Thursday, August 30, 2007



Happy Birthday idiot brother of mine. Hehe. Gonna go Shogun at ou for his birthday. My mum was the one who suggested. He didn't even say anything about it. So gonna go eat sushi!! Hehe.

What the heck am I gonna do after that. Julia! Faster plan la. Or not I have to follow Raymond all and celebrate in the cc. Hehe. I don't mind actually. Can play dota! So long de never play. aish. But I wanna dance and drink. Hehe.

Hmm..nothing much to blog about. And mingming! No point pestering me ok! If come also maybe next wait la k. Haha. *mwah

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I totally forgot what I wanted to blog de. Wanted to blog like an hour ago..but then suddenly so many people to talk to on msn. So..was busy. Hehe.

*sniff *sniff..I miss ric. Hehe. Stupid fella. Ever since I came back.. haven't meet up with him. Babiness. Haha. Listening to songs on the comp. I put it on shuffle..Haha. Then Glamorous came on. See ric! Whenever the song Glamorous comes on. I'll miss you. Haha. Kimmy too. When we were in the car this evening. This song came on the radio. Then we were like. "I miss Ric". Both of us ok! Same time some more! Not lying! Ask your kawan la.

Feel like drinking coke now..aish. super hungry now. Go make food first. *back*
HEhe. I want coke!!!!!! I wanna go McD's!!!!! Coke..coke..I want coke..hehe.

Help me!

Edited: Hehe. Sorry. Forgotten to wish here. Hehe. Sorry! I cheng you makan ok? Hehe


Don't kill me k. At least I still wish. Hehe.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Turn BAck time..

Went to the doctor's this morning. I used to like going to see my doctor. She's really nice. And all. I went to see her this morning. She aged. Haha. She looks older de. Duh lah. All of us liked going to her. Why? HEhe. She has this Big red Apple container where she has this extremely tasty vitamins. Ya. HAha. Don't know why. All of us damn like it. Haha. When Josiah or Joel goes to her. They always bring back the vitamin in tissue paper for us. Each of us get one. Lolx.
I REALLY wanted to ask her this morning. To give me one and also for each of them back home. But I guess I chicken'd out. Freaking 20 years old asking for vitamins. Hehe. I'm actually craving for it!

Slept the whole day and missed my classes. Didn't realize it. When I woke up. It was freaking 5! Aish. Sadness. Put alarm clock also so no point. Saw my phone. There was like about 10 miss calls and 4 sms. Hehe. Can't believe I didn't even wake up after all that.

Went ta ou cause Amelyn wanted to buy a pressie for Raymond. His birthday this Wed. Which reminds me.. my brother's birthday this Thursday. Around 9 watched movie with Amelyn, Raymond, Tung, Mei, Est and Jac. Watched Ratatouille. Good movie. The rat was like super cute. ONE rat. Not one whole bunch of 'em. Even though it was a cartoon, I couldn't stand seeing one whole colony of it! Freaking gelifying! After movie. Went kayu. Ryan came too. Then Adrian, Fai and Jeffrey came too.

I just realized something. I've been to Kayu for freaking straight freaking 5 days! 2 days of it, I went there for lunch and dinner. One of it, went for dinner and supper. Damn. I think they really should have like a special place reserved for me. Lolx.

OH damn. It's 4 am de. But I don't feel sleepy at all wei. Need to turn back time. Damn..

Monday, August 27, 2007

An addition to the Hiew's

My small cute naughty cheeky lil cousin brother of mine. Who I think you all know. Definitely. Hehe. Josiah Sua Yik Han, wants to be adopted by my dad. Haha. He keeps saying that he wants to be a Hiew. Lolx.
He told us that he dreamed that he and my dad went up to heaven and to some secret place to talk about it. Then when he came down..he became Josiah Hiew. Hahaha.
Last Christmas, we always have this tradition to like take pictures with the tree before presents are given out to be unwrapped. First, we'll take a solo picture then a family picture. Like the Lim's first and so on. So when it was our turn..the Hiew's. Josiah came and sat with us. We were like. Josiah, you're not a Hiew also! He replied, I am. I stay in this house. I'm a Hiew also.
*Sigh* Oh..and he's only 9!
I think now..he's really trying to get my dad to adopt him. Haha. So darn cute. Stupid boy!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

One Year Old!

My blog is one year old! Haha. Ya..lame..k. fine.

I just realized I really have a lot of white hair! *sob* I only had like 1 or 2 last its like freaking fucking uncountable de. Who was the idiot who keep pulling it out for me de? Zhang right? You idiot la. And whoever who did it also which I can't recall right now. Fuck la. I'm getting old. Haha. Stupid white hair.

I don't know when will I get the chance to actually drive the freaking crv. So pissy. First, they gave the reason..My dad need the car to go outstation. So better not drive. Later something happen. Then my dad no car. Fine, my dad got back de. Then I asked my dad..can drive or not. Then he said no. Cause the gear damn hard to change. I need to practice first and some crap. Then when I get the hang of it. I can drive. So fine. I didn't bother. Then that day, I asked my dad, follow me with the car and teach me the stupid gear. Then he gave the reason, the insurance havent settle yet. So better not drive. Bah! There was another reason I can't drive it, I can't drive at night only day time. When it was a freaking afternoon when I was home. Noo..I can't drive it still. Mahai. I damn geram de. I feel like kicking the damn car. Haha. plans again tonight. Sadness. me out! Hehe.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

At Curve

My mum went to the Curve for lunch with my aunties all. And see what they did. I swear... my aunties can be really.....ya..well..


Yay! Got plans! Dinner with SC. After dinner. Tung and Jon picking me up for pool at AC. Meeting up with Jac there. Probably do something else too? *sigh..but it doesn't sound that eventful now does it. Hehe. Oh well..better than nothing! Tataz!

Mei's Spinster Life

Ok..I took this post from Julia. Cause I wasn't in the chat room. And also, Julia made her blog private, so not many people will get to read it. So, here it is or the world to see. Hehe. *Mwah*

est says:
eh i put mei as most likely to die a virgin
est says:
in superlatives
est says:
est says:
must vote

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
eh damn mean!

est says:
u say u spinsterma

j u l i a s. says:
j u l i a s. says:
damn funny

est says:
so u not planing to be spinster edi?

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
doesnt meant spinster cannot have sex k!

est says:

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
shyte i cant believe i said that

est says:
est says:
so oklo
est says:
u planing to have sex in spinsterhood

j u l i a s. says:

It's someone's birthday!

Hmmm..I've been quite a good girl these days. Haha. I've been coming home early. Hmmm. Ya, I very good girl de. At least my mum haven't complain about me yet. So I'm being a good girl. I guess. HEhe.

Sieeeeeenesssssssss. There's nothing to do everyday! I think I'm gonna follow Yeen, play dota. Haha. Everyday. Shites. Someone seriously have to save me! Haha. oh yes. Now I remember why I wanna blog. Not because stupid mingming say I've not been updating. But ya.


Hmmm..known this woman since form 1. That makes like..freaking seven years! Omg..I just realized it. Hehe. She always pull me follow her go dating. Every single time..last time in high school la. Always jadi freaking lamp post. Always have to follow her shopping, do her hair. Everysinglething! Hehe. Oh! And the way she sits in school. And at the field. When finish or during cheer practice. *Sigh. I'm so bad with expressing myself. I can't find the right things to say. Lolx. All I can say is...that I'm happy to have her as one of my best friends. I can't live without you babe! *mwah*

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

*I don’t wanna be in love, I don’t wanna be in love*

Hmmm..I'm getting boring. That's what Mei said. Cause I'm too lazy to go out? So..If I go out more..I'm not boring de? Hehe.
But I so the lazy to go out. Why go out. When I have almost everything at home. ALMOST everything. I have books to read. I have the ps2 to play with. A computer to go rooms! Haha. I have my comfy bed. Ya. Almost everything. Hehe. And I don't have to STICK to the WALL when I shower. *sorry wen!* Hehe.
So..Ya. But seriously..I can't stand being home the whole day and not go out. It feels weird. Why? I don't know. It just feels weird.

Don't know why I'm so into that song now. Maybe because of the lyrics.

*I don’t wanna be in love, I don’t wanna be in love*

Ya. I guess so. Oh..but I like the starting of the song too. Hehe. But I guess mostly is because of the lyrics. Yea. But..Oh well. *teehee.

*Sigh. I should get some sleep now. Have to wake up for breakfast with Lee Tung. Omg la. Have to get up at 7am. Just because he wants to eat the breakfast meal. And I have to go with him. Then I'll be having lunch with Ryan. Hmmm..Who shall be my dinner date then? Haha. Anyone? Kzz..I shall go to bed now. Mmhmm. Ya. Nitey nitez!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dedicated to Ming Ming

Haha! Wanna make you envy me even more! Lolx. Nah..just wanna fill in the stupid title bar.

This semester taking 2 subs only. One is Graphic Design 1 and the other one is Moral Studies. Aish. 2 class on Monday, 1 class on Wed and Thurs. Tues and Fri damn free. But actually, almost everyday except Mon will be like damn free. Sienness! Aish.

Need to look for more peeps to go out with me. Hehe. Never mind. Don't want to go out. Stay home. Play pc. Play ps2. Sleep. Eat. *sigh. how?

Need to look for more excitement. Hehe. Hor Julia? Hehe

Seriously...someone save me!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Seafood & Dessert the lazy to actually blogged what i did yesterday..just go to Mei's blog..oh and Julia's too. If you can. Hehe. Anyway, I'll just post two pics which I like. Hehe.

Thai BbQ at Ampang

The Apartment at Curve

I like this spoons picture. Hehe, Ya, I was amused. You can actually see your reflection! So clear! Lolx. K, I shall not say anything else on this. Hehe.

*Being like*
Hand got cut... Skin came out. So pulled it off. HAha. Sounds so..nice? Hehe.

Oh..Yee Hui told us that she likes pain. It gives her pleasure. I don't want to know what is it like when she and ming in the bedroom.

There were so many things I wanted to blog. But as usual..I don't remember. I have such great memory. Seriously.

Someone please save me from this boredom.....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Want a Guy...

I got this from Liz's sister. Saw it in her friendster. Found it in their laptop. Hehe. Well, all those are just too good to be true...I mean, I do get some of it. But anyway, what I really want is the last two lines. That's all I'm asking for. I thought I had it...I guess still have. I mean, I'm not exactly broken hearted or something. I mean, a lil hurt. I guess. I don't know. I mean...haha never mind. But oh well..we'll future..what will happen. Hehe.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another "Bored" post

Where is Liz..where's my neoooooooo!!!!! I waited so long de. All alone here. Bored like fuck. I realized I'm always feeling bored. Hmm..why is it?? Is it because I'm a boring person then I can easily bore myself too?!?!?! Then what about..what other people think of me?!?! They get bored too?!?!!?! Nooooooooo! Is it? Someone tell me? Am I a boring person? Do I bore you that easily? I guess I do? Is that why no one reads my blog? Wait..there are people who reads right? Anyway, I don't think I want loads of people reading my blog. Ya. But wait...
Am I boring? I'm not right? I all miss me..and can't wait to hang out with me. So, that shows I'm not right? Am I right? I'm just freaking making myself feel better. What to do..I'm so damn bored now. That I'm talking so much crap.
See!! Again! It's because I'm feeling bored! Do I really make myself bored? I bore myself that easy? Aish. Here we go again..and it comes back to the same thing again. Cause I'm bored. I think like 50% or more, that I blog about being bored. So that shows..I'm really a boring person? Nooooooooo! Can't be.
*I'm making up stupid conclusions*

I just remembered something. What I wanted to write in here. About my dear stupid messy neo. One thing I don't exactly like Liz is because of her messiness. I don't know. She dresses messily. I don't know..the whole thing about her...the first thing I see..she's such a mess. Not that I'm very tidy or anything. But, anyway, not that I don't like. I just see her as a mess. But then, she has this collage of pictures in her to her laptop. She has all kinds of pictures, school life, her baby pics, her family, work, her boyfriend. The way she puts it altogether. It's so messy. But a nice mess. I guess, her messiness is good for one thing. Her creativity. This collage thing is like some freaking art or something.

Ok..I'm crapping again. I wish I have my cam with me now. So that I can snap one. And to why I don't have my cam. I left it in zhang's jacket. Ya, It's in Adelaide now. And my whole family is going to freaking kill me...diededness...

Trouble eating out..

I'm alone in Singapore now. But I don't feel so lonely when I'm at Perth. Oh, maybe because I'm just waiting for that idiot to finish uni. Not sure if I should go out and have lunch...alone..alone..ALONE! I never really ate out alone before. I mean...sometimes I do eat out alone...but very the seldom. And now...I don't feel like eating alone. So..I don't know. Can someone come eat with me. Feel damn hungry.
Another thing why I don't want to go eat alone is because..I can't order! I mean..I'm a banana. Ok! So, how am I suppose to order?!?!?!?!??! Ok...maybe I can just *point *point to what I want. Sad la! But when they tell me how much is it. o.O huh? I'll be so freaking blur!!!!
Sad..ya i know. Actually, I think..pathetic kua. Hehe..How How? I can't even go out to eat. This proves I can't live in Singapore..or maybe I just can't live here alone. Hehe. I only can live in places where they speak English. Ya. I won't feel so lost then. I think I'll just stick to living in Malaysia la. All my beloved food are there. And some more my car. Hehe.
*Note..not because of my family and friends. Hehe. Definitely cause of my family and friends too. Aish. I actually want to get back now. I want my nasi lemak!!!!!! My baby!! Hehe..
I guess I shall just go out by myself now. My tummy is growling like anything. *Shut up zhang* Hehe.
See yaz..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sick Sick

Can't wait to get home now! Oh! I fed a kangaroo! A few actually. And pigs..and a donkey. more...i forgotten de. Haha. I saw a joey in the kangaroo's pouch. Damn cute!!! Haha.
Ya, I went to a wildlife park today at Perth. The place was really nice. Was suppose to go somewhere after that. But I kept falling asleep.
So, got home. And i rest for like 3 hours? When I woke up, was feeling chilly and was sweating at the same time. Then I knew it de. I'm sick!!! So, ya. Took some med. Feeling a lil dizzy.Just waiting for dinner now. Hungry..didn't have lunch. So..feeling hungry..but don't think i'll eat much? Hopefully I will.
I need to drink more water. Why my flight so late wan!!!!!!!!! I wanna get back my car! Hehe. And my beloved bed..and my doggy. So long never hug him de!!!! I want to go home.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


It was just about 5 hours ago..and I miss him de. *Sigh
Aish..I just wanna get out of perth now. Shouldn't have stayed longer.

Whaha! Daddy bought the car de! Yay! I don't have to drive the wira nemore. But I mean, i still have to drive the wira..till my dad gets back his car. so ya. So, the only thing I'm looking forward to going that. HEhehe

Why!!!! Why did I listen to my mum about like staying in Perth for another day to look around. why!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! I'm so damn bored now. I guess I shall go to bed now then.

B o r e d

I'm so bored right now. I can die. Hehe. I forgotten to put one more into the list of my food cravings! KAYU NASI KANDAR!!! Hehe. I want ze fried chicken. I want fried chicken. Wah! Hungry!!!!!
Ladida~! Bored!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe. Yee Hui. You post that super long boring la. I only read two of it only. Haha. So no point also.
Freaking bored wei. Argh. I don't wanna go back!!
But I don't mind going back now. Since my nice daddy gonna get another car. For me! Whahaha. The wira gonna give it to amelyn and kimmy. Anything but that wira. Anything but Kancil too. Or Anything small. Hehe.
But its gonna be an old car. Sadness. But nevermind la. The car I have now also freaking old. Sheesh.
Oh ya. Forgotten to blog about this.

joked with her. She's gonna strap a bible around her chest with a belt. Everyday gonna bathe in holy water. Lolx. Before sleep, throw more holy water on herself. Whahahaha. *sigh. But she cried. Sorry kimmy. Just don't go then~! Look at stupid wen and liz. They din go too. So ya. Pity her. But still funny!!! Hahahahahaha. Yesh! I'm mean! HEaeheahahHEAHEahahaha

Friday, August 10, 2007

10th August 2007

Happy Day! Hehe*

Feel so geram..didn't take any photos. Aish* We went for sushi again. Stupid fella didn't plan properly..haha..but don't mind. I had fun. Plus..we had like discount eating at the sushi place.
Not because his friend was working there. This jap girl. Danced with her last week when I went clubbing.
Anyway, hehe. We ate like about 10 plates de. Went to the toilet..needed to pee! When I got back, half the plates were gone. I was like..did you ask them to count or what? Cause there were still like 4 plates left. He was like, no..kept quiet the whole time when they cleaned up. The couple next to us paid and left. The girls thought that those plates were theirs. Haha. I guess they thought that one guy couldn't have ate that much? Lolx. So we took more sashimi! Lolx. In the end our bill was only 20 something only when we actually ate about 50 bucks worth of sushi! Haha! So freaking full!

After food, met up with zhang's friend. Went to play snooker. I wanted to play pool but the tables were full. Even when they finish playing like abt 3 or 4 games. The tables were still full. So didn't get to play. Went to get some coffee. Had my first cup of cappuccino. Ya, I've never drank cappucino before. Only latte. But latte is good. Very good. Hehe.

Ming! I miss you more than I miss everyone else in KL. Hahahahaha. I'm just kidding!!! I mean..I miss you la. But the same as everyone else in KL. Later they bash me up. I die. No one take me eat nasi lemak.

Sitting in the cyber cafe. Watching Zhang play dota. I wanna play too. But I'm not good at all. So ya. AIsh. Damn sien la. Can you all update your blog for me to read? And ya. Mei..i agree with your post. Don't like then don't read la. Not forcing you to read also. Sheesh.


Happy Anny~! q(>,<)p *kiss *kiss

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Beloved Nasi Lemak

Someone save me with a nasi lemak please! I want it with fried chicken. Oh..I don't want breast meat k. Ya. *CRY!
*sob *sniff *sniff

I need my beloved nasi lemak with fried chicken now!!!!


Food Cravings

1) NASI LEMAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) BKT!!!!!!

3) Curry Laksa

4) Curry Fish Head

5) Curry Vegetables

6) Roti Canai

7) McD's! *Haha

8) Duck Rice

9) Chicken Rice

10) Rice, rice and more rice

11) Nasi Lemak!!!!!! *need it badly

12) Taiwan pizza *pasar malam

13) Fried Ice Cream

14) I want BKT!!!!

15) Nasi lemak...*sob

The first thing I'm going to do when I get back is to eat nasi lemak for dinner..and then have Bkt at 2 or 3 am. Or after clubbing. Cause we're supposed to go clubbing on that day. Hehe. Yea, after clubbing we go bkt. If i have enough money I spend! Oh no wait. Yee hui suppose to spend me. So I cant spend la. Sorry. Hehe. Next day. I want to eat more nasi lemak. Until I get sick of it. Whahaha. I dont think I will. then I wanna eat chicken rice. Oh Duck rice!!!!! Ya. Dinner duck rice. mmMmMm..yum..
*sob hungry sia!

Another 20 mins
Ok..I guess I have not been blogging in a while..And ya. Some idiot took my jacket!!!!!!!!! Sad..SAd.
I'm at zhang's uni now which will be my future uni if I'm going that is. Quite nice la. Hehe. Aish. Damn sien. Sitting here waiting for him to finish class.
Feeling hungry too. In the cafeteria. Watching people eat. Gosh. Hungry de. One more hour to go. Feel so long. Why is there no one online! When I come online. No one is on. When I dont. Everyone is on. So pissing off. Ish. I only have 3 more days here! More like 2 actually.
sadness. *sigh

Not exactly looking forward to go back actually. Although I was when I was in Sydney.
I bought more clothes! Haha. I wanna buy more. So the tempting. But running out of money fast. Aish.

Another hour..*sigh

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Be strong.

Gotta be strong about it. Can't let anything pull me down. That's how it always has been. Nothing will pull me down. Gotta get up and move on. Be strong about it.
It's hard. But what else is there. Right. Ya. Gotta let it go for now. Have to. Or it'll bring me down. Can't let that happen. Will not.

But will I be able to do it?

I guess I can. Ya. I'm strong. Am able to do it. Will move on and just wait for the next opportunity. Stupid timing. All wrong. Hate it. But oh well..

No one knows what the future will hold for us.