Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I totally forgot what I wanted to blog de. Wanted to blog like an hour ago..but then suddenly so many people to talk to on msn. So..was busy. Hehe.

*sniff *sniff..I miss ric. Hehe. Stupid fella. Ever since I came back.. haven't meet up with him. Babiness. Haha. Listening to songs on the comp. I put it on shuffle..Haha. Then Glamorous came on. See ric! Whenever the song Glamorous comes on. I'll miss you. Haha. Kimmy too. When we were in the car this evening. This song came on the radio. Then we were like. "I miss Ric". Both of us ok! Same time some more! Not lying! Ask your kawan la.

Feel like drinking coke now..aish. super hungry now. Go make food first. *back*
HEhe. I want coke!!!!!! I wanna go McD's!!!!! Coke..coke..I want coke..hehe.

Help me!

Edited: Hehe. Sorry. Forgotten to wish here. Hehe. Sorry! I cheng you makan ok? Hehe


Don't kill me k. At least I still wish. Hehe.

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