Tuesday, October 9, 2007

34hrs of NO SLEEP!

I have not sleep for freaking 33 hours!!!!!!!!!!! I should go ta bed now. But I can't. Stupid Mei. Shouldn't have read your blog. Now I super emoz de.

The whole day, yesterday..Sunday. I woke up at 4pm. Cause my mum wanted to go eat and also to buy the tray thingy for Amelyn's new doggie to pee. So, went to old town. Bought the tray. It was me, amelyn, kimmy, my mum and aunty jane. Went to Ah Loy to eat asam laksa and also curry mee. Yummyz.
After dinner. Came straight home. Did my assignment. Then went yumcha with Ric, Yee Hui and Julia. Kimmy came along too. Went to Neelas. Had Nasi Lemak! Whahaha, Yee Hui let us listen to this recording of "SOMEONE" crying. Fucking funny wei! She sent it to all our phone. If you want to listen to it. Just ask me. I would be happy to!

After yumcha, came home continue my assignment. Around 3 something felt hungry. Went Mcd's to eat with jingz. Don't know why whole day was so damn hungry. Between that.
While I was doing my assignment, Kimmy asked me to hold her shepherds pie while she go shit. So, I just held it, and started eating it bit by bit. I didn't know I finished it when Kimmy came back shouting at me. HAha. Was too into my assignment de.

Finished my assignment at 8 something in the morning. Studied for the quiz for 10am class. Went ta class to sit for it. Fucking irritating. Too sleepy to actually remember what I read. So, I guess gonna fail that. But anyway, I think I'm barred. So. Ya.
After class, went for lunch with Yee Hui. I forgot my mum's car spoiled, so had to drive the crv back home. I was at kerinchi link de. So had to use federal highway, and past thru sek 17. Omg, I was so damn blur, I took like damn a lot of wrong turning. *sigh. too blur de
Yee Hui came to picked me up. When I got into her car. Deciding where to go. This fucker on a bike parked besides my aunty's car. And started scribbling her window. With a marker! I wind down the window and shouted at him. What the heck are you doing! He just turned and looked at me. He was actually scared wei. Haha. He asked if the car was for sale. I was like. Fuck no! Then he went off. I went to tell my aunty. She called him and started scolding him. Blardy asshole!
Anyway, went to Kayu had lunch. Seriously damn blur man. I don't even know what the heck I was talking about to Yee Hui. Then I found out I did something wrong with my assignment. Had to go back and do it again. Do 2 whole pages again. MCH!
Finished at 3 something. Rushed to OU with Yee Hui. Print my stuff. Went to MPH to buy sugar paper. But tada. mch. So had to walk all the way to the old wing to popular. Farking far. Argh. Seriously damn tired. Rushed to college. And hand in my assignment. And then. I didn't know I had to do a mock up! knn. Fuck la. Damn pissed off with myself.
The whole time, Yee Hui drove me here and there. Thanks Yee Hui! I don't think I can drive at that time.

Went home. Was 5 something. So went ta work. Yee Hui went to fetch ming from work. had to stay at work till 9:30pm!!!! When I was driving to work. Was feeling high man. Natural high! Haha. Started laughing like anything. Aish. But when got to work freaking tired and sleepy. Halfway doing my work. I fell asleep for like 5 minutes. Then got up. Felt a bit refreshed from the sleep. Went home for dinner. Jingz picked me up. And I went to Kayu..again! Was damn blur de. Was wishing Yee Hui to be there to feed me! Or anyone! Haha. Got home. Then went out again. Choong Hoong picked me up. Went McD's . Hehe.
Sat there for like..I don't know how long. And now..I'm back. Seriously, it's like waaaaaaaay pass my bedtime. It's like I'm revived. Can't sleep. Haha. High~!

Shall I just make it 36 hours I didn't sleep. Since it's already 2:35. What's another 1 and a half hour. Maybe not. I'm gonna fall on the keyboard anytime now.

Nights! Nights!

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