Saturday, October 18, 2008


Went for a Christian Union meeting yesterday. And I found another Malaysia there. He's from SMDU some more. And also from Help. I saw him the other day. And I thought why he looked so familiar. And well. He's from malaysia. Lolx.

Oh gawd. Too many comments from you guys de. Can't reply in the chatbox de. You all damn too much la. And majority of you guys said I should win his money. Lolx Then ask for marks from him.


Backside friends. Say wanna go clubbing. Then dont want to go. So potong stim. -.-

Now say our favourite pub got karaoke. Haha. Don't know what they wanna do. Babi people. Lolx.

Aish. I go sleep la. Or maybe not. See how la.

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