Monday, June 20, 2016

Krabi, Thailand - Day 1

Day 1 - 16 June 2016

YES! A freaking holiday~ Even though I just got back from Korea like 2 months ago. I will always want to travel, ALL THE TIME. How I wish I could have billions of dollars and just travel the world. Such an awesome experience. So anyhoo.

Woke up at 8am. (I don't even wake up at this time for work! =P) And got to the airport by 9-ish. Had McD's breakfast as usual. And off to the plane~ It was a pleasant flight despite the annoying guys behind me and the girl who was sitting directly behind me. I thought it was a huge guy right behind me, cause "he" kept hitting into my back. And found out later, it was a girl my height. Like shit, are you that freakin huge for you to keep hitting into my back. -__-"

Anyway, before take off! Super excited! 

Flight was about 1 and a half hour? And finally arrived at Krabi International Airport. It was a very small airport with a very small duty free corner. Lol. Still better than nothing. But didn't buy anything. We planned to only drink CHANG BEER! Out at the Arrival Hall. Found our driver. Sadly, did not take a picture with him holding a board with my name on it. Lol. 

But! We did take a picture with him and also with the van. And oh boy. THE VAN! It was like a party van! Haha. 

 Our Driver~

Person no know how to take a wefie. HAHA.

The ride from the airport to the hotel was about 30-40 minutes. When we reached Ao Nang, and saw the sea. We got overly excited. Hahaha. And here we are at our Hotel called Apple A Day

Our Room number with a tree with an Apple that you can choose to the DND sign or clean up room.

The view from our room. It's pool access! 

Why the pool is Red is cause of the apple which represents the hotel name! Well, half an Apple. Lol. I've included the link if you are interested in this hotel. It is very accessible to both beaches in Ao Nang. Ao Phra Nang and Ao Nang Beach. It's only about 10 minutes walk to each beaches. 

Aaaaaand, we also got the Scooters for our ride! I didn't really walk to the beach or anywhere else. We just scoot all over Ao Nang. It was seriously fun! I never sat on my own before and driving one as well. It was my very first time. And it was so FUN! Will never do it in KL of cause. But here, it's awesome, with the cool beach wind in your hair. Sigh. Wishing am back there now. Lol.

My cute scooter! Really wanted a pink one. T_T

Well, we were superbly hungry, scooted to Ao Nang Beach area where the row of restaurants and shops were at. We just went along the way trying to look for a place where all 7 bikes can park like nearby to each other and since we were all sorta beginners, We needed a huge space. Lol. So, we actually stopped at a place discussing where we should go. I turned and noticed a restaurant. Which so happened just opened for it's dinner time. Too hungry and bothered, we just went in and ordered.

The food was really good! It was on Tripadvisor and it was an awesome start to our holiday. The Restaurant is called D&E Jungle Kitchen and it was superbly cheap and yummy! Was not disappointed at all. The food was fast, most probably cause we were the first ones to be here and the people there was really nice and friendly!

Went around asking for the tour trips for island hopping. In the end, we went back to our hotel, and they had this table for all the tours they can arrange for us. It was easier and more convenient for us to just arrange with the hotel. Prices were the same as the streets. And so, arranged for Phi Phi Island Hopping on the second day and also the Hong Islands for the day after.

We arranged to meet again at the lobby, to relax and freshen up before heading out again. Chai, Kitteh and I just jumped into the pool before showering. It was hard to resist that temptation. Lol. 
By the time we were done, it was around 7-8 something in the evening. Decided to buy some drinks and head to the beach with our scooters,

Annnnnnd we had our own lil beach party! 

And later on, we continued in our rooms for more drinks. To bed early for an early morning! 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Funny how I don't blog any more. And the last post was last year January! So, how many things has happened? Well, Liz has a baby now. Her name is Alyssa! And she was born a day after my birthday. Lol. Which in a way it will be easy to remember her birthday. Haha. She is now 10 months old? Ya. And oh, Pei Wen just gave birth as well on the 16th November. All this year! Time for my turn I guess? Well, need to get married first. But Kimmy is like, just poke a hole in the condom and all good to go! Hahahaha.

And, had my trip to Korea last October. You may view my photos on Facebook. Wait. Let me see I can link it here. Here ya go! Seoul
You should be able to view it. Didn't take much though. Mostly food and selfies, just because I had a monopod. Hahaha~

Recently, just threw a surprise birthday party for my dearest boyfie, Sem. It kinda failed thanks to Wayne. As Roti puts it, "Chai, your surprise was in "Wayne"!". So true.  -_-" This Sunday, am taking him for dinner too. Hahaha. So much money I've already spent. He actually roughly calculated how much I've spent. But he actually don't know the real number. WHICH IS A LOT! I could have just bought something for him. But just that I don't know what he wants. Lol. Oh well.

So looking forward to the weekend. Thank goodness is FRIDAY! Weeeeee~ Can't wait for Christmas, year end, January! And then February when the family will be back for Grandma's birthday. And then CNY with everyone around too!! So fun! Can't wait!!! And there will be a change in my life too. Which I shall not reveal. But yes~ A change.

Can't wait! Will update soon. I solemnly promise. ><

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Wow. I just realized I have not updated since last year July. Oh well. So many things has happened since then.
To summarize everything. I got a new boyfriend. The total highlight. LOL!
Oh well. Thats about it. HAHA.
Well no one reads my blog anyways. So who cares! And who blogs anymore? Unless it really relates to something. Like a bias or what not. That's all. Other than that. I don't think anyone blogs anymore on topics about themselves? I don't know? Lol.
Oh well. Shall start it again? I really want to record everything that has happened in my life.
It's nice to read back on all these later on.
So yes. Shall do it later.
Oh I'm still stuck in the same company. Thinking of leaving. But not sure yet. Oh well. Lala~
Will update on other stuff. Let me just finish my shit first. ><
See you soon~

Monday, July 23, 2012

To lose 8kg by Sept!

Been wanting to update more. But as usual. Same excuse over and over again. I've no time to do so.
Well ok. Here goes.

Stephanie's wedding in KL will be in Sept. And we are supposed to help out. Which reminds me, I need to send her a message to ask what I can do to help.
So anyway, yea, her wedding will be in Sept. And I just bought the dress already. Which is one size smaller. Sob* I know right. Cus mummy was like, you better make sure you lose weight so you can fit in it! Lol. Because seriously. That dress, will look so much better if I was slim. If not. I look like some lumpy shit.
Which I obviously do not want to look like a lumpy shit. ><

So here goes my Day 1 of attempting to diet. It was a bit of a hell over the weekend since I had to attend TWO weddings in two nights. In a row. Saturday and Sunday. And obviously I couldn't really start my diet cause of that. And on Sunday, Eric took me out for lunch with Kitteh and Don. We went to Ikea, and obviously I couldn't resist getting meatballs! I mean, who goes to Ikea and DON'T get their meatballs. Like seriously.
But yes, I actually ordered some chicken breast shit with vege and pasta. Mind you, I HATE CHICKEN BREAST. But I have to put up with it cause of this "losing weight" shit. So yes, I didn't really eat the pasta. Finished the veggies~ And the chicken breast. I ate like 3/4 and gave up. Told Eric he can have the rest of it. CAUSE I DO NOT LIKE CHICKEN BREAST!! And ate two meatballs with four fries. >< I'm sooo going to fail this right?

Mental note, need to be more motivated and to not look down on this by hating chicken breast and any other food and calling this dieting "losing weight" shit. Uh huh.

I really need the motivation, and hopefully my friends will stop tempting in eating and stuff. I ALMOST ordered Maggie soup yesterday night. THE FREAKING SMELL WAS SO TEMPTING! Still don't like you Eric for eating that in front of me! lol. But I did take a sip of his soup. JUST ONE SIP! So it doesn't really count right? Hahaha.

So yes, probably you will see me updating more cause of me trying to lose weight. WHICH I WILL! I need to look hot in that dress. You know. I'm afraid that I talk so much about losing weight now. And I won't be able to do it once the time comes and will remain fat and...ok not ugly. But fat. Sigh*


Friday, March 30, 2012

Quick March Update!

It has been a happy month for me. Well sort of. Besides the fact that I had to OT like 3 days in a row. And also going home late almost every night! Oh well. But there were loads of happy stuff to end my month.
One was my 3rd year Anniversary with that idiotic noob. Lol.
Another was that I had news that I MIGHT get promoted. MIGHT! But oh well. I hope so. Really hope so. =P

And the best one of all.


That was my happiest of all. I even cried. Lol.

Oh yes. Pictures. But I'll just post a bit of Tiffany's. And these pictures were not taken by me of cause. The whole time at the concert. I was tip toeing. EVEN THOUGH I WAS IN THE GOLDEN FANZONE!! Which was the nearest of all. Right in front of the stage!! Lol. And also there was this guy right in front of me holding up his IPAD!!! To video. Wth right. I'm already soooo short and he had to do that.
But Stan did carry me up like twice so I had this really awesome view of them. Omg. Freaking goddesses!! ><
Many thanks to Brian and Mildred for the tickets! Wouldn't have had this awesome and memorable time/experience if it's weren't for them! ><

Well. Nuff said. Here are some pictures of them! 
Or more like just Tiffany. Lol. 

My favourite picture!

 This too! 

Will upload more when I has time. Lol~

Credit : as tagged on pictures.

Monday, March 19, 2012

1, 2 Update~

Been so out of me blog world. Gah! What can I say. I don't have much to blog about. Or I'm just toooo lazy to blog like every single thing. Or more like super busy with work.
Ya. Think its the last one. Lol~

Yes. Work. Sigh. So much to do. A lot of things has been going at work. Which I can't blog about. Meet me and I will spill everything out. ><

Just went for a short holiday to Penang! With Chucky (Raymond Pui), Wayne, JoEl, Susu (Meng Soon), & Zach. Super fun! All we did was eat, sleep and um. Play? Haha! Lame. Yes. I know. But that's what we really did~

I would so love to upload some pictures. But. Gosh. I'm so freaking lazy. Going to try out this Google+ thing. But it's still signing in on my iphone. See if it works. Then I can easily upload my pictures straight from phone to here! Super easy then~
But for now. It is slowly uploading all the photos from my phone on to Google+. Weeee.
So I shall update the next time around.

See ya'll~

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tomorrow is The Day!

Wow. Tomorrow, or more like in another 11 hours. Is Pei Wen's big day. Yes. She will be committing herself for the rest of her life to the guy she has chosen as her life partner.
Can't believe it. I mean, I still remember the days in high school where we were predicting who is gonna get married first. Everyone said it would be Esther. Haha. But oh well. In the end, pei Wen is the one who is taking that big step first.
But well. Esther is going to get married in November. Lolx! So. Not much diff also la.

Well Pei Wen. I predict that I am soooo gonna cry buckets of tears tomorrow. One, is cause I'm a cry baby. I cry at almost everything and anything. Haha. Two, is cause, well, I'm so happy for you! ><

And omg. I've got two snorers left and right. Die la. How to sleep now!!!

Earphones!!! Rawr~

P.S. Sorry! This was the only picture I have of you. Lol.

Monday, August 22, 2011

19 more days!

19 more days till Melbourne! Weeeeee~ Can't wait! Now I need to plan, plan, plan!! There's soooo many things to do. But am on a tight budget. Hopefully I can do almost everything. HAHA! As if. But oh well.

I wanna go explore the Great Ocean Road. And to Phillip Island. And Ballarat!

What else? Hmm. And of course. FOOOOOD~ Gonna come back so bloody fat. Gosh!

Yes. Am counting down till that day! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pink Laptop~

I finally bought my laptop! And it's pink too!! There, just poster the picture below~

Ain't it awesome! I love it! But I need to wash my mouspad. It's really dirty. And plus my gaming mouse isn't good for gaming anymore. If i move it too fast. Then it'll run away. Sigh* So annoying. So wasted. It's so hard to find a gaming mouse which is Pink in colour!! Argh~ Let me see if I can find. It's been awhile since I look for these kind of stuff. Maybe I shall invest in a Pink headphones now. HAHA.

Too bad my camera isn't pink too. But my new mp3 player is pink! Lolx. It came together. Bought it at the Maybank fair thing. you buy the laptop and the mp3 player, you get a camera for free. I'm like. Wtf. BUY! lolx.

So if anyone know of any other pink gaming peripherals. Let me know k! Hehe.

Anyway. It's late. See you tomorrow~

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ranting is good for the Soul!

Weeeeeeee! I don't know why I weeee~ But weeeeeeeee~

So. I've been shopping a lot. Till Kimmy wants to kill meeeee. HAHA. I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!!!!!
I hope I don't turn into a shopaholic. Bwahaha. Hope not!
Just went for the Chic Pop Street Market last Saturday. Was there from 12pm till 5pm. Crazy I tell you! I think I lost at least 2 kg from sweating! Haha!
Anyway. I bought like 4 tops I think. And also a necklace and shoes!! I don't know how much I spend. But I owe my sisters. Hehe~

An update. My cousins! Joel and Josiah. Left for UK awhile back. They migrated there and I've been really sad since they left. The house is too quiet. I actually miss Josiah's nonsense too. Haha. And Kendrick has no one to play with. He's been following Amelyn around. Lolx.
It was so funny this one incident.

Amelyn: Chelsie! Chelsie! Come sit on my lap. Come! Come! 
(If you didn't know, Chelsie is Amelyn's poodle.)
*Chelsie looks up and looked away*
*Kendrick walks up to Amelyn and said*
Kendrick: Nevermind la Amelyn. I sit with you then.

And he just sat on Amelyn's lap. HAHAHA. So damn freaking cute. I can't stand it. And he keeps calling Stan "Bie" "Bie" just cause I call Stan that. He'll be like, "Bie, how to play this ah" "Bie, you want to eat this?"
And he will feed Stan too. Lolx.
So cute. He's only 3!

I miss him! Want to go see him later. Since I'll be having dinner at my house. Weeeeeee~

Anyway, Pei Wen's hen party will be happening this Saturday! Yes. If you have not heard. SHE's GETTING MARRIED THIS SEPTEMBER!!! Which I will be attending her wedding in Melbourne this Sept. Also for her Malaysian one in November. So many dresses I need to buy. -.-"

So yes. I'm supposed to be saving for Australia. But I CAN'T!! I can't!! It's so haaard.

Ok. I think I've been ranting on and on. With nonsense. But I don't think it's nonsense. Gyahaha. Wtv~