Monday, August 13, 2007

Sick Sick

Can't wait to get home now! Oh! I fed a kangaroo! A few actually. And pigs..and a donkey. more...i forgotten de. Haha. I saw a joey in the kangaroo's pouch. Damn cute!!! Haha.
Ya, I went to a wildlife park today at Perth. The place was really nice. Was suppose to go somewhere after that. But I kept falling asleep.
So, got home. And i rest for like 3 hours? When I woke up, was feeling chilly and was sweating at the same time. Then I knew it de. I'm sick!!! So, ya. Took some med. Feeling a lil dizzy.Just waiting for dinner now. Hungry..didn't have lunch. So..feeling hungry..but don't think i'll eat much? Hopefully I will.
I need to drink more water. Why my flight so late wan!!!!!!!!! I wanna get back my car! Hehe. And my beloved bed..and my doggy. So long never hug him de!!!! I want to go home.

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