Friday, August 10, 2007

10th August 2007

Happy Day! Hehe*

Feel so geram..didn't take any photos. Aish* We went for sushi again. Stupid fella didn't plan properly..haha..but don't mind. I had fun. Plus..we had like discount eating at the sushi place.
Not because his friend was working there. This jap girl. Danced with her last week when I went clubbing.
Anyway, hehe. We ate like about 10 plates de. Went to the toilet..needed to pee! When I got back, half the plates were gone. I was like..did you ask them to count or what? Cause there were still like 4 plates left. He was like, no..kept quiet the whole time when they cleaned up. The couple next to us paid and left. The girls thought that those plates were theirs. Haha. I guess they thought that one guy couldn't have ate that much? Lolx. So we took more sashimi! Lolx. In the end our bill was only 20 something only when we actually ate about 50 bucks worth of sushi! Haha! So freaking full!

After food, met up with zhang's friend. Went to play snooker. I wanted to play pool but the tables were full. Even when they finish playing like abt 3 or 4 games. The tables were still full. So didn't get to play. Went to get some coffee. Had my first cup of cappuccino. Ya, I've never drank cappucino before. Only latte. But latte is good. Very good. Hehe.

Ming! I miss you more than I miss everyone else in KL. Hahahahaha. I'm just kidding!!! I mean..I miss you la. But the same as everyone else in KL. Later they bash me up. I die. No one take me eat nasi lemak.

Sitting in the cyber cafe. Watching Zhang play dota. I wanna play too. But I'm not good at all. So ya. AIsh. Damn sien la. Can you all update your blog for me to read? And ya. Mei..i agree with your post. Don't like then don't read la. Not forcing you to read also. Sheesh.


Happy Anny~! q(>,<)p *kiss *kiss

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