Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Turn BAck time..

Went to the doctor's this morning. I used to like going to see my doctor. She's really nice. And all. I went to see her this morning. She aged. Haha. She looks older de. Duh lah. All of us liked going to her. Why? HEhe. She has this Big red Apple container where she has this extremely tasty vitamins. Ya. HAha. Don't know why. All of us damn like it. Haha. When Josiah or Joel goes to her. They always bring back the vitamin in tissue paper for us. Each of us get one. Lolx.
I REALLY wanted to ask her this morning. To give me one and also for each of them back home. But I guess I chicken'd out. Freaking 20 years old asking for vitamins. Hehe. I'm actually craving for it!

Slept the whole day and missed my classes. Didn't realize it. When I woke up. It was freaking 5! Aish. Sadness. Put alarm clock also so no point. Saw my phone. There was like about 10 miss calls and 4 sms. Hehe. Can't believe I didn't even wake up after all that.

Went ta ou cause Amelyn wanted to buy a pressie for Raymond. His birthday this Wed. Which reminds me.. my brother's birthday this Thursday. Around 9 watched movie with Amelyn, Raymond, Tung, Mei, Est and Jac. Watched Ratatouille. Good movie. The rat was like super cute. ONE rat. Not one whole bunch of 'em. Even though it was a cartoon, I couldn't stand seeing one whole colony of it! Freaking gelifying! After movie. Went kayu. Ryan came too. Then Adrian, Fai and Jeffrey came too.

I just realized something. I've been to Kayu for freaking straight freaking 5 days! 2 days of it, I went there for lunch and dinner. One of it, went for dinner and supper. Damn. I think they really should have like a special place reserved for me. Lolx.

OH damn. It's 4 am de. But I don't feel sleepy at all wei. Need to turn back time. Damn..

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