Monday, August 27, 2007

An addition to the Hiew's

My small cute naughty cheeky lil cousin brother of mine. Who I think you all know. Definitely. Hehe. Josiah Sua Yik Han, wants to be adopted by my dad. Haha. He keeps saying that he wants to be a Hiew. Lolx.
He told us that he dreamed that he and my dad went up to heaven and to some secret place to talk about it. Then when he came down..he became Josiah Hiew. Hahaha.
Last Christmas, we always have this tradition to like take pictures with the tree before presents are given out to be unwrapped. First, we'll take a solo picture then a family picture. Like the Lim's first and so on. So when it was our turn..the Hiew's. Josiah came and sat with us. We were like. Josiah, you're not a Hiew also! He replied, I am. I stay in this house. I'm a Hiew also.
*Sigh* Oh..and he's only 9!
I think now..he's really trying to get my dad to adopt him. Haha. So darn cute. Stupid boy!

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