Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Amelyn, Kelly. Coach.

Happy Birthday Amelyn and Kellyann~

Belated birthday to Amelyn and it's Kelly's Birthday today!

Went to celebrate Amelyn's 21st Birthday at Vintry on Sunday night. The bill came up to RM1xxx!
o.O I pity my father now. Lolx! It was nice. And we had Baskin Robbin cake. Yum! Ice Cream cake~ All of us couldn't move de. Too freakin full after the dinner. Another fat me.

And for Kelly's Birthday. We're heading to Chillies! It's been awhile since I last ate there.

And oh. My birthday. No plans. Lalalala~ Just going out with my boyfriend. I can't wait to see what he planned. And most importantly. MY BIRTHDAY GIFT!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee~!

Ladida~ Oh ya. I forgot to post my Christmas gift from me bf tooooo. Wait. Lemme go look for the picture online. So I don't have to take a picture. Hahaha.

Weeeeeee~ Me Coachie baggie~ Hahaha

Ya I know. Black. I like black k. Bluek~! Ook. Need ta sleeep. Mwah*