Tuesday, October 21, 2008


In uni now. Came out of the house a wee bit too early. So ya. Killing time here first. Then I'm off ta class!

Class yesterday, Ethics and Journalism was actually really interesting. Finally. A class I sorta like and interested. I seriously should not have chosen marketing. Damn. It's so freaking boring. >.<
But oh well. I have to do it now.

Oh gawd. My head hurts a lil. And my shoulder too. I seriously can't believe this things happen ta me. Ish.

Ok. Why my bloody head and shoulder hurts is cause. I was bathing. Yes. Bathing. The shower head actually fell on my head when I turned around. *sob* I accidently hit it. And ya. It fell on my head. Great few thousand cells gone. Then. When I was about to get out of the shower. It fell again. This time hitting my shoulder. And ya. My feet too. And then bloody hot water was bloody shooting at me face. Like freaking boiling hot! I don't know which is worse. Icy cold water or boiling hot ones. Lolx.

So Ya. And few weeks ago. I hit my elbow in the toilet as well. I turned around to get something. Then I hit my elbow at the edge of the shower wall. Argh. Seriously. Someone help me.

Oh oh. It's 3:45 de. Have to go to class. It's in the other building. And no. I won't get lost this time. Don't have to worry. Or you know what. I don't think you guys would actually worry anyway.

Ok. Off ta class for me. Damn. So lazy.

ESP! Wait for me call ya! Missing you guys awful lots.

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