Thursday, October 4, 2007

D & R

It's freaking 7 in the morning and I have to be in class by 10!!!!!!! I only have 2 freaking hours to sleep! Howz?!?!?! I guess I shall not sleep? And just freaking wait till class start and bla bla bla. Oh noz. But...but..but. Have to go clubbing tonight! Shitza. And then I won't have time to have some sleep. After class, have to fetch Amelyn And Aaron home. Then I guess I only have 5 hours to sleep. Then I have ta go ta work. Shit. Shit. Diez!

Anyway, yesterday, woke up at 3 something. I had so many missed calls! Damn 7 pissing off! Can't even have a good rest. Everyone must disturb me. Ish. Finally, got up at 3:10pm. Cause had to fetch my bro from school. I had about 20 missed calls. And 5 sms. Damnit. Quickly rush to fetch him. Yeen called and asked me to go CcT. But then, I was taking so long. Ask me to meet her at Ou. Dropped my bro home. OH!

While I was driving home after picking my bro up. Out of freaking nowhere, he freaking shouted. IN MY EAR! And guess why he shouted. Cause, next to the strangled Winnie the Pooh, there was a bug sitting and staring at my bro. Freaking funny! He jumped to the back. More like dragged himself to the back. Cause he was so damn scared of it. I shouted at him and asked him to throw it out. He took freaking lotsa tissues to just throw it out. OMg. Freaking funny.

Yea well, dropped him home and rushed to ou. Ryan smsd. Asked to go lunch. And he was in ou. So ok. Told him going Zuup. Had my lunch there with Ryan, Yeen, Malcolm (yeen's friend), Daniyal and their friend. Don't remember his name. Hehe.

After lunch. Went ta work. Whole time did nothing. Cause me boss didn't come in for work. So..lazy to do any work she asked me to. Hehe. Whole 4 hours I was there. Reading my story book. Whahahaha. Nice. Hehe.

Had dinner at home. Choong Hoong picked me up for yumcha/movie. But then, met up with yeen and her friends in Laundry. Sat for awhile. Then left for Ou. Yeen followed. But in the end, didn't get to ou cause Michael called. So went to ss2. The corner chinese shop. Opposite Prince cafe. Ate wan tan mee! Sat for like 2-3 hours. Choong Hoong went off to look for his friend. So Michael fetched me home.

Just got back, Mei called. Said she can come over to my house to help me with my assignment. *which we are stressing over it right now...more like she's stressing over it now* Went ta fetch her. And here I am. Supposingly doing my assignment. But this computer tada photoshop. So ya.
Tired. Should I sleep now or not...I think I should. Can't stand it de.

MingMing! You're suppose to post everyday one lo!

Ric.....My nasi lemak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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