Sunday, October 19, 2008


Its been super long since I last really studied. Or did an assignment. I really don't remember. All I know now is ESP and my other lurfly friends.

I've been trying to do my "creative brief" for my copywriting class. And all I can come up with. It's so damn lame. Ok. Maybe I think it's lame. I mean. It is my work. But I just remembered. In lecture. He said that you need to be brave about writing it down and showing it. It might actually turn out something sophisticated. Which I highly doubt is me. >.<

I totally fail in this. Not only that. It was supposed to be a group work. But I has no group. As usual. Its normal. I've always done group work alone. And it has turned out ok for me. But now. My mind is blank. Or it's too full with crap that nothing good is coming out from me head.


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