. -.-
I shall rely on my exams then. So. Study harder. *sob*

I feel super tired. But thanks to Yee Hui for sending me this blog and I laughed my ass off reading it. And some other stuff I saw in some other blog. Which is freaking funny. But I don't want to post it here. It ain't nice~

Yay! Aunty Jane somehow did something. The mic ain't working. But I have to record through web cam. ^.^

Off to do my work. But I want to wait till they go up ta sleep first. I don't want to record while they are here. Freaking embarrassing. Not only that. So I can do what I always do since I haven't had it for the whole day. Oh wait I did. When I went ta work. Hehe. Aish. I don't know why they still here. Faster go sleep~! They say they sleepy all. Aish.

Oh. Why the mic ain't working properly cause my mum just got a new cpu!!! Freaking awesome specs. Well. It's good enough to play games!!!!!! And my mum want all that awesomeness. . .
for her mahjong.

Babi. But my mum let us have only one game in there. And guess what my brother is going to put!

is evil. Then when my mum's old cpu is fixed. We gonna have dota in it too. And then we can play de!!!! Whahahaha! 3 computers! Dota!

*tears in eyes* I can't wait!

K. Better not think about it. I feel like playing one round now. No. Must not. >.<

Alright. I better get on with my assignment. My mum and aunty Jane went up de. On with my freaking shitty assignment!

Then BS!!! Whahaha. No. Sleep. Yes. Sleep. Oh wait. My other freaking essay assignment. Shitz. Ok. Stop crapping. Wish me luck!


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