Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dedicated to Ming Ming

Haha! Wanna make you envy me even more! Lolx. Nah..just wanna fill in the stupid title bar.

This semester taking 2 subs only. One is Graphic Design 1 and the other one is Moral Studies. Aish. 2 class on Monday, 1 class on Wed and Thurs. Tues and Fri damn free. But actually, almost everyday except Mon will be like damn free. Sienness! Aish.

Need to look for more peeps to go out with me. Hehe. Never mind. Don't want to go out. Stay home. Play pc. Play ps2. Sleep. Eat. *sigh. Sien..how? how?

Need to look for more excitement. Hehe. Hor Julia? Hehe

Seriously...someone save me!!!!

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