Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yay! Did my blog. But still wanna change some other stuff too!

Julia. I mish you la. Don't see you at all. I mean. You don't even leave anything on me chatbox. *sob*

Mei! I like your template. But like I said. So not you la! Lolx.


Today. Wanted to eat Mac&Cheese for dinner. But...but...but..I forgot to buy milk and butter! *Sob* I have my mac and cheese. But no butter and milk. Can't make de liao. So I had this really pathetic Singapore Curry Laksa. Not nice. Cause the noodle stinks. Don't know why. Or I think it's the curry. I ate a bit then threw it away. wonder I went ta shit twice de! Was it twice? Don't know la. Ass also gonna pain de. So had only chips and Soya Bean. Oh! The soya bean damn nice. I think its from Hong Kong or something. I don't know. Forgot what Adeline said de. But. Whatever it is. It's nice. Till now, I don't know how much it costs. Cause there's no price tag. And the receipt only says, frozen goods or food or drinks or food. And stuff like that. So I don't really know. I think I should check properly. I think its GBP2 lo. Shytza!

Aish. Tomorrow. No class or anything. Free day. Yay! Can sleep in. But need to go get groceries. *sob* Lazy! But have to. Or not I got nothing to eat and drink de. Oh ya! I bought coke today! -.-

I always forget what I bought and other stuff. Twice de my food expire also I don't know. Luckily its not expensive. So ya. I suck. I really need to label my food too. I don't remember which is mine and not mine. Damnit. I is so forgetful. *sob*

Ok! Tomorrow. I go buy groceries. Then. STUDEYH! YAR!

*God. Please make sure I won't be lazy! Thank You! Amen*

I really suck.

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