Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's someone's birthday!

Hmmm..I've been quite a good girl these days. Haha. I've been coming home early. Hmmm. Ya, I very good girl de. At least my mum haven't complain about me yet. So I'm being a good girl. I guess. HEhe.

Sieeeeeenesssssssss. There's nothing to do everyday! I think I'm gonna follow Yeen, play dota. Haha. Everyday. Shites. Someone seriously have to save me! Haha. oh yes. Now I remember why I wanna blog. Not because stupid mingming say I've not been updating. But ya.


Hmmm..known this woman since form 1. That makes like..freaking seven years! Omg..I just realized it. Hehe. She always pull me follow her go dating. Every single time..last time in high school la. Always jadi freaking lamp post. Always have to follow her shopping, do her hair. Everysinglething! Hehe. Oh! And the way she sits in school. And at the field. When finish or during cheer practice. *Sigh. I'm so bad with expressing myself. I can't find the right things to say. Lolx. All I can say is...that I'm happy to have her as one of my best friends. I can't live without you babe! *mwah*

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