Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Day & Rants

I slept early yesterday! Not much of a diff tho. Had to wake up for class! Bah! *sad* Babi lecturer, don't let me sign attendance! Just cause I was late for half an hour. Babiness! I HAD TO FETCH MY SIS TO COLLEGE TOO! *sheesh*
In class so sien. Luckily brought story book to read! Hehe. Stole from Aaron! The book cover like damn freaking nice. And it's silver in colour! I'll just take a picture of it next time k! It looks like I'm reading some kind of a magic book or something like that. Hehe.

After class, had to fetch my Aaron from school. Blardy idiot! Went in front of his school. Call, call, call his dumb handphone. He switched it off! Argh!! Blardy backside! Then I figured he might have walked to me mama's house. So drove there. And he was there. So geram-ing only! *ish* *grumble* *grumble*

Fetched him home, but he wanted to eat rojak. So send him buy he's dungu rojak. Then got a call from youngest sis, Kelly. She said she wanna eat cheeseburger. DOUBLE cheeseburger. BAbiness! So had to go to Mcd's drivethru to buy for that bum-bum. *grumble* *grumble*

Send my bro home. Called Yee Hui, she said she was in her college library. So went to AC to meet up with her. Aish. Whole day raining!! So damn nice weather to sleep in. Was feeling awfully sleepy de. Was thinking twice to meet up with her. But was freaking hungry. So..what the fuck, just go! Then Esther called me, said she finish class then coming to look for us too! So ya, had my usual food that I always eat there. I had to eat alone! Doink-doink Yee Hui left her file and pencil box in the library. So she ordered my food fer me and ran to college and back. By the time she came back. I finish my food de! Aish. Babiness.

Then I had to watch her eat! Babiness. Then Esther came. Had to watch her eat too! So fed up, took my book out and read. Hehe. Too..as Kimmy says it, "cekik" Lolx! After that, I had class at 4. But as usual. I too tired de. I just went home. And collapsed on my comfy bed. Aish. So nice! Slept till 6. Kimmy woke me up ask me to fetch her to tuition. *ish* *ish* In the end, she fetched herself since my dad was home. So I took crv. Hehe.

At work, I slept some more. Hehe. After work, came home. And started to search for people to follow me dinner. IN the end, my sisters followed me. Met Ryan there. Raymond slept in the car. He too sick de. Don't know why he followed also. Aish. I had my dinner at 10:30!!!!! And my lunch was at 1. Didn't eat for like 9 and a half hours wei!!!!!! *grumble* *grumble*

Got home. And I'm here. Wanna go sleep de. Can't tahan.

RIC!!!!!!!! You ti-diot! Went and buy handphone. Didn't wait for me! Stupid liar you! Say want to go buy "together-gether" Aish! And then go buy de! You is owing me 5 nasi lemak de!!!!!! FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

*mwah* >.<

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