Tuesday, October 30, 2007

List of Names

I always said I wanna post a post of my nicknames. So well. I shall just do it now la hor. Since I too lazy to update about something else. And I don't want to emomomo *credit to shoan for that word* and make people feel sad and depressed and spoil their day. But actually, do I look like I care? Hehe. K k. I do! I do! *not...* *ssshhh*
ok..here goes..

1. a-man-duh
2. aman-is-so-duh
3. aman dan damai
4. panda *almost everyone calling me this now lo*

By Tong Vern
1. teapot
2. yat-man-yat-tah *one dollar one dozen* *I freaking worth that lil?!?!?!?!?!*
3. yat-man-yat-cha *stupid shoan and vince!*

Stupid Zhang & I think some of the other idiots too.
1. Medusa *just because I give this stare that can freaking turn you into stone?* *stop posing la!*
And because of that.
2. amandaconda
3. emosa *cause I is emo? which I'm not!* *emo- and medusa- sa
4. emonda *emo and amanda*
5. I'm called a freaking snake too just because of that!!!!!
And last time. When play dota. Anyone randomed medusa. yah. you know la.

OMg..there's more lo. I'm also called fatty. pig. chili padi by wei jen...cause I always so angry. Stupid chen calling me snake also. dumb dumb. Wah!

My Family.
1. fatty...anything that relates to being fat.

The Hartamas group
1. Tai kar che
2. Tai lo
3. Boss! -.-'
Ya. They say I own whole of asia. Ya. k. Idiots.

Don't know. There's more. Just can't think now. Tell me la k. So I can add here. Cause I can't remember now. It's freaking 8:15am. And going out now to buy nasi lemak! whahahaha. Let me know k! Ladida~!

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