Friday, October 31, 2008

Good Luck ESP!

Guys! You gotta win. You just have to. Please don't make me ashamed of it when I put on the shirt and wear it around uni. Ok. I don't actually. Lolx. But at least if anyone asks.

"oh. They're like the number 1 clan in Malaysia for COD4. And. Soon. The world!!!"

Haha. Ok. The world part. A bit. Too far for you guys la huh. >.< I just realized I've never really taken a group picture with you guys. Just you guys and me. This is the only one I have. Next time la huh? Got some calefeh also. Lolx.

Win it!!!!!! All four teams!!! Wait. Only three can right. Ok. Er. I can't pick. Oh well. If 3 wins, then the other one....I'll buy souvies for you guys then??? Lolx!

Make sure win ah! Ok. By the time you guys actually read this. Er. It'll be over de. Damnit. Lolx.
K. Have to wait till 1030am. Gawd. It's only 920am for you guys. Shit. Sooooo long more!!!!

Better appreciate my call! Lolx. Love you all!!!!!!


p.s. For those who doesn't know what the heck is ESP. It stands for Eat.Sleep.Play.
p.p.s. And also. They are a bunch of idiots/freaks/ghays/guyslooklikegirls/bigboobiesmen/haschuckies/builtinmegaphones/afrohaired/cows&goats/hairyburmesegorillas/pokemons/freeloaders/etc.
p.p.p.s. *is there such a thing as that??*

Oh well. A bunch of guys whom I love a lot!!!


another p.s. I miss you guys!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dedicated to Mei~

Hey hey! I'm awake! And guess what! My lovely friend of mine. Who swore she will stay a spinster for life *my ass la* has now a freaking boyfriend. And she didn't tell me anything about it. Till I found out just now.


ok. I still do love you. And if the guy who is dating you, and I still don't know who the heck is he. All I know is his name is Alda. Which reminds me of Aldo. Lolx! And sounds very much like a girls name. Wait.


Ok.OK. I'm just joking. I'm just pissed!!!! Lolx.

Let's see..

Yes, my dear friend Mei. Who said she doesn't want to get into a relationship. Tells guys to stay away by saying she's gonna be spinster for life. She even went that far as putting her freaking url blog as spinster for life thingy.

Mei. I am really very happy for you. I hope that at least you'll be with him till I get back. But I don't know. And I am really happy!!


Really really happy!!! Evenn though you totally did not tell us you freaking idiotic ass. AND I've been seeing you online!!!! And you never told me even once!!!!! YOU!!!! argh

I'm still happy for you.


And oh.

Alda. If you're reading this. You have to read this tho. Mei. You HAVE to show him!! Lolx.

Mei. youknowyoustill<3me and youknowistill<3you!

Mei's Spinster Life

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ok..I took this post from Julia. Cause I wasn't in the chat room. And also, Julia made her blog private, so not many people will get to read it. So, here it is or the world to see. Hehe. *Mwah*

est says:
eh i put mei as most likely to die a virgin
est says:
in superlatives
est says:
est says:
must vote

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
eh damn mean!

est says:
u say u spinsterma

j u l i a s. says:
j u l i a s. says:
damn funny

est says:
so u not planing to be spinster edi?

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
doesnt meant spinster cannot have sex k!

est says:

- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
- ~ξrηG MeI☺~ мẩđйєŞş ĭŋ ΣΪĝĦ† ☺~ says:
shyte i cant believe i said that

est says:
est says:
so oklo
est says:
u planing to have sex in spinsterhood

j u l i a s. says:


So. I went. Drank. Tipsy.

That's all. So productive. -.-



Kill me.



I'm awesome.



Look look! It snowed! Woot! Ok. Not that woot. Cause I went out before it really snowed. And I was wearing my boots. Which was not meant for snow. And I almost broke my leg! Bugger!
There! Pictures! It snowed a bit only.

And guess what. I wanna cry. My room became a laundry room after that. *sob*

My freaking clothes were still out there!!!

See. My room jadi laundry room de. Damn sad. Lolx. My clothes still had ice on them! And I had clothes in the kitchen and my friends room too. Lolx.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i'm sleepy. i should sleep. yes. i shall. as you notice. there's no cap letters in front. im sleepy. but lazy to sleep. even though im sitting on my bed. but still. i dont know. whahahahaha.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

random pictures~

Was bored. It's 12:17am now. No one to chat ta. Only cosmo here. And joey tak tau lari mana de. So ya. Took some pictures. Lolx! I was bored la!!!! See see! I not fat k! Hehe. *mwah*




mei & steph latest pose. lolx!

played with effect. hehe~

hmmmm...*mwah* ?

It's me!!!

Oooh. Cool~ Lawl!

<3 meh~

and the best of all

panda m3h~

Monday, October 27, 2008

I wan Sushi~

I really really really wanna blog everything that happened in London. But there's just tooooo many things to blog about. Seriously. Pictures are in Facebook. Don't believe what you see in some of the pictures. But the bartender is hawt. So yes.

I'll post a bit of pictures which I took with my phone so ya. But all in all. I spent £100!!!!

Mummy. Please don't kill me. So ya. I'm not gonna eat for the rest of the week. Only maggie mee. You'll see by the end of the week. I'm partially bald. Hey. Semi bald like the rest of the old men here. Lolx.

I had sushi!!!!! Thats the most important thing to highlight.

It's like the highlight of me weekend. SUSHI!!!!

I feel like going back to London. Just for sushi. Damn. I think I'll do it every month. Michelle. It's fine right? Lolx. We go have sushi together! I WANZ SUSHI!!!!! K. I'll save £100 just for sushi.
Damn. If I actually save £100 for sushi. Imagine if I convert. It's RM600. Shit!
Maybe I'll save that money. So I can go have sushi everyday when I get back! Yes la! Lolx.
I think I should google and see if there's any sushi place around here. Hopefully it's nearby. Then. Yumz!!!

Shit. Craving for sushi. Damnit.

Which reminds me of something. Sushi. I remember how Jac always say shooshee instead of SU-shi. Lolx. I think she STILL says that. Hehe.

Love you Jac! Lolx

Saturday, October 25, 2008

300th Post

I'm in London de! Ya ok. Don't ask why I'm online. Cause we're waiting for pizza to get here. So I might as well just blog what happened.

Well. Practically dragged my bag all the way to the train station. Wanted to collapse de. Got to the platform and waited for the train. Got into the train and fell asleep. Woke up just on time. Lolx. Got out of the train and went ta look for Michelle. *sob* Freaking loads of people man!!!!

After we found each other. Took damn long to look for each other. Cause it was so big! So ya. Found each other. The second train we took. Omg. We were like freaking sardines in a can. My bag got stuck between the doors. TWICE! Lolx. There were too many people!!!! I hate it. Lolx.

So first impression for me. I no likey. SOOOO CROWDED.

Alright. Wish me luck with two eighteen year olds. They are so hyperactive. Lolx. I feel so old. Hahahaha. -.-

Stupid pizza. Faster come la!!!!!!! *sob*

oh oh. This is my 300th post in like er. 2-3 years of blogging. Is it a lot of lil. I don't know. Lolx.

K. k. PIZZA'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes la! FOOOOOOOOOOOD!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Decode this

Like it says.

Ming came up with a sentence. And now. You guys have to decode it. >.<

*stupid ming and yh*

panda was given a blood clog by a swissroll.


I just read that. I don't think you guys can get it.


My eyes are burning. I only fell asleep at 4am. And woke up at 7am. How I did that. I really have no idea. My class was at 9am. I didn't know it 7am. Tried ta go back ta sleep. Then 7.20. Heard Elaine went into the bathroom. I was like. Who the heck la wake up so early. Then I saw the time. Oh. It's 7.20 de. Hehe.

Was thinking. To go or not to go. Then. Ya. Elaine woke me up. Ok. Fine. Go. But the whole way to uni. To go or not to go. Then fine. I just went. And. It wasn't so bad? So ya. Thank God I could answer the questions. And I thought I was dead sleepy. Tired. Panda eyes. Lovely I tell you.

Oh ya. Why slept so late. I went "clubbing". Went back around 2 something. Then chat on the phone. So ya.

Whole day now. I'm wearing my scarf. And I'm not taking it off. Or maybe I will. Or not.

And have ta go Christian Union meeting too later. Can I just. Die?


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Am in Uni again. As usual. Trying to finish up my work. Gonna go to treehouse again later at 7pm. Gonna watch a movie. But don't know what movie they gonna play yet. So ya. But oh well. Better than nothing to do! *sob* tomorrow class at 9am. Have to wake up super early. argh. Oh well. Here's some random pictures. So to not bore you with my ramblings.
It was a full moon last week. It was like super bright! Seriously! Damn nice!!!

Oh. Hehe. Some random shot. I just thought it was like cool. Cause it's sorta a shape of the letter 'A'. It was outside me house. Nice ya? Lolx.

Oh ya. The beagle that finally dugged through to our garden. Mei Ting was trying to get her to come to her. Lolx. Damn cute.

Ya well. Mei Ting gave up. So Zaphira came closer. She's super cute.

Oh. And really naughty too. Look at all those sand all over. Melinda was so pissed off with her. Hahaha. Cause this is like her "area".

Lolx. I was washing the dishes while all this was going on. Then she came up to me. Lolx. Damn cute.
This was the view from my room. Melinda chased her back to her hole. Cause she made a mess in the garden. Haha. There's Melinda sweeping. Lolx.

Me and Elaine first attempt for dinner yesterday! Not bad eh. Lolx. Usually Melinda and Mei Ting do the cooking. But since they went out with the Germany peeps. So me and Elaine tried cooking ourself. And both of us don't cook at all! Lolx. Still boleh makan la. Lolx.

Oh oh. See this small way to go through. I only can open this much to get in to on and off the heater. Cause my table is blocking it. Remember. My room freaking small. And that's the boiler. In my room.

See! I not that fat ok! I can go through. Though it hurts my really flat chest and ass. >.<

Was bored and played around a lil. Lolx. Its the mirror at our lounge area.

So ya. That's it for today. Oh ya. I just wanna complain a lil that's been getting on my nerves lately. Argh.

You know how the guys back in Malaysia. How they "get" the girls "attention". All those "chiut chut chit" sounds. Or "amoi". Or "leng lui". Or some crap like that. You know how it is here.

"Ni hao"



Like. Wtf?!?!?! I'm so pissed off wei. Everytime you're just randomly walking somewhere. And some random idiot will come and "Ni hao" in your bloody ear!!!!! I was just walking to uni just now. And a taxi. A BLOODY TAXI. They go "Ni hao". I wanna ni hao they're fucking asses!!!! Everywhere I go. "Ni hao". Just because I'm freaking chinese. You have to go say Ni hao to me. I do understand wtf is Hi. Or hey. I mean. I am here. To freaking STUDY here!!!! *swt*

Ok. Thats it. It's just bloody irritating. And I hate it when they look at you. And talk to you as if you don't fucking understand english. Gawd. I'm blogging here in english too!! Shits.

Ok. Ya. Hungry de. Gonna follow my friend go shopping. Ta~


Oh whoopeedoo~

I actually went for poker. And ya. My lecturer was there. Lolx. He actually said "Hi Chern!" to melinda. Lolx. SO ya. He was as usual. Super nice to me. And then. I can feel it. On Thursday. He's gonna tease me. I think I can just die. Lolx. Oh. And I lost. Again. But at least I was the last 3. >.<

Oh ya. Melinda is going by the name of Chern. Her chinese name. People thinks she's a guy. *no surprise there*.
Today. She actually had to pose as Mei Ting's bf. Again. Cause this Germany guy in her group asked her out for dinner and drinks. So she was like. Ok. I'll bring my bf along. And then Melinda was dragged to go. End up. Hahaha. The guy brought two friends of his too. Two girls. And Melinda was chatting away with the girls. Left her "gf" alone with the guy. Whahahahahahahhaha.


Mei Ting was like. What kind of "bf" leave the "gf" to talk to the other girls. Hahaha.

They went for drinks at The Park. They ordered drinks. Then a guy..wanted to pay for it. Then the guy was like. No no. I'll pay. And there was like this "arguement" with the paying. Then he took out his platinum. Melinda just stand there. Stunned. Ok. Ok. You pay. Lolx!

*sigh* Lucky me. Tomorrow no class. Can sleep late!! But have to finish my work too. *sob* Oh well.

Yay! Friday. London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait! Have to eat indomee everyday. So got money to spend spend in London! Yes la. Can't wait. Shopping!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


In uni now. Came out of the house a wee bit too early. So ya. Killing time here first. Then I'm off ta class!

Class yesterday, Ethics and Journalism was actually really interesting. Finally. A class I sorta like and interested. I seriously should not have chosen marketing. Damn. It's so freaking boring. >.<
But oh well. I have to do it now.

Oh gawd. My head hurts a lil. And my shoulder too. I seriously can't believe this things happen ta me. Ish.

Ok. Why my bloody head and shoulder hurts is cause. I was bathing. Yes. Bathing. The shower head actually fell on my head when I turned around. *sob* I accidently hit it. And ya. It fell on my head. Great few thousand cells gone. Then. When I was about to get out of the shower. It fell again. This time hitting my shoulder. And ya. My feet too. And then bloody hot water was bloody shooting at me face. Like freaking boiling hot! I don't know which is worse. Icy cold water or boiling hot ones. Lolx.

So Ya. And few weeks ago. I hit my elbow in the toilet as well. I turned around to get something. Then I hit my elbow at the edge of the shower wall. Argh. Seriously. Someone help me.

Oh oh. It's 3:45 de. Have to go to class. It's in the other building. And no. I won't get lost this time. Don't have to worry. Or you know what. I don't think you guys would actually worry anyway.

Ok. Off ta class for me. Damn. So lazy.

ESP! Wait for me call ya! Missing you guys awful lots.


I just realised something. Or maybe realized it a long time ago. I mean. Ya. Ever since I boarded the plane to bloody uk. I've not swear as much as I used to!!! *sob*

It's so damn weird. It's like. I'm about to burst now. Cause I've not been swearing for the past. Er. Month!!!!! ONE MONTH!!!!! ONe bloody month!! That's like so damn long!!!!

Phyo. Can you call me. Or something. So I can swear to my heart's content. Or something.

I feel like about to burst with swears anytime.

It just doesn't feel right to swear in front of my housemates. I don't know why. It just is. You know. So ya. I can't swear much. mch. ARgh!!!!!

Whoever from ESP. Who read this de. Can ask Phyo to call me. Can ah? Since his line now is postpaid right? Lolx. So he should call me!! >.<


Monday, October 20, 2008



I'm almost done with my work. ALMOST!

And I realized something. When my line is like super good. No one is online!!! *sob*

And when there's like loads of people I wanna talk to.

The line tries to test my patience.

You know. I can sit here. PATIENTLY.

Clicks "connect to a network". Window comes out. Clicks on refresh. Scrolls down. Oh there it is. Clicks on *the line I has been using. Lets name it. Yee Hui. YH. OK*. Click on "YH". "This network is an unsecured network". Clicks on "Connect anyway". *Waits patiently like a lil girl*. "Unable to connect to unsecured network" *something like that*. mcb. Bloody YH. What the heck is wrong with you!! Don't let me go online is it!!!!!!

Does it all over again. and again. and again. and again.

For 3 freaking hours. I went through that! You know how many "clicks" I had to do. Just to get online. And talk to you guys. So love me when I talk to you! Lolx. You know how much patience and bloody effort. Just to come online. And talk. You know I'm so not patient! Seriously. Oh. Ya. And also cause I'm bored. So. Ya. >.<

Tomorrow. Early class. Ethics and Journalism. Haven't been to that class yet. Hopefully it's not like that film crap. *sob*

Off ta bed for me~

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Its been super long since I last really studied. Or did an assignment. I really don't remember. All I know now is ESP and my other lurfly friends.

I've been trying to do my "creative brief" for my copywriting class. And all I can come up with. It's so damn lame. Ok. Maybe I think it's lame. I mean. It is my work. But I just remembered. In lecture. He said that you need to be brave about writing it down and showing it. It might actually turn out something sophisticated. Which I highly doubt is me. >.<

I totally fail in this. Not only that. It was supposed to be a group work. But I has no group. As usual. Its normal. I've always done group work alone. And it has turned out ok for me. But now. My mind is blank. Or it's too full with crap that nothing good is coming out from me head.


Hello Panda

Look look! I found Hello Panda biscuits!!!!! Yay! Erm. Actually. As you can see. Bugger. There's no chocolate ones. Sob. There's only strawberry and the other milk one. *sob*

Why so sad wan. Damn pissing off lo. Was so happy when I found it. Was trying to look for ze chocolates ones. Can't find. So...

Guys. You gotta get it for me ya! >.<>.<

Miss you guys lo. Everytime when I look at the time. Ok. They must be training now. And I feel like going to blitz to kacau you guys. *sob*

Really really miss you guys.

So. Send me a jacket ya? Lolx.

Love ya'll! *mwah*

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Went for a Christian Union meeting yesterday. And I found another Malaysia there. He's from SMDU some more. And also from Help. I saw him the other day. And I thought why he looked so familiar. And well. He's from malaysia. Lolx.

Oh gawd. Too many comments from you guys de. Can't reply in the chatbox de. You all damn too much la. And majority of you guys said I should win his money. Lolx Then ask for marks from him.


Backside friends. Say wanna go clubbing. Then dont want to go. So potong stim. -.-

Now say our favourite pub got karaoke. Haha. Don't know what they wanna do. Babi people. Lolx.

Aish. I go sleep la. Or maybe not. See how la.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mana lu~

What happened to my friends wei!!! I've been waiting for them for like one hour de! Actually 2. Just that Melinda's class ends at 11am. And its already 1157. I've been waiting for her for like an hour de.

Oh. Why am I waiting for her is because. I'm so the smart! I left my handphone. Either on my bed or the couch. *sob* I always forget to bring my phone out with me. argh.

Now I'm just waiting for them to get me. I feel like a kid. As if my parents left me in the play pen. And just waiting for them to come and get me. Gawd.

If I go look for them. I scared they'll come here to look for me. And I is not here. Mai hailats! *sob*

I feel

Got class at 2. I'm feeling hungry now. I don't feel like eating alone. Where's my friends la?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Bloody Fun Day!

First time "clubbing" in UK. Disappointment to the max. I say Maison better. Lolx!

Lolx. Mei Ting kena kacau by some black. He came and talk to us and intro his friends. Whites la. One of them quite cute. Not only that. Haha. They thought that Melinda was Mei Ting's boyfriend. They asked Melinda. Are you her boyfriend. Then Melinda was like. Ya. Lolx. And then they hugged each other. Lolx. They asked for our numbers. So we gave fake ones.
Then the white guy. The quite cute one. Talked to Mei Ting and he was like. You gave him the wrong number right? Mei Ting just smiled. Lolx.

ANd you know what. We thought wont see them again. SHouldn't have thought that. We went in to class today. He was coming out of class. Then he hold Mei Ting's hand. Whahahaha. Shytz la.

*sob* Today so the tiring. Had class at 9am!!!! Woke up at 8. Rush to bathe and makanz. And hurried off to class. It was me and Elaine who had 9o'clock class. Not same class though. And as usual. The forgetful me. I forgot which was my class. I wrote down H007. Then I remembered. I checked. It was a different class. At H407a. Then. Was thinking about it. Ok. Maybe it's not. I'll go to the library. Use the computer. And check. So. I went off the main building. They are in different buildings ok! Then when I got there. I forgot to bring my student id. Can't get in. BUGGER!!!

So. When back to my building. Sweating. And tried for the level 4 one. So ok. I went all the way up. I walked ok! Bloody stairs. But then I heard someone said that they were going to that class. And it was a different subject. I was like shytz. Ok nevermind. Maybe it was the b class. So. OK. When in and ask.

*sob* It wasn't my class. Bugger! Then that lecturer kindly told me to go to the reception and ask. I thought. Oh ya hor. -.-
But then I went to the wrong reception. The stupid fella just gave me a room. Went there. It was a lecturer's office. -.-
So. Frustrated. Called Melinda to help me look online. After I sent the message. I saw a signboard which says the Business Reception. Hey! It must be this one. *slaps forehead* *push door* I'm in. Asked the girl at the counter. Got my room. Ran to my room. And guess what.


I can just kill myself right there and then. Hurriedly send a message to Melinda that I found my class. Went into class. And I had the shock of me life. Okla. Not that big of a shock la. But still shocked.

My lecturer was the old guy I sat next to when playing poker. *anime frozen and crumble into pieces* I think he recognised me.

He was like
"Amanda right?"
"You are in the right room right?"
Er. Yes?
*if he knows my name then why the heck if he asked if I was in the right room or not. Bugger.* "And you're late"
Er. Yes. I'm really sorry?
*obviously I'm late. It's half past 9 de!*
"Sorry. Hmm. Sorry is just not enough. Anyway. Please take a seat here" with bloody humour in his eyes.
*and omg. Its the freaking front seat which I hate. Cause I can't concentrate. Weird I know. Thats me.*

And then. I just stared at him. I was like. I think its him. Its definitely him. I remember the way he talked. Cause he was really nice to me. And the hair. Half balding wan.

"Ah Amanda. Can you please read the first sentence"
*read what freaking sentence*
"Oh. You don't have it then. Here you go"
*bugger. of course la. I just came in!!!!!!*

I read the freaking first sentence. And then he asked me to read the objectives. And then later on he asked me if I knew what don't remember what de. Some word. He asked if I knew what that meant. And I said No.

"Wow. I like that. Such an honest and straight forward answer"

Gawd! I want the class to end. Bugger. Damn fucking embarrasing. And then I realised I was the only chinese student there. It was really weird. Cause all business classes. There's fucking loads of China students.

So then. The class went on with him picking on me. *sob* I think he remembers me from poker night.

And then in the end. We had to do group work.

He was like. "I reccomend you to please pick your group with different culture background. And I would say to take Amanda. She's an exceptionally bright student!"

*blood rushes up to me ears* Bloody embarrasing sial!!!!

Should I go poker next tuesday?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


There~ These are the pictures from last night. And some other pictures. Don't know why the line so good today. So might as well take this opportunity!

The Stags Head pub. Old people. Lolx.

They put there. Pool. But I don't see any pool also. Hmmm..where they hiding it eh.

Me fav drink! It's like drinking lemon juice only.

Julia. You wants?? Hehe.

Oh. This is where I was filling up the form for being a member for the poker thingy.

Lolx. My friend did that. Hehe.

See told you. All old old wan. The old guy next ta me. He was really nice to me. And they had a side bet thing. Each person put in another GBP2. If you win this round you get that pot as well. Lolx. I didn't put in cause don't have that much confidence. SO ya. Then the old guy was telling the guy on my left to sponsor me. And if I win. I give him half. He was like thinking. Not a bad idea. But didnt put. Haha. Then I was actually the chip leader for few rounds. Then the old guy was like. "Regretting now eh?" Lolx. Cause the guy on my left had 3 chips left. Lolx.

After the pub. Ya. Melinda doing her...thing? Hahaha. She really look like guy lo.

Oh. This was cause of me. Lolx. It just happened. I wanted to pull the curtains. Cause the room like so dark. Then I er...didnt know my own strength? Hahaha. So ya. Lolx

Me trying to put it back up. again. >.<

See. I so chun leh. One leg on sofa. Other leg on er. I dont remember where my other leg went to. Lolx.

This was the beagle I was talking about. The next door one. Her name is Zaphir. We found out yesterday when it went for a walk with it's owner. And she was happy to see us. Wait. I forgot if it was female or male. Well. Anyway. Ya.

She actually dug a small hole to squeeze through. Lolx. It wants to come and play with us.

Lolx. Trying to squeeze. Bloody cute lo.

Well. I guess it gave up. Lolx. The fur damn soft!!

Oh well. Thats all. Got more pictures. But too lazy de. Gonna go out later to watch Step Up 2 at the tree house. The Tree House is at uni there. So ya. Ladida~