Friday, March 30, 2012

Quick March Update!

It has been a happy month for me. Well sort of. Besides the fact that I had to OT like 3 days in a row. And also going home late almost every night! Oh well. But there were loads of happy stuff to end my month.
One was my 3rd year Anniversary with that idiotic noob. Lol.
Another was that I had news that I MIGHT get promoted. MIGHT! But oh well. I hope so. Really hope so. =P

And the best one of all.


That was my happiest of all. I even cried. Lol.

Oh yes. Pictures. But I'll just post a bit of Tiffany's. And these pictures were not taken by me of cause. The whole time at the concert. I was tip toeing. EVEN THOUGH I WAS IN THE GOLDEN FANZONE!! Which was the nearest of all. Right in front of the stage!! Lol. And also there was this guy right in front of me holding up his IPAD!!! To video. Wth right. I'm already soooo short and he had to do that.
But Stan did carry me up like twice so I had this really awesome view of them. Omg. Freaking goddesses!! ><
Many thanks to Brian and Mildred for the tickets! Wouldn't have had this awesome and memorable time/experience if it's weren't for them! ><

Well. Nuff said. Here are some pictures of them! 
Or more like just Tiffany. Lol. 

My favourite picture!

 This too! 

Will upload more when I has time. Lol~

Credit : as tagged on pictures.

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