Sunday, August 12, 2007

B o r e d

I'm so bored right now. I can die. Hehe. I forgotten to put one more into the list of my food cravings! KAYU NASI KANDAR!!! Hehe. I want ze fried chicken. I want fried chicken. Wah! Hungry!!!!!
Ladida~! Bored!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe. Yee Hui. You post that super long boring la. I only read two of it only. Haha. So no point also.
Freaking bored wei. Argh. I don't wanna go back!!
But I don't mind going back now. Since my nice daddy gonna get another car. For me! Whahaha. The wira gonna give it to amelyn and kimmy. Anything but that wira. Anything but Kancil too. Or Anything small. Hehe.
But its gonna be an old car. Sadness. But nevermind la. The car I have now also freaking old. Sheesh.
Oh ya. Forgotten to blog about this.

joked with her. She's gonna strap a bible around her chest with a belt. Everyday gonna bathe in holy water. Lolx. Before sleep, throw more holy water on herself. Whahahaha. *sigh. But she cried. Sorry kimmy. Just don't go then~! Look at stupid wen and liz. They din go too. So ya. Pity her. But still funny!!! Hahahahahaha. Yesh! I'm mean! HEaeheahahHEAHEahahaha

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