Tuesday, October 30, 2007

List of Names

I always said I wanna post a post of my nicknames. So well. I shall just do it now la hor. Since I too lazy to update about something else. And I don't want to emomomo *credit to shoan for that word* and make people feel sad and depressed and spoil their day. But actually, do I look like I care? Hehe. K k. I do! I do! *not...* *ssshhh*
ok..here goes..

1. a-man-duh
2. aman-is-so-duh
3. aman dan damai
4. panda *almost everyone calling me this now lo*

By Tong Vern
1. teapot
2. yat-man-yat-tah *one dollar one dozen* *I freaking worth that lil?!?!?!?!?!*
3. yat-man-yat-cha *stupid shoan and vince!*

Stupid Zhang & I think some of the other idiots too.
1. Medusa *just because I give this stare that can freaking turn you into stone?* *stop posing la!*
And because of that.
2. amandaconda
3. emosa *cause I is emo? which I'm not!* *emo- and medusa- sa
4. emonda *emo and amanda*
5. I'm called a freaking snake too just because of that!!!!!
And last time. When play dota. Anyone randomed medusa. yah. you know la.

OMg..there's more lo. I'm also called fatty. pig. chili padi by wei jen...cause I always so angry. Stupid chen calling me snake also. dumb dumb. Wah!

My Family.
1. fatty...anything that relates to being fat.

The Hartamas group
1. Tai kar che
2. Tai lo
3. Boss! -.-'
Ya. They say I own whole of asia. Ya. k. Idiots.

Don't know. There's more. Just can't think now. Tell me la k. So I can add here. Cause I can't remember now. It's freaking 8:15am. And going out now to buy nasi lemak! whahahaha. Let me know k! Ladida~!

Was bored and Needed update! Tee-hee~!

Layer One: On The Outside
Name: Manda
DOB: 22nd January 1987 *remember!! next year! whoopie doo! pressies!*
Current Status: single...
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour: Black
Righty or Lefty: Rightey

Layer Two: On The Inside
Your Heritage: Hakka
Your Fears: Sharp things....*brrr*
Your Weaknesses: can't control me temper..
Your Perfect Pizza: cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese and er..what else eh. i forgot de

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up: should i continue sleeping..or get up..hmmmm..*zzzzz*
Your Bedtime: Anytime
Your Most Missed Memory: being with that idiot..and also mei's & oolier's birthday in maison. not really the partying part but something else la!

Layer Four: Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Coke...*sobs* can't drink it.
McDonald’s or Burger King: McD's...
Single or Group Dates: Er..depends?
Adidas or Nike: Adidas baby~!
Tea or Nestea: Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate's the way to go~!
Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee..but I can't drink it tooo...but fuck it.

Layer Five: Do You…
Smoke: you answer for me yea huh.
Curse: er...all the time? hehe *blush*
Have a crush: hmmmm...no?
Think you’ve been in love: er...guess so..
Go to school: hehehe
Want to get married: obviously not now..I'm still young baby!
Believe in yourself: sometimes..all the time..don't know.
Think you’re a health freak: whahahahaha. er no.

Layer Six: In The Past Month Have you…
Drank alcohol: What do ya think
Gone to the mall: Omg. I really don't know!
Been on stage: NoNoNo
Eaten sushi: Definitely! I want to eat againz!
Dyed your hair: nooo..want to..moneyz!

Layer Seven: Have You Ever…
Played A Stripping Game: omg. don't ask. seriously. don't ask.
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: BAh! No!

Layer Eight: You’re Hoping
To Be Married: like I said..not now you idiot!
For a: PSP! PS3! Laptop! more clothes! shoeeees!

Layer Nine: In a Guy
Best Eye + Best Hair Color Combination: eh..anything i guess
Short Hair or Long Hair: depends

Layer Ten: What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago: sad to say..facebooking *swtz*
1 Hour Ago: toilet...hehe
4.5 Hours Ago: decanter, drinking
1 month Ago: emoing
1 Year Ago: planning for Halloween. partay~!

Layer Eleven: Finish The Sentence
I Love: myself, family, friends, nasi lemak! asam laksa with fries! just freaking read on ze right side of me blog.
I Feel: tired. fat. confused. emoz. whahahahaha. ya.
I Hate: I dont hate anything. oh wait. ya..no..don't hate. hate no good. too lazy to hate anyway.
I Hide: my friends from cayenne!
I Miss: so many people! especially that idiot back in aus. bleh. my bed! my samsung phone! all the times I had last year. *sobs* esp last december till this year feb and also my time in aus. waaah. watching anime. reading manga. dotaing. all those parties. some other idiot. my asam laksa and fries!
I Need: something that I can't have/want now.

Layer Twelve: MingMing & OOlier *julia*. I just did it to update my blog. whahahahaha

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


EhHeyayahayehahahehehayahehahaheh. Feeling....whahahahahhahaa. K. Don't know how to describe it.


Stop owningz me!!!!!!

No emomomo.



oh noz. assignment. Sad.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


been long since I've been here. saw my chatbox. Didn't know I totally left my blog aside. But. Been busy? I guess. There's so much I want to say. But I can't put it into words. Freaking difficult.

1st. I haven't apply yet. lazy.

2nd. It's like a confirm thing I can't cry. No matter how hard I want to. It just doesn't come.

3rd. I just realized something that I should have......realized a long time ago. Ok..maybe not that long.

4th. I feel like shitz now.

5th. emotionally drained.

6th. Full of drama.

7th. Why is everyone freaking calling me panda?!?!?!?!!? Lolx.

8th. I'm kinda grounded now.

9th. Feeling a little confused. I'm not sure what I want to do about it.

10th. Feel like killing myself now! Hehe.

Aish. Emoz. No good. No good.

*MingMing...Is it true that Cameron Diaz reminds you of me?! Hehe. Liz said the same thing too! ^.^v
I know I ish cute..but psycho! Whahahaha. Sorry. I ish very boredz now.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chelsey! Chelsey!

I is so wanting to post the pictures. But is so lazy. So So So lazy. Aish. Anyway, here it is.

It's sleeping in the cage now. Tired out. Whole day all of us has been playing with it. Non-stop. No rest for it. And it's just a baby! 5 weeks old only! Cute sia~! So so so so cute.

Anyway, here goes the boring post. Woke up at 3:30pm. Got woken up by Yee Hui. She called me..told me that she was coming over..or she sent a message. Something like that. Don't know la. Was too tired to actually bother. Came and woke me up. Told her to wake me up in another 15 minutes. The next thing I know. I woke up at 5:30. Stupid Hui. Never wake me up. So couldn't have lunch. Babi!
Went straight to work. Then got a call from my boss. Asked me to cancel all her classes for tonight. So I did. Then receive another call. Asked me to cancel for tomorrow too. Cause her father just passed away. I was like. Omfg. When she said that. I wanted to say sorry. But before I can say anything. She just ramble on before I can say anything. Then she put down the phone de. Aish.
So ya. Then receive another call again. This time she asked me to pass her phone charger to her house. I was like. Ok. She gave me the directions. So ok. She stays in sek16. Blardy babi. Damn nice loh the houses there. Freaking big. Aish. And the cars! *slurps* *drool* *slurps* *sigh
So, after work, fetched aaron from oug. Near nathan's. Then went to sek 16. Got lost for awhile. Cause couldn't understand the directions. Got to her house and pass her the charger. *drool* the car.
Got home and had dinner. Went out for yumcha with Yee Hui, Wai Ming, Wai Hong, Rishven, Yew Jin, Raymond and Amelyn. Yew Jin is freaking funny. Never a yumcha session you'll be bored when he's there. Lolx.
After yumcha, they went to play snooker. Didn't want to go there. So went to look for Yeen in ss2. Called her. She said she was going home de. Backside. So went to cg watch adrian "utada" play. Kevin was there. And also Jingz and Chen. Stayed there till they finish. Had nothing to do at home or elsewhere. So just stayed and watch. After they finish de. Went yumcha with them at Murni's. Really don't like the place.
Came home. Played with the puppy. Haha. I suggested to name it Chelsey. Haha. But all of them didn't want. In the end..the name is going to be Chelsey. But now have to choose the spelling for it. I said that spelling. But now the other choices are Chelsea, Chelsy and Chelsie. Also Chelsey. The wining vote is the stupid Chelsie. But haven't decided yet. Cause still a lot of people haven't voted yet. Keep singing the Chelsea song. Haha.
Vote for my Chelsey! Hehe. Tell me. Which one better?

Alright. Time to sleep. And ya. I always blog at this time. Aish. Sleeping time all gone de.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

34hrs of NO SLEEP!

I have not sleep for freaking 33 hours!!!!!!!!!!! I should go ta bed now. But I can't. Stupid Mei. Shouldn't have read your blog. Now I super emoz de.

The whole day, yesterday..Sunday. I woke up at 4pm. Cause my mum wanted to go eat and also to buy the tray thingy for Amelyn's new doggie to pee. So, went to old town. Bought the tray. It was me, amelyn, kimmy, my mum and aunty jane. Went to Ah Loy to eat asam laksa and also curry mee. Yummyz.
After dinner. Came straight home. Did my assignment. Then went yumcha with Ric, Yee Hui and Julia. Kimmy came along too. Went to Neelas. Had Nasi Lemak! Whahaha, Yee Hui let us listen to this recording of "SOMEONE" crying. Fucking funny wei! She sent it to all our phone. If you want to listen to it. Just ask me. I would be happy to!

After yumcha, came home continue my assignment. Around 3 something felt hungry. Went Mcd's to eat with jingz. Don't know why whole day was so damn hungry. Between that.
While I was doing my assignment, Kimmy asked me to hold her shepherds pie while she go shit. So, I just held it, and started eating it bit by bit. I didn't know I finished it when Kimmy came back shouting at me. HAha. Was too into my assignment de.

Finished my assignment at 8 something in the morning. Studied for the quiz for 10am class. Went ta class to sit for it. Fucking irritating. Too sleepy to actually remember what I read. So, I guess gonna fail that. But anyway, I think I'm barred. So. Ya.
After class, went for lunch with Yee Hui. I forgot my mum's car spoiled, so had to drive the crv back home. I was at kerinchi link de. So had to use federal highway, and past thru sek 17. Omg, I was so damn blur, I took like damn a lot of wrong turning. *sigh. too blur de
Yee Hui came to picked me up. When I got into her car. Deciding where to go. This fucker on a bike parked besides my aunty's car. And started scribbling her window. With a marker! I wind down the window and shouted at him. What the heck are you doing! He just turned and looked at me. He was actually scared wei. Haha. He asked if the car was for sale. I was like. Fuck no! Then he went off. I went to tell my aunty. She called him and started scolding him. Blardy asshole!
Anyway, went to Kayu had lunch. Seriously damn blur man. I don't even know what the heck I was talking about to Yee Hui. Then I found out I did something wrong with my assignment. Had to go back and do it again. Do 2 whole pages again. MCH!
Finished at 3 something. Rushed to OU with Yee Hui. Print my stuff. Went to MPH to buy sugar paper. But tada. mch. So had to walk all the way to the old wing to popular. Farking far. Argh. Seriously damn tired. Rushed to college. And hand in my assignment. And then. I didn't know I had to do a mock up! knn. Fuck la. Damn pissed off with myself.
The whole time, Yee Hui drove me here and there. Thanks Yee Hui! I don't think I can drive at that time.

Went home. Was 5 something. So went ta work. Yee Hui went to fetch ming from work. had to stay at work till 9:30pm!!!! When I was driving to work. Was feeling high man. Natural high! Haha. Started laughing like anything. Aish. But when got to work freaking tired and sleepy. Halfway doing my work. I fell asleep for like 5 minutes. Then got up. Felt a bit refreshed from the sleep. Went home for dinner. Jingz picked me up. And I went to Kayu..again! Was damn blur de. Was wishing Yee Hui to be there to feed me! Or anyone! Haha. Got home. Then went out again. Choong Hoong picked me up. Went McD's . Hehe.
Sat there for like..I don't know how long. And now..I'm back. Seriously, it's like waaaaaaaay pass my bedtime. It's like I'm revived. Can't sleep. Haha. High~!

Shall I just make it 36 hours I didn't sleep. Since it's already 2:35. What's another 1 and a half hour. Maybe not. I'm gonna fall on the keyboard anytime now.

Nights! Nights!

Friday, October 5, 2007

I realize I always blog around this hour. Supposed to be sleeping now. So can wake up early and do my assignment. Argh. Freaking irritating assignment.
Wanted to blog about what happened in Maison. I'll just summarize it.

Liz-drank 3 shots-drunk-sat on floor-puked-Stevens-home.

Great summary huh! Hehe. And oh. Stupid Wei Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!! You damn babi lo! Why am I calling him stupid all. Well, I asked Mei to sms him to help us reserve a table for us. And he did. Which I like to thank you for. But...he put the table under the name of...PANDA!!!!! MCH. He was even thinking of putting either chili padi *his nickname for me..cause I get angry..fast?* or emosa!!!! Argh! You know how freaking embarrassing was it!!! I had to keep saying ..oh it's under the name..er..yea..uh..panda. Like damn a lot of times lo!!! And when in the club..I had to repeat sooooo damn a lot of time cause can't hear. Ish! Then when I said my name was Amanda. They just look at me and start giggling. McH. Freaking embarrassing wei!!!!!! I'm gonna kill you when I see you!!!!!!!

Ya, for the first time. I think. Ya. I drove, and had to stop one side to let Liz puke. Normally, I'm the one asking them to stop aside and puke. A nice change actually. Hehe.

Oh well. Got ta sleep now.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

D & R

It's freaking 7 in the morning and I have to be in class by 10!!!!!!! I only have 2 freaking hours to sleep! Howz?!?!?! I guess I shall not sleep? And just freaking wait till class start and bla bla bla. Oh noz. But...but..but. Have to go clubbing tonight! Shitza. And then I won't have time to have some sleep. After class, have to fetch Amelyn And Aaron home. Then I guess I only have 5 hours to sleep. Then I have ta go ta work. Shit. Shit. Diez!

Anyway, yesterday, woke up at 3 something. I had so many missed calls! Damn 7 pissing off! Can't even have a good rest. Everyone must disturb me. Ish. Finally, got up at 3:10pm. Cause had to fetch my bro from school. I had about 20 missed calls. And 5 sms. Damnit. Quickly rush to fetch him. Yeen called and asked me to go CcT. But then, I was taking so long. Ask me to meet her at Ou. Dropped my bro home. OH!

While I was driving home after picking my bro up. Out of freaking nowhere, he freaking shouted. IN MY EAR! And guess why he shouted. Cause, next to the strangled Winnie the Pooh, there was a bug sitting and staring at my bro. Freaking funny! He jumped to the back. More like dragged himself to the back. Cause he was so damn scared of it. I shouted at him and asked him to throw it out. He took freaking lotsa tissues to just throw it out. OMg. Freaking funny.

Yea well, dropped him home and rushed to ou. Ryan smsd. Asked to go lunch. And he was in ou. So ok. Told him going Zuup. Had my lunch there with Ryan, Yeen, Malcolm (yeen's friend), Daniyal and their friend. Don't remember his name. Hehe.

After lunch. Went ta work. Whole time did nothing. Cause me boss didn't come in for work. So..lazy to do any work she asked me to. Hehe. Whole 4 hours I was there. Reading my story book. Whahahaha. Nice. Hehe.

Had dinner at home. Choong Hoong picked me up for yumcha/movie. But then, met up with yeen and her friends in Laundry. Sat for awhile. Then left for Ou. Yeen followed. But in the end, didn't get to ou cause Michael called. So went to ss2. The corner chinese shop. Opposite Prince cafe. Ate wan tan mee! Sat for like 2-3 hours. Choong Hoong went off to look for his friend. So Michael fetched me home.

Just got back, Mei called. Said she can come over to my house to help me with my assignment. *which we are stressing over it right now...more like she's stressing over it now* Went ta fetch her. And here I am. Supposingly doing my assignment. But this computer tada photoshop. So ya.
Tired. Should I sleep now or not...I think I should. Can't stand it de.

MingMing! You're suppose to post everyday one lo!

Ric.....My nasi lemak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I just found out that my family already booked rooms for Penang. I'm going Penang in December. The same freaking week as my finals!!!!! I don't know how many freaking times I'm not able to go!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!

But anyway, nothing to fret about yet. Cause since I think I'm gonna be barred for Moral. And that's the only exam I will be sitting. I only took two subs this sem. The other one is 100% assignments. So, I think I'm already barred. Already skipped like 3 weeks of classes. That's like damn obvious I'm barred de right? Aish. Babiness wei!

Anyway, I just got back from McD's with my mum, Aunty Jane and 3 of me sisters. So freaking full now. I'm gonna be so damn fat! I think I already am anyway.

Aish. My mum just interrupted me. I don't remember what I wanted to blog de.

And Yee Hui. Why you trying to post like me~!!!!!! Hehe.

Oh noz! My assignment. *sob* Time to stress. Damn lazy to stress on it wei! OK. Tomorrow. Must sit down and finish all freaking 8 pages! *that is if I'm not lazy which seldom happens*
I realize my blog don't have much pictures. Wait. I go buy new handphone. Then it'll be full of pictures you'll be so damn sick of it. Hehe.

What handphone should I buy eh. Suggestions?

Zhang!!!!!!!!! I want the pictures in my camera. When the heck are you gonna send it over! Stupid babi. Oh, and in your phone too! Okz?


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Day & Rants

I slept early yesterday! Not much of a diff tho. Had to wake up for class! Bah! *sad* Babi lecturer, don't let me sign attendance! Just cause I was late for half an hour. Babiness! I HAD TO FETCH MY SIS TO COLLEGE TOO! *sheesh*
In class so sien. Luckily brought story book to read! Hehe. Stole from Aaron! The book cover like damn freaking nice. And it's silver in colour! I'll just take a picture of it next time k! It looks like I'm reading some kind of a magic book or something like that. Hehe.

After class, had to fetch my Aaron from school. Blardy idiot! Went in front of his school. Call, call, call his dumb handphone. He switched it off! Argh!! Blardy backside! Then I figured he might have walked to me mama's house. So drove there. And he was there. So geram-ing only! *ish* *grumble* *grumble*

Fetched him home, but he wanted to eat rojak. So send him buy he's dungu rojak. Then got a call from youngest sis, Kelly. She said she wanna eat cheeseburger. DOUBLE cheeseburger. BAbiness! So had to go to Mcd's drivethru to buy for that bum-bum. *grumble* *grumble*

Send my bro home. Called Yee Hui, she said she was in her college library. So went to AC to meet up with her. Aish. Whole day raining!! So damn nice weather to sleep in. Was feeling awfully sleepy de. Was thinking twice to meet up with her. But was freaking hungry. So..what the fuck, just go! Then Esther called me, said she finish class then coming to look for us too! So ya, had my usual food that I always eat there. I had to eat alone! Doink-doink Yee Hui left her file and pencil box in the library. So she ordered my food fer me and ran to college and back. By the time she came back. I finish my food de! Aish. Babiness.

Then I had to watch her eat! Babiness. Then Esther came. Had to watch her eat too! So fed up, took my book out and read. Hehe. Too..as Kimmy says it, "cekik" Lolx! After that, I had class at 4. But as usual. I too tired de. I just went home. And collapsed on my comfy bed. Aish. So nice! Slept till 6. Kimmy woke me up ask me to fetch her to tuition. *ish* *ish* In the end, she fetched herself since my dad was home. So I took crv. Hehe.

At work, I slept some more. Hehe. After work, came home. And started to search for people to follow me dinner. IN the end, my sisters followed me. Met Ryan there. Raymond slept in the car. He too sick de. Don't know why he followed also. Aish. I had my dinner at 10:30!!!!! And my lunch was at 1. Didn't eat for like 9 and a half hours wei!!!!!! *grumble* *grumble*

Got home. And I'm here. Wanna go sleep de. Can't tahan.

RIC!!!!!!!! You ti-diot! Went and buy handphone. Didn't wait for me! Stupid liar you! Say want to go buy "together-gether" Aish! And then go buy de! You is owing me 5 nasi lemak de!!!!!! FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

*mwah* >.<